Fire Confirmation Systems

High volumes of false fire alarms and late-night call-outs are among the most common issues for end-users, with the time and costs involved with responding to non-urgent alarm activations and needlessly contacting emergency services.

A fire confirmation system tackles the problem head-on, ensuring you can verify the authenticity of an alarm in seconds, with additional information such as the source and nature of the fire to assist with a rapid response.

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About our Fire Confirmation Systems

Clearway’s fire confirmation systems include a first-of-its-kind intelligent Adpro Smoke Trace installation fitted at a major retail site – harnessing the power of always-on CCTV surveillance with advanced AI technology to boost the efficiency of existing fire safety protocols.

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Fire Confirmation System Installation

As a BAFE SP203-1 approved fire systems installer, Clearway fire confirmation networks are installed to the highest professional standards. They include a range of options to integrate with your fire safety system.

Each system is designed specifically for your site, fire risks and building layout and offers full control over each alarm:

  • When a fire alarm is triggered, the system activates and clarifies whether there is any smoke or fire within the property.
  • If the trigger is genuine, the network will instantly alert our alarm response team or liaise with your site managers or emergency services as required.
  • Cameras capture real-time images from strategic positions, providing valuable data about the nature, location and reason for the blaze.

Confirming the correct response to a fire alarm allows businesses and organisations to eliminate unnecessary call-outs to the Fire and Rescue Service and reduces false personnel call-outs.

It is significantly more cost-effective than having a physical security responder on-site at all times and enables site owners to control their fire risks with situationally aware responses.

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Advanced Fire Safety Controls

Clearway fire confirmation systems are suitable for a wide scope of organisations and premises owners, who want to avoid inconvenient, costly call-outs but also wish to remain responsive if any fire or smoke is detected within their building.

A fire confirmation system covers both requirements and is operational 24/7, regardless of whether the building is occupied or out of hours.

As a technological solution, fire confirmation systems are fully integrated with existing fire detection alarms and assets such as water sprinklers. They can be retrofitted to upgrade the performance of your current network.

Intelligent smoke verification can be a life-saving service and recognise the presence or initiation of a fire before it becomes visible or noticed by site users – a positive confirmation of smoke triggers a fast response.

Our skilled alarm responders will deploy an emergency team, alert the authorities and ensure your building is evacuated as a matter of urgency, guaranteeing an incident is always identified as soon as possible.

We provide free site surveys to determine the appropriate location of fire confirmation cameras or as part of a comprehensive site risk assessment to help you comply with fire safety regulations and legislation.

With years of expertise across a range of fire safety and life safety solutions, Clearway can recommend the best options for you, with full project management, system design and maintenance.

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Fire Confirmation Monitoring and Maintenance

The key to an appropriate fire alarm response is to have around-the-clock monitoring.

If a fire alarm regularly transmits a false call out, it can quickly be considered redundant or attract a slow reaction since the alarm is assumed to be incorrect.

Clearway provides regular and emergency maintenance, with periodic systems testing and alarm checks to ensure your fire confirmation system is working correctly.

Our trained engineers carry out each installation, including testing and training to equip your teams with the knowledge to trigger or deactivate fire alarms as needed.

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UK Fire Confirmation System Standards

When a fire or smoke is detected, fast action is critical. Clearway adheres to the most stringent standards in all of our fire systems, with intelligent smoke detection cameras fitted by BAFE SP203-1 trained engineers.

Our NSI II Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre delivers all of our alarm monitoring services. Here we handle call-outs and alarms related to intruder alerts, CCTV surveillance, panic alarms, personal alarms, fire alarms and fire confirmation systems, among many others.

As experts in property maintenance and security, our consultants are always on hand to steer you through the appropriate options and discuss whether a fire confirmation system would be suitable for your site.

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Related Fire and Life Safety Systems

Clearway operates throughout the UK, providing a suite of property security and management options depending on your highest risks and site requirements.

Alongside fire confirmation systems, we provide several supporting services, whether you need to update your current network, adjust your fire safety policies for a growing business, or equip a new premise with suitable protections.

Fire systems often commissioned with fire confirmation networks include:

  • Commercial Fire Alarms: we supply, fit, maintain and monitor advanced fire alarms, from conventional fire systems to bespoke fire detection networks in complex buildings and with high-risk factors. Options include wireless fire alarms, GPRS or IP signalling and public address systems to support a swift evacuation.
  • Fire Suppression: premises with hazardous substances often choose a fire suppression system, which controls the spread of fire until the emergency response arrives. Water mist or gas systems prevent smoke or fire from moving throughout your building.
  • Room Integrity Testing: Clearway provides integrity testing to ensure fire suppression systems are working correctly, confirming that air seals and pressure vents are well maintained and will prevent fire from causing business-critical or loss of life damage.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about our wider range of fire and life safety systems tailored to your premise.

Email us 24/7 with any queries and we'll respond the following working day.

Frequently asked questions

A fire confirmation system connects high-performance cameras to your alarm networks, capturing images of smoke or fire and verifying whether an alarm call-out is genuine.

A fire confirmation system will eliminate the risk of responding to a false alarm if you have a high volume of incorrect call-outs or need a rapid response when a fire breaks out.
When a fire occurs, responders can take targeted action, empowered with data showing the fire’s location and spread.

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