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Fire roll call

Fire roll call is an established procedure used throughout businesses, public sector facilities and visitor sites, setting out the correct method for the property to be evacuated in an emergency. From roll call initiation to meetings and assembly points, Clearway can help to implement an effective fire roll call solution.

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Clearway Fire Roll call
Clearway Fire Roll call

A robust fire roll call policy

Fully risk-assessed and updated roll call systems are an essential aspect of health and safety, providing a process where every person on-site understands the closest evacuation route, where to assemble, when to re-enter the premise, and how to adjust their evacuation method if a particular exit point is inaccessible.

Introducing a robust fire roll call policy, supported by the right infrastructure and fire safety controls, ensures that all individuals tasked with taking headcounts know how to determine whether there are missing persons and the information to communicate to emergency responders.

Clearway Fire Roll Call Solution

Our Fire Roll Call Services

The principles of a fire roll call are well-known. They should be communicated to all employees, facility users and visitors whenever they enter a building, using signage and staff induction processes. Components include:

  • Roll call initiation, where a fire alarm or emergency evacuation signal is triggered, signalling that all occupants must evacuate immediately without recovering personal possessions. Alarms can be installed with manual activations, such as ‘break glass’ call points, or via an automatic fire and smoke detection system.
  • Meeting and assembly points, with appropriate signage to direct individuals to their designated gathering point. These stations must be suitably distant from the building to ensure that those assembling are not exposed to risk in the case of a live fire.
  • Roll call processes are conducted by a trained and appointed member of personnel, such as a fire warden or senior manager. The designated person may have a prepared register of all occupants or use digital systems to verify that every person thought to be present has been accounted for.
  • Missing persons procedures ensure that, should anybody not respond to the roll call, this information is conveyed to emergency responders along with essential details such as where in the building they were last expected to have been. Note that fire wardens and other colleagues must never re-enter the building to look for a missing person.
  • Clearance and re-entry occur when the property has been deemed safe to return to, either because the fire alarm has been verified as a false alert or because emergency responders have eliminated the threat.

The important element in every fire roll call procedure is that it is fit for purpose, tailored to the property or site, and implemented across the board, without any potential for misunderstandings about what an evacuation alarm means or when to smash a break glass point.

Building managers must also ensure they have policies, training and systems that meet their fire evacuation responsibilities, such as automated sensors, integrated sprinkler or fire containment systems, and shelters or alternative evacuation routes for site users unable to use stairs.

Clearway fire and safety systems

Benefits of Introducing Advanced Fire Roll Call Policies

Fire safety is an extremely important part of safe building management. Done correctly, a fire roll call policy assures colleagues, site users, visitors and owners that:

  • Nobody can be left behind or missed – entry logging and access control systems are often used to provide a real-time checklist of every person present on-site at the time of the alarm.
  • Emergency responders have all the crucial information they need – verifying that the building has been cleared of occupants and that everyone is accounted for and present at a gathering point in a safe zone.
  • Occupants with mobility restrictions know how to respond when an evacuation or fire alarm sounds – they often have a personalised fire safety plan. They will have drilled this in advance, including having an appointed evacuation ‘buddy’ where necessary.
  • Alarms are taken seriously, and nobody feels it is acceptable to return to the building before it has been cleared or try to collect their belongings before evacuating.
  • Buildings are promptly evacuated and remain empty until formal permission is given to re-enter.

Businesses, organisations and public facilities must run evacuation drills periodically, depending on the nature of the premise, to check that their fire roll call policies are suitable. They may also test the response time to determine where improvements are needed.

As part of building security, fire safety and health and safety management, an access control fire roll call solution is an advanced approach, combining access controls with fire evacuation to ensure that even large, complex and multi-occupant properties have the right safeguards in place.

Clearway access control solutions

Combining Fire Roll Call With Access Control

Access controls are a popular solution for properties, compounds and premises. The specific features of these systems vary but normally include a touchpoint or entry site where visitors or employees need to verify their credentials or log their entry to be allowed access.

Organisations use access controls as a security measure, for workplace management and to ensure properties are correctly run, with oversight of periods of higher activity and an on-demand log of all persons within the site at any given time.

Transitioning an access control system to incorporate fire safety is a strategic remedy, using the functionality and data logged through access control devices to improve fire safety responsiveness.

Clearway’s hybrid service brings fire roll call and access control together in one efficient, streamlined solution.

When an alarm sounds, the emergency evacuation procedure goes ahead as normal, where occupants leave and assemble at their designated gathering point. The difference is that:

  • Fire wardens and managers have an accurate, real-time report of everybody on site to automate and expedite headcounts, discovering faster if somebody is missing and mitigating the potential for any individual to be overlooked.
  • Faster roll calls reduce risks to life and safety, identifying any potential concerns and communicating these immediately to emergency responders.
  • The automated nature of access control means that each person will be logged when leaving the building, producing an updated fire roll call list.

Emergency responders with access to this level of accurate reporting can initiate more focused search and rescue efforts or proceed with fire control procedures with the assurance that the building has been successfully evacuated.

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Why Choose Clearway for Fire Roll Call Services?

Clearway provides advanced security, risk prevention and building management services nationwide, including technological solutions, infrastructure and security mitigation systems that work autonomously and intelligently to prevent or reduce risk.

Our fire roll call solutions are based on years of expertise at the forefront of responsible building safety management. We can incorporate access controls into existing fire safety policies or replace legacy solutions that do not remain fit for purpose.

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Frequently asked questions

Every building or business must legally have an appropriate fire safety policy, with measures such as alarms, evacuation protocols, extinguishers and call points.

A comprehensive approach to fire roll call builds on those basic elements and is important for larger and more complex properties, particularly those where manual headcounts would take a significant amount of time to complete.

A diligent approach to fire roll calls demonstrates a commitment to the safety of your workforce, visitors and site users, assuring all parties that the property is protected and with the necessary controls to assist with swift evacuations and the prompt identification of any missing persons.

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