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Fire Suppression Systems

Effective fire suppression can make a tremendous difference in your ability to control a fire, preserve key assets, and ensure all building personnel or users can safely evacuate with the risk contained.

As part of our fire system installation, Clearway fire suppression systems are designed to safeguard people and property by limiting or restricting fires, with a range of products according to your building layout and key fire risks.

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Fire Suppression systems from Clearway
Fire Suppression systems from Clearway

About our Fire Suppression Systems

Our fire suppression systems are not available as a standalone system – but are a key part of our fire strategy for clients.

Fire suppression networks can integrate with your existing controls and alarms, keeping smoke or fire confined until an emergency response arrives and preventing re-ignition if an extinguisher has been used.

Note that fire suppression installations and fire extinguishing equipment are two different components of a comprehensive fire safety protocol – suppression assets are designed to prevent combustion and mitigate the potential impact of a fire.


Fire Suppression system installation from Clearway

Fire Suppression System Installation

As part of our fire system service, our qualified installers fit a wide range of fire suppression systems, each suited to varying flammable and ignition sources and depending on which business-critical zones need the greatest protection.

We can advise on the optimal fire suppression solutions for your premises, with systems including:

  • Inert and synthetic gaseous systems
  • Kitchen fire suppression equipment
  • Water mist systems

There are two primary ways to suppress a fire – either through oxygen reduction (inert gaseous systems) or using synthetic or chemical agents.

Inert gas fire suppression uses components such as argon, nitrogen and CO2 to lower the oxygen levels available to sustain the fire. In contrast, chemical gases absorb heat.

You should always tailor the ideal suppression approach to your property and the possible sources of fire.

Clearway can guide you through the most appropriate storage location for cylinders and fitting for pipework and other parts of the support structure that sit behind your fire suppression equipment.

Clearway Room Integrity Testing

Advanced Fire Suppression Techniques

Room integrity testing is important as a secondary fire systems service to ensure that whichever zone you have identified as the highest risk is sealed from the rest of your building.

Fire suppression systems are commonly used in defined areas, such as a server room, but can be expanded across whole floors where required.

All installations are fitted by BAFE SP203 Part 3 approved technicians and are tailored to your needs to ensure that, if a fire breaks out or your alarm system detects smoke, those most valuable spaces are shielded or contained to stop a fire from spreading.

Clearway remote CCTV monitoring

Fire Suppression Monitoring and Maintenance

Clearway recognises that the best fire suppression systems command ongoing maintenance and checks to guarantee they will operate effectively in a critical scenario.

Our maintenance and monitoring options cover the scope of your needs to keep your fire suppression equipment in perfect order:

  • Monitoring through our NSI II Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre ensures immediate action when a fire is detected, often supported by fire confirmation systems, advanced alarms, and emergency evacuation protocols.
  • We provide ten-year testing for all pressure vessels, cylinder exchanges and servicing, over-pressure venting, and post-fire extractions with advice at each stage about the best approach to restore or replace any worn or pre-used system components.
  • Regular maintenance and annual room integrity checks verify that your suppression system is operational and is poised to perform correctly when needed.

More information about maintenance and fire alarm monitoring is available through the Clearway website or by contacting our friendly team at your convenience.

fire extinguisher maintenance

UK Fire Suppression System Standards

We have years of expertise delivering life-saving fire safety solutions, including fire suppression systems that ensure any blaze is controlled and confined until an emergency responder is deployed.

All Clearway installers are fully qualified and trained according to all relevant standards, with integrity tests conducted to BS 5306, ISO 14520 and BS EN 15004-1, 2008, with technician BAFE SP203-1 approval.

Fire risks may be unlikely, but they can be extremely serious if they occur. We are always on hand to walk you through the appropriate standards and legislation and how it applies to your business sector, property and location.

Clearway fire and safety systems

Related Fire and Safety Systems

Many clients opt for a fire suppression system alongside other fire safety assets to meet every priority on their risk assessment and showcase effective fire controls.

Of the many options available to support your fire suppression equipment, we offer:

  • Fire Alarms for businesses: commercial-grade alarm networks, including wireless fire sensors, public address systems, 24-hour monitoring and bespoke fire alarms commissioned according to your needs.
  • Fire Confirmation Solutions: intelligent AI camera technology which activates whenever an alarm is triggered to verify whether the alert is genuine and provide situational awareness about the location and source of the fire.
  • Room Integrity testing services: our accredited room integrity tests are essential for fire suppression equipment and enable us to carry out crucial maintenance to safeguard the key parts of your operation from all fire risks.

Please contact Clearway at any time if you would like to discuss these fire safety services or organise a no-obligation site survey.

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Frequently asked questions

Clearway provides a full range of fire suppression systems, from water-based networks that activate sprinklers in a confirmed fire to pressurised gas systems that target oxygen or heat in the room to stop a fire from spreading.

Suppression agents, such as water or chemical gases, eliminate either the heat or oxygen in the room, which keeps a fire burning and growing.

The agent travels from a pressurised container into the designated zone and ensures the fire cannot spread or become uncontrolled.

Although water or gaseous agents might mitigate a small fire, the focus of fire suppression is to activate immediately when a fire is detected and stop it from becoming a much more serious incident.

Cooling and fire control methods protect people and premises and keep the fire restricted to a confined space until a responder can put out the fire and confirm whether the building is safe to re-enter.

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