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Room Integrity Testing

Room integrity testing is essential for businesses or premises owners reliant on fire suppression systems to manage, control and prevent fire or smoke from spreading into critical areas of the property.

Many high-value premises install fire suppression based on water misting or gaseous systems in server rooms, generator zones or data centres. Regular, skilled testing ensures the safe operation of your fire safety solutions.

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Clearway Room Integrity Testing
Clearway Room Integrity Testing

About our Room Integrity Testing

Clearway diagnostic tests are compliant with BS 5306, ISO 14520, BS EN15001-1, 2008 and NFPA 2001 and can be organised at your convenience with professional advice about the appropriate testing schedule.


fire suppression system

Room Integrity Testing Services

Integrity tests provide an in-depth overview of how long your fire suppressant agents will need to travel from your stored cylinders into the room space.

When your fire safety system detects and confirms a fire, your protocol must respond quickly to address and mitigate the threat and retain control until an emergency responder arrives to put the fire out and allow re-entry to the building.

Without technical testing, it is impossible to know whether fire suppression equipment will activate correctly or determine the length of time your fire control network will allow before it can no longer maintain the fire.

Clearway’s qualified fire safety technicians conduct fan tests without disrupting your operations and deliver call-out services to implement the appropriate repairs or replacements if your diagnostics indicate a test failure.

Fire Safety Seal Integrity Inspections

Testing is essential to protect any room, floor, space or enclosure from the damage or threat to life caused by a fire or smoke. These areas must have adequate seals, preventing fire suppression agents from dispersing too quickly.

The technical balance is important because if an agent dissipates, it will not have sufficient time to cool or extinguish the fire, but a seal that is too rigid could result in structural damage.

Our room integrity tests give you confidence that your fire suppression will deliver the safeguard you expect, minimise fire risks, and fully comply with BS EN 15004.


Regular Room Integrity Testing Schedules

We advise all property owners with a fire suppression system to schedule a room integrity check at least annually, with room air-sealing services available if the test produces a negative result.

Clearway maintenance contracts are flexible and affordable, provide assurances around regulatory compliance, building safety standards, and include options to schedule your test as is most convenient to your operations.

Each integrity test is performed within the protected area with a range of techniques available, tailored to requirements:

  • Thermal diagnosis allows technicians to depressurise the room and pinpoint areas and columns of air infiltration that may compromise fire suppression.
  • Smoke testing, often activated with a smoke pen, can also identify air leakage that poses a high risk in the event of a fire.
  • Anemometers are precision instruments that determine whether air infiltrates the protected space during a depressurisation check.

A comprehensive test is required whenever a new Clearway fire suppression system is installed or updated. Testing is also necessary immediately after adjustments – such as drilling holes to fit new cabling or to construct a new entrance door.

We can test existing controlled fire suppression zones or new installations, whether fitted by Clearway or any fire safety practitioner.

Room Integrity Testing from Clearway

UK Room Integrity Testing Standards

As you may expect from a life-saving, advanced fire control strategy, fire suppression equipment is subject to several standards and regulatory requirements to hold up to fires of all severity levels.

Our installers and testing engineers are highly experienced and perform integrity tests following ISO and British Standards. Free, no-obligation quotations are available if you need any property or fire safety compliance advice.

Clearway fire and safety systems

Related Fire and Safety Systems

Clearway has years of knowledge working with property owners and business managers of all sizes. We are on hand to provide independent guidance about any aspect of your fire risk assessment process or fire prevention and control assets.

Many clients opt for a combined package of fire safety upgrades, along with scheduled room integrity tests:

  • Fire Suppression systems: our fire suppression systems are adapted to your property and risks, with options such as inert or synthetic gaseous systems, water mist systems, pressure venting, post-fire extraction and kitchen fire suppression installations.
  • Fire Confirmation: advanced AI technology allows us to fit responsive cameras in key locations, identifying whether a fire alarm activation is genuine and ensuring the response is swift and targeted to the correct zone.
  • Fire Alarms for business: Clearway fire alarm networks cover every property, from large, complex layouts requiring 24-hour monitoring and evacuation controls to networked or wireless fire alarms with IP and GPRS signalling.

Please get in touch at any time if you would like further information about our fire systems and which would be most appropriate for your property.

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Frequently asked questions

Property owners should test any room or area within a building equipped with a fire protection system or fire suppression controls at least annually. Common placements include data centres, electrical cabinets, clean rooms and server rooms.

A lot depends on the nature of the fire suppression equipment, the date of the seal installation and the size of your protected area.

We normally expect a door fan test to take around 30 minutes, with a total time of two hours to allow for the room to be prepared.

Preparations include adjusting ducts, closing dampers and positioning the fan system within the entranceway. The room is then pressurised or depressurised to varying degrees for measurements and tests to be conducted.

Our engineers will deliver a verbal report to share their findings on the day. This result is followed up with a written report, including the findings, measurements, and recommendations for any required remedial actions.

Your full written room integrity test report will usually be available within one to two working days.

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