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Time and Attendance Solutions

Clearway Time and Attendance software solutions allow businesses and managers to maintain complete oversight of their workforces and security controls. Digital time and attendance systems use advanced features such as biometrics to record every entry or exit event, logging data securely through the cloud for on-demand access.

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Clearway Time and Attendance Solution
Clearway Time and Attendance Solution

Accurate time and attendance tracking

Organisations rely on accurate tracking to manage working hours, shift patterns and attendance logs alongside other safety-related considerations such as ensuring a minimum staff-to-visitor ratio or the presence of a manager for the duration of each shift.

Whether your business needs the ability to log working hours precisely, address workforce management concerns, or record all persons present on your premises at all times, time and attendance tracking provides a comprehensive solution.

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Our Time and Attendance Systems

As a buildings management and security expert, Clearway developed our time and attendance service to respond to demand, replacing outdated systems such as using cards to clock in and out. These legacy approaches were vulnerable to manipulation and caused various issues, such as lost cards or inaccurate manual logs of entrance times.

Digital time and attendance software is convenient for staff, prevents unauthorised access, and is customisable to each organisation or business.

Features include:

  • Biometric scans to verify the identity of an individual, using facial recognition, iris scans or fingerprint technology to log the arrival or departure of a confirmed person.
  • Chipped ID cards or RFID ID tags, paired with card or chip readers to permit entry to restricted-access zones and record all events where an entry point is unlocked.
  • Secure PIN-based entry systems, where colleagues can confirm their entry permissions through a designated device.
  • App-based time and attendance controls, where staff can clock in or out remotely and on any approved device.

The data collected is useful for attendance tracking and automated payroll processing, cross-checking hours worked or shifts completed. Organisations can reduce administrative time and costs, log the time worked for employees deployed remotely or working off-site and ensure accurate records.

Alternative applications include workforce management, using data to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies and productivity.

Clearway Time and Attendance Solution

The Benefits of Time and Attendance Solutions 

Clearway’s time and attendance systems work automatically to record working hours, reducing issues related to manual record-keeping or reliance on staff to submit accurate time sheets. From a payroll and HR perspective, this allows for:

  • Tracking and payment for overtime.
  • Monitoring absences and leave.
  • Assessing requests for annual leave or flexible working hours.

Integrating time and attendance solutions with payroll means that your software can precisely calculate salary payments, make adjustments for absences or time paid in lieu, and provide reports to show colleagues working in excess of their recommended hours or those who regularly provide additional cover during holiday periods.

HR managers and supervisors can choose to run reports displaying attendance patterns and instances of early arrivals or late departures and assess how well shift structures are meeting the needs of the organisation.

Time and attendance systems also ensure organisations are meeting their obligations in terms of working hours, break times, rest periods and other employment laws in compliance with regulations and sector-specific rules.

Clearway access control systems

Combining Time and Attendance Tracking With Access Controls

Access control systems are widely used in business environments where it is essential that only approved, verified visitors are permitted entry. They can also be installed in specific zones, such as for server rooms or testing laboratories, ensuring that every individual entering the space needs to submit their credentials.

Introducing a time and attendance system alongside an existing access control system – or implementing both solutions simultaneously – can improve workforce management and security, monitoring access requests for rooms, floors or zones, and automating approvals.

Rather than using separate access controls and clocking-in and out devices, businesses can combine access credentials attributed through biometrics scans or key card chips, where the employee can scan their fob, enter their PIN or pass through biometric security, both confirming their right to enter and logging their entry.

access control systems from Clearway

For companies with elevated risks, this oversight can be highly beneficial:

  • Restricting which employee categories or individuals are allowed entry based on zones, entry points and protected parts of the building or premise.
  • Logging which colleagues were on site, in which areas, during security issues or incidents such as thefts or damage.
  • Speedy adjustments, such as removing access approval when an employee leaves the business or when on leave to prevent any potential for trespass.
  • Customisable entry permissions, configuring access only to days and times when a colleague is due to be working on-site, and automatically removing approval during other times.

Using concurrent time and attendance systems alongside access controls means that arriving personnel only need to complete one interaction to gain entry and record their presence, reducing the potential for delays or bottlenecks.

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Why Choose Clearway for Time and Attendance Systems?

Clearway’s nationwide security and buildings management teams have decades of expertise, working with clients from small private companies and property owners to public sector organisations and large corporate bodies.

We can recommend the right time and attendance solutions for your premise, whether as a standalone HR asset or to reinforce security and integrate with access control systems.

Our consultants offer confidential and expert advice, from selecting the most suitable time and attendance logging devices or security approaches, reviewing your current security protocols, and creating a tailored, strategic implementation to minimise downtime and disruption.

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Frequently asked questions

We suggest cloud-based solutions, which means managers and finance colleagues can access information from any device or location without the risk of data loss or breaches associated with storing sensitive employee information on-site or on a physical device or hard drive.

Cloud-based time and attendance systems can eliminate any need for new hardware at the premise, making it quick and easy to introduce a new entry process.

Biometric entry is considerably more secure than using manual clock in/out cards, confirming that the identity of the person matches the information stored within a database before allowing them to enter the building or area.

Alternatives such as security PIN codes and RFID chips embedded in fobs can be equally useful, with managers able to adjust permissions or access rights immediately.

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