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Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Clearway commercial fire alarms, part of our comprehensive range of fire systems, cover the spectrum of property fire safety, from conventional fire systems for commercial buildings to voice evacuation and public address solutions for public access facilities.

High-performance, intelligent fire alarms installed by qualified fire engineers can make a profound difference to your property’s security and ensure that you take swift, decisive action in an emergency.

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Clearway Commercial fire alarms
Clearway Commercial fire alarms

About our Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Our fire alarms comply with all the relevant standards as a BAFE SP203-2 approved installer. We can arrange a site visit at your convenience to recommend suitable fire alarm systems, installation points and coverage zones.

Whether you need to upgrade outdated commercial fire alarms, commission an alarm network for a new building or verify whether your existing alarms are sufficient, the Clearway fire safety team can help.

Clearway business fire alarms

Business Fire Alarm Installation

Each Clearway fire alarm system is designed specifically for your building and key fire risks, with a wide range of fire detection systems available for every type of business and organisation.

As an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited fire alarm installer, we ensure your fire alarm solutions are well-engineered and have responsive features that minimise the risks of a fire spreading, presenting a hazard to life, or being undetected until it flares out of control.

Our commercial fire alarm systems include:

  • High specification site-wide fire alarm systems
  • Analogue, conventional and addressable installations
  • Public address and voice evacuation controls
  • On and off-site control panel management
  • Alarm verification solutions
  • Remote alarm monitoring and emergency services liaison
  • Full systems integration with existing resources or control centres

We use industry-leading fire prevention and detection technology to ensure your business has first-class protection and adheres to all fire safety responsibilities, insurance requirements, legal standards and health and safety regulations.

The reliable, early detection of fire and smoke can be life-saving and ensure that if a fire does occur, you will be poised to respond immediately and appropriately with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are generally split into two categories – they can be conventional or addressable. The right fire alarms will depend on your location and the nature of your property.

Conventional fire alarms are normally best suited to smaller properties, such as shops, warehousing spaces, offices and multi-storey residential buildings, with alarms covering specified zones and cabled to a central control panel.

Addressable fire alarms work in a looped network. They are ideal for larger facilities such as complexes, shopping centres, hotels, schools and buildings with an intricate layout over a wider area.

If you are unsure which type of commercial fire alarms are most appropriate for your premises, please contact Clearway for further advice.

We also install, monitor and maintain wireless fire alarms suitable for properties with a risk of wire tampering, power outages, or a lack of mains power supply.

Wireless monitoring interfaces are connected to your fire alarm panel and can be fitted with transmission and communication features such as IP or GPRS signalling.

Clearway remote CCTV monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring and Maintenance

The Clearway Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is an NSI II Gold Standard centre and manages alarm responses and monitoring across CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, risk detection systems and other types of alarm.

We provide 24/7 monitoring, year-round, with optional fire confirmation systems that can verify whether an alarm is authentic and identify the source and nature of the emergency.

Our trained operators can respond quickly when an alert is raised, liaising with your site managers or emergency services as specified in your fire response protocol.

Clearway UK Fire Alarm Standards

UK Fire Alarm Standards

We recognise that regulatory health and safety standards play a big part in organisational compliance. In higher-risk or public-use buildings, your fire alarms must meet rigorous specifications to adhere to these rules.

There are multiple options when selecting the right commercial fire alarm system, configuration and supporting assets, whether you require full building protection, coverage only for higher hazard areas, or life systems with manual call points and automatic fire detection throughout.

The relevant standards will depend on your building. For example, a Category M fire system, according to BS5839, is a manual system which must have call points on all exits and corridors, with a walking distance of no more than 45 metres for any individual to reach a call point.

A bespoke fire alarm system design is crucial for organisations with elevated risk levels, such as high-rise residential properties or multi-tenancy commercial buildings with risks of heat, flammable substances and electrical equipment.

fire alarm installation

Keeping your fire alarms well-maintained

Our routine maintenance and servicing guarantee the proper functioning of your fire alarms, detectors, sprinklers, hydrants, hoses, lighting, and suppressants during emergencies. This not only reassures site users and employees but also instils confidence in business owners and managers, knowing that potential fire risks are mitigated, preventing severe outcomes and health and safety hazards.

We will establish a structured maintenance schedule, with regular fire alarm testing carried out by duly qualified engineers and technicians to ensure that your fire alarm system is in optimal condition and fulfils all obligations for implementing responsible fire safety measures.

Clearway Related Fire and Life Safety Systems

Related Fire and Safety Systems

Our skilled engineers conduct all Clearway site assessments. This evaluation is the starting point in designing a comprehensive approach to fire safety.

Associated services often used alongside fire alarm installation, and monitoring include:

  • Fire Suppression systems: these control systems create a contained area, using pressure-valve activated gas or water fire controls installed according to your specific requirements. Fire containment stops a blaze from spreading or reaching business-critical regions of your site.
  • Fire Confirmation solutions: a fire confirmation installation uses intelligent camera technology to identify whether an alarm is authentic and captures images of the fire’s location, source and nature to allow for a swift response.
  • Disabled Refuges systems: essential for premises with multiple floors and providing a fire-safe area for less mobile personnel or site users to wait for assistance if they cannot self-evacuate quickly in the event of any emergency.

Please contact Clearway at any time if you would like to discuss your fire safety provisions or schedule a site review to identify the correct fire alarm installation for your property.

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Frequently asked questions

The relevant standards will depend on the type of business you have, the layout of your property, and the key fire risks present.

An appropriate fire detection system must ensure that a fire can be detected easily and provide a warning for occupants. However, the best way to define your exact requirements is to arrange a Clearway site survey.

Yes, a fire detection system is essential for safe building use, although the type of fire alarms required will vary between premises.

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