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The Clearway Group is the UK’s most successful, innovative and rapidly expanding integrated security services and intelligent protection organisation with a strong focus on vacant property security, environmental property services and technology solutions that protect people, plant and premises.


We have continued to grow through ongoing improvement, developing new and innovative products and a strong commitment to delivering the right security or protection solution for our customers. Clearway utilises industry knowledge, experience and an extensive ‘toolkit’ to provide a rapid and effective response to our clients’ requirements – ensuring they can protect their critical assets with minimal hassle.

Key to our success is our 150+ years’ combined experience together with comprehensive product and service knowledge, ranging from vacant property security, vacant property services and commercial waste removal to environmental monitoring and artificial intelligence.

Established in 1992, Clearway Services is one of the UK’s leading vacant property security, environmental and property services company. Acquired in 2016, Clearway Services has continued to innovate and integrate different services and technologies to offer their clients the complete solution to their security challenges.

We provide 24/7 365 rapid-response vacant property security and services to the private, commercial and public sectors throughout the United Kingdom.

Clearway Services’ nationwide solutions are managed from their headquarters in Dartford and delivered via their UK-wide depot network.

In 2018, The Clearway Group brought Cerberus Security under its wing to add NSI Gold Cat II CCTV monitoring to its portfolio of technology-based offerings. Now known as Clearway Technology, we focus on the delivery of technology solutions that provide our clients with information and data (intelligence) on which they can effectively act and further secure their assets or identify issues that need resolving.

In 2022, Sitewatch Fire and Surveillance Ltd was also acquired by the Group. Building on the security-focussed technology solutions already provided by Clearway, Sitewatch adds automated fire and life safety systems whilst also enhancing the Group’s CCTV and access control offering.

Headquartered at the ‘Bunker’ where we operate our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre, Clearway provides technology solutions nationwide.

Clearway Debt Squared is a leading UK bailiff enforcement agency with over 30 years’ experience. The Debt Squared Group was founded in 2008 to provide a range of recovery, enforcement and security products to UK markets, specialising in debt solutions (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, Service Charge Recovery Services and Debt Collections for businesses) and eviction services.

The Clearway Group acquired the business in 2019 and in January 2022 it began trading as Clearway Debt Squared.

The Clearway Group is a holding company operating the Clearway Services, Clearway Technology and Clearway Debt Squared along with a number of businesses, who all specialise in the protection and management of property and asset portfolios.

We invest in businesses with a deep commitment to understanding customers and providing the most effective solutions in our marketplace.

Established in 2016, The Clearway Group is managed by an experienced team with proven industry success and a clear vision for growth. Our strategy is growth-focused, supported by investment in technology assets and solutions. The Group operating companies have a strong presence in the UK and France, both of which were selected due to the opportunities and the headroom for growth. These companies have been operating over the last two decades and over this period have established excellent reputations in their respective fields.

The Clearway Group, France, provides security and surveillance technology and services through Protim, Ouest Alarm and more recently Sidéo


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