We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems for businesses

Clearway provides a range of commercial intruder alarm systems to protect property, sites and businesses from theft, vandalism, and other security breaches and criminal activity.

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Clearway Intruder Alarms
Clearway Intruder Alarms

Commercial Intruder Alarms You Can Trust

Ranging from motion detection to panic alarm systems our sophisticated commercial alarm systems help keep your business and people protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Alarm monitoring systems are especially ideal for securing empty properties, construction sites and remote locations where there is no, or limited, access to a source of mains electricity when combined with our wireless detection systems. Our security teams monitor alarm activations and CCTV systems at our NSI Gold monitoring station, so you can rest assured your property is protected no matter where it is located.

Whether your premises is occupied or unoccupied, and you want to detect intruders, prevent unauthorised access or alert in case of fire, our alarm monitoring services are the perfect solution to keep your property continually protected.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Our Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems are an essential security measure for any business or organisation looking to professionally secure and protect their premises, valuable and business-critical assets and workforce.

We have a range of alarm systems which can be tailored for specific environments, sites and situations, with the added peace of mind that comes from remote monitoring by our in-house NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

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Panic Alarm Systems

Clearway panic alarms are designed for premises where there is a potential threat to the staff of intimidation, violence or attack from others within the premises. This may include shops or customer service environments.

Our panic alarm systems are silent, so as not to alert those in the vicinity, and can be set up to alert emergency services and activate commercial CCTV system recording.

With a robust panic alarm system in place, your staff can feel secure in the knowledge that rapid emergency response is available at the press of a button.

Clearway Video verified Alarm System

Temporary Alarm Systems

If you have a vacant property, construction site or temporarily unused commercial premise, you might think it impossible to protect in the absence of mains electricity or hardwired telephone lines. However, it’s entirely possible to install a professional vacant property alarm to run independently of mains power or even a phone line.

Clearway have developed professional alarm systems to safeguard your premises regardless of how remote or isolated they are. From businesses requiring heightened surveillance during periods of increased risk, to empty residential homes needing guarding against trespassers, squatters and criminals, our temporary alarm systems have proven time and again to be the ideal solution.

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Shop Alarm Systems

Professional shop alarm systems are an essential requirement for any retail outlet to mitigate the potential threat of break-ins, stock theft or vandalism (such as smashed shopfront glazing) and can be an effective deterrent against a multitude of criminal activity.

Clearway provides wireless shop alarms which provide total and uninterrupted functionality even during power outages, these alarms are not vulnerable to tampering or cut wires that can render a traditional security system redundant.

Our extensive range of commercial alarms systems means we are able to tailor a solution to your exact requirements, with individual specifications in terms of location, entry points, existing security protocols and operational hours, with elements including:

  • Around-the-clock alarm monitoring through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre, ensuring a security response is deployed quickly when an intrusion is detected..
  • Flexible hire periods with permanent, short or long-term CCTV installations adjusted to your tenancy period or to enhance security during higher-risk events such as large public events.
  • Advanced functionality options, which can comprise commercial-grade alarm sirens, remote alarm system management and dual camera units for complete coverage.

One of the most important security necessities is to secure your shop to prevent physical access and deter criminals with a visibly active commercial alarm system. It can also protect against thefts during stock deliveries, opportunistic crime, shoplifting and employee theft.

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Construction Site Alarms

Break-ins, thefts and vandalism are core issues for thousands of construction site managers, who experience delays, costs and stress associated with insurance claims, downtime, replacing stolen or damaged equipment and covering the cost of unprotected losses.

Construction site alarms come with a wealth of varied specification and functionality in order to meet your security needs head-on:

  • Battery-powered video verified alarm systems are suitable for indoor or outdoor use; capturing and sending collated short clips of still images whenever a sensor is triggered to quickly identify the cause and the correct security response.
  • Temporary alarms are ideal for short-term construction projects or during crucial work periods where an intrusion or theft would be critical to progress.
  • Permanent construction site alarms are designed for ongoing surveillance where a construction depot or storage base is exposed to continual risks of unlawful activity over a prolonged period of time.

Our construction site alarm systems can be tailored to the nature and layout of your site, the anticipated duration of the work, and other varying factors. These might include rear entrance access, access control solutions for main entrance gates, or adjacent land or highways that pose a potential vehicular access vulnerability.

Managers can have full control of their alarms via a remote device, receive alarm verification footage, or activate and deactivate alarms to grant access for authorised tradespeople, thus creating seamless business activity without the need for physical intervention.

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NSI Gold Alarms

Clearway is among a select number of security specialists awarded NSI Gold accreditation, with best practice standards in support, surveillance, installation expertise, advanced security equipment and ongoing advice about the best options to safeguard your property or premises.

Our NSI Gold alarm services encompass the following:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of all alarm and security systems, with a trained response team working 365 days a year to establish the nature of alarm triggers and take appropriate action.
  • Advanced alarm technology such as alarm verification videos, to determine whether an alarm is authentic, reducing the need for call-outs and wasting valuable emergency resources.
  • Analysis of AI-enabled commercial alarm systems, including alarms integrated with facial recognition, automatic number plate detection and automated security protocols.

As an NSI Gold alarm provider and monitoring service, we also hold ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating technical skill and service excellence. We ensure that every customer receives the best support and guidance in selecting alarm or surveillance systems and establishing the most severe security threats to their building or assets.

ARC Monitoring

Do We Offer Alarm Monitoring?

Clearway offers professional alarm monitoring of the highest quality for our commercial alarm systems. Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is certified Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate, a certification we maintain through regular auditing and reviews.

Our high standards are a result of our tried and tested monitoring and response procedures, which allows us to vet, escalate and dispatch emergency services and security personnel promptly once an alarm is raised.

This system has been developed with the expertise to provide the gold standard in alarm monitoring for all our clients, so you can rest assured you are receiving the very best in commercial remote CCTV monitoring and response.

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Don't forget alarm servicing

Inadequately maintained alarm systems pose a potential threat to your business by creating a temporary lapse in security. Clearway offers ongoing alarm maintenance services to safeguard your business against vulnerabilities arising from inactive, malfunctioning, or non-operational alarm systems. From intruder alarm servicing to fire alarm maintenance, our proactive and thorough program provides ongoing protection for your premises and assets, 24/7, throughout the entire year.

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Why Choose Clearway Commercial security systems?

Clearway has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses and organisations stay secure. As one of the UK’s leading independent providers of security solutions, we can provide bespoke guidance and security measures to protect your premises.

With a thorough risk assessment to identify the security measures you need, a straightforward installation that works for your business and regular reviews of your security setup, Clearway is the solution for protecting your property now and into the future.

Contact our team today to discuss our commercial alarm systems, commercial CCTV monitoring, lone worker devices, wireless intruder alarms and alarm monitoring services. Alternatively, browse the rest of our security offerings across mobile CCTVCCTV maintenance, physical security, electronic security and vacant property security.

Frequently asked questions

The right alarm system depends on the nature of your building, property, or business. However, for many commercial site managers, the highest threats are illegal entry, trespass and theft, making intruder alarms incredibly beneficial. However, fire alarms are equally as important for achieving compliance with building standards.

Clearway’s experienced security advisers can walk you through the risk assessment process to determine the optimal alarm set-up for you as well as those alarms that are a legal requirement, be that 24/7 video verified alarms, vacant property wireless alarm systems, lone worker alarms or commercial fire alarms.

Commercial alarms are not necessarily a legal obligation, although every business must take appropriate steps to safeguard staff, customers and visitors from fire.

A professionally installed fire alarm system is essential for health and safety legislation compliance, and insurers are highly unlikely to provide cover for a commercial property without any form of alarm to deter break-ins, vandalism, theft, or other illegal activity.

It is difficult to give a cost for a commercial alarm system without knowing the full specification and requirements. Costs can be influenced by the type of camera required, whether you need a fixed or temporary alarm, and the number of alarms needed.

Costs are always a consideration for businesses – although a proactive approach to security can provide long-term cost-savings, reducing expenses associated with repairing broken glazing, recovering from fire damage, business downtime and thefts of vehicles, machinery, stock, or equipment. An alarm system should be seen as an effective investment.

There are opportunities to maximise the cost-efficiency of your commercial alarm systems by creating an in-depth risk assessment to ensure whichever alarm options you choose are targeted and relevant.

For example, if your risks spike during certain periods, such as storing larger than normal quantities of a high-value material, a temporary CCTV unit might be preferable to a hard-wired camera system. Likewise, vacant properties and construction sites can choose short-term alarm systems powered with batteries as an affordable way to monitor site security without investing in more permanent hardware.

Criminals, squatters, and vandals commonly target vacant properties, empty retail spaces, and warehousing units, often stripping out wiring and fixtures. There are multiple ways to protect a vacant commercial space, with specialist alarm systems specifically designed for wireless functionality.

Our expert vacant properties team can provide more detailed advice, but a temporary alarm system with 24/7 remote monitoring is ideal.

Commercial alarm systems can be tailored to your needs, combining fire safety, intrusion protection and lone worker safety with a blend of CCTV surveillance, motion-activated alarms and emergency alarm devices or call stations.

There are countless benefits, not least preventing your commercial premise from being vulnerable to criminal access, securing your assets and inventory and protecting visitors and personnel from potential risk.

Businesses also find that high-quality commercial alarm systems reduce the cost, resource and time of responding to false alarms, improve compliance with safe working guidelines, and reduce insurance premiums.

Even the most advanced alarm system is only as valuable as the security response that follows an activation – and if an alarm is left to ring indefinitely or does not prompt a rapid deployment, it may be redundant.

Criminals scout industrial areas and known empty premises and will often note those sites that tend to have repeat alarm signals that are not attended to by a security guard, site manager or emergency responder.

Our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operates around the clock, with trained response teams to deploy the correct response depending on the nature and cause of the alarm.

This service improves the effectiveness of every alarm system, giving you peace of mind that an alarm signal will be investigated and addressed quickly and appropriately.

We strongly advise against installing any alarm systems without professional expertise, particularly hard-wired cameras or alarm units that need to be cabled or wired into your electricity supply.

Professional installation involves more than simply placing cameras or sensors and includes tamper-proof fixings, camera angle testing, walk-throughs, signal checks and safe wiring from a qualified electrician and security engineer.

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