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Bodycams: Personal Body Worn Cameras for Security

Are your staff protected from high risk situations? Clearway body worn cameras are an excellent liability safeguard and protect colleagues in public roles or potentially volatile sectors.

High-quality, commercial-grade body worn security cameras and safety devices capture real-time events. They can corroborate or disprove claims and act as an incident log to support follow-up prosecutions or other enforcement actions.

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clearway body worn security cameras
clearway body worn security cameras

Get clarity in high-risk situations with a Clearway Bodycam

Clearway is a leading security provider operating throughout the UK. We’ve developed the best in bodycams technology specifically designed for workforces exposed to potential risks or hazards.

Our body worn video cameras capture evidence of such incidents allowing managers, responders, and security staff to address issues or recurring problems appropriately, with a complete understanding of each event or personal safety breach.

clearway bodycams

Our Security Body Camera Functionality

  • Simultaneous audio and video recording
  • On demand or continuous recording modes
  • 720p / 1080p / 1296p / 1440p / 1512p recording definitions
  • Audio recording supported
  • Inbuilt flashlight for increased visibility when recording or taking photos in low light
  • Push to talk two-way radio between different devices (requires cellular connection)
  • Two-way Intercom – Two-way radio between device and platform (requires cellular connection)
  • A 4000mAh non-replaceable battery, 4G device recording for approx. 12 hours battery run time. Charging time is approx. 4 hours
  • IP68 – high levels of water resistance
  • 3G and 4G enabled for wireless connection

Download our datasheet to discover the full range of benefits and features.

how are security body cameras used

Who uses our body worn cameras?

Our security body cams are suited to lone working environments, security personnel, highways, and construction professionals, using innovative surveillance technology adapted into comfortable, wearable units. Body worn CCTV is particularly relevant in road working industries, where the complexity and duration of work programmes can expose employees to abuse and potential physical attacks.

We used our in-depth knowledge of high-risk work climates and understanding of protective clothing and equipment to combine first-class bodycam technology into convenient, lightweight, and efficient devices.

Lone Working Environments

Body-worn cameras are key for enhancing the security and the safety of lone workers by documenting their activities through audio and video recording. Our wearable technology helps to provide a detailed account of a lone worker’s actions, providing evidence and training opportunities through post-incident investigations.

Security Personnel

Security personnel use these devices to record audio and video footage of their interactions with the public, fellow staff, and potential security threats. The presence of a body worn camera acts as a deterrent, discouraging aggressive behaviour and promoting de-escalation during security interventions.

Highway Workers

Our devices can record audio and video footage of highway worker tasks, including road maintenance, construction, and traffic control. This documentation is crucial for monitoring work progress, ensuring quality control, and serving as evidence in case of accidents or disputes. Body-worn cameras also enhance worker safety by acting as a visual deterrent to reckless drivers and providing a record of any on-site incidents.

Construction Workers

Our cameras allow for the monitoring and recording of construction activities, allowing construction managers to monitor progress, ensure quality control, and create a visual record of the construction process. Body-worn cameras also serve as valuable tools for safety training, enabling professionals to review and learn from on-site incidents and near-misses. They act as a deterrent to potential safety violations, helping to mitigate legal and liability issues.

Other Industries

The usage of body worn cameras is increasing in a number of industries beyond security and construction. In healthcare, they can be used by hospital staff to document patient interactions, surgeries, and medical procedures for training, quality control, and legal purposes. In law enforcement, BWCs are employed by police officers for evidence collection, accountability, and de-escalation during interactions with the public. In transportation, taxi and rideshare drivers may use them for safety and security while transporting passengers.

Clearway helmet cam surveillance

Benefits of Clearway Security body worn cameras

  • Active surveillance can assist managers and security teams, logging incidents and actual events to identify and address aggressive behaviour, potential criminal intrusions and staff abuse as they happen.
  • Staff also benefit from an irrefutable log of their activities. It can be essential to disprove and challenge false complaints or allegations or allow managers to investigate potential issues to understand the true course of events.
  • Work teams also have the assurance that any disruptive or abusive incidents are being tracked and recorded, supporting follow-up action, or prompting further safety measures to prevent a recurrence.
  • Bodycams capture sharp, crisp images that managers can share with the authorities, police, and emergency services to apprehend and prosecute offenders who have broken the law.
  • Body worn cameras act as a continual security asset in areas to supplement CCTV surveillance or where it is difficult for security officers to patrol, such as high-risk working environments.
  • Site managers can refer to camera footage to revise security protocols, assess behaviours such as footfall and traffic management, and use the data collected to make informed decisions on plans and procedures.
  • Managers can use body worn security cameras to monitor worker fatigue and productivity or as a troubleshooting tool to identify where bottlenecks exist within a wider work process or project.

1080 recording & 720 live streaming

The Clearway inview bodycam ensures crystal-clear documentation with 1080 recording and 720 live streaming capabilities.

12-hour lithium battery life

With a 12-hour lithium battery life and quick charging, it safeguards every worker across shifts, providing continuous protection.

Real time location

See where your team is located in real time. Real-time location tracking enhances situational awareness, enabling swift response and support when needed.

Redact faces & number plates

Through the online portal, the Clearway Inview allows for efficient redaction of faces and number plate information, ensuring privacy and compliance.

Live SOS alerting

The Live SOS alerting feature connects directly to an NSI Gold Monitoring Station, ensuring immediate assistance in emergency situations.

Team leader audio broadcast function

Empowering team communication, the bodycam includes a Team Leader Audio Broadcast function for clear and efficient coordination.

Lone worker auto alerts

The Clearway Inview offers automatic alerts for lone workers in case of slips, trips, and falls, thanks to its inbuilt G sensor.

2-way audio communications

Two-way audio communications enable seamless interaction, fostering effective communication and collaboration in dynamic environments.


The “transcribe” function allows users to generate a new, transcribed version of a video. This new version adds subtitles and a transcript.

Clearway bodycam monitoring

Efficient team monitoring and surveillance

Clearway body-worn security cameras have extensive programming and functionality, including live streaming to allow site managers and workforce planners to have always-on oversight of their teams from any location.

Our cameras transmit high-quality imagery, assisting with problem-solving, scheduling, incident resolution, and collaborations between colleagues who can log into the surveillance feed remotely and assist on-the-ground staff dealing with setbacks or on-site challenges.

All footage is streamed in high definition to an online portal where authorised managers can watch live footage, review past events, or redact identifying marks or vehicle number plates for data protection.

There are multiple applications, from consulting off-site teams on technical queries, tracking traffic flow, or assessing whether work meets the anticipated deadlines.

inSite body worn camera

Lightweight Body Worn Video Camera Solutions

Clearway bodycams are designed to be small, sturdy and discrete yet highly effective, with lightweight, slimline profiles that allow staff to work without the discomfort of wearing cumbersome camera units. Our cameras can be attached to clothing items and transferred between safety items, such as helmets, or uniforms, for use in varied working situations.

The redaction function allows businesses to use footage within training or as evidence of a required procedural update without compromising the privacy of passers-by or work teams.

In-built location trackers and automatic slip detectors are important for lone workers, providing assurance that their team or supervisor is on hand to respond should they experience issues or become injured and require assistance.

Clearway helmet cam

Two Way Communication Made Easy

Our body worn video cameras are compact and small yet offer several functions, including two-way communication access, a broadcast feature that managers can use to circulate messages, alerts, or instructions, even to staff working remotely or alone.

Communications are managed by our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre, which will deploy the appropriate response depending on the nature of the alert, and automatically preserve a video section to retain as evidence if required.

Stored footage is managed according to GDPR policies and your data management protocols, with the option to redact facial features or other video captures as required.

Clearway bodycam benefits

Always on High-Definition Worker Protection

Our safety devices are connected to our NSI Gold accredited alarm response team, who can communicate directly with the wearer to share advice or information to ensure they are safe and take the right steps to protect themselves from an unfolding incident.

Responders can also convey urgent information to emergency services or security teams and inform the wearer that a response is en route.

Clearway helmet cam monitoring

24/7 Body Worn Camera Monitoring

Our Alarm Receiving Centre is NSI Gold Cat II accredited and operational 24/7/365. This monitoring service gives workforce managers peace of mind that a trained security team always has oversight of their body worn cameras and safety devices.

We can implement short-term monitoring where required, or provide continual, around-the-clock supervision of camera alerts, surveillance alarms and other on-site security triggers to deal with incidents quickly, professionally and appropriately.

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