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Commercial Door Entry Systems for Businesses

Audio/video door entry systems give you control over access to your building, site or premises. They can verify the identity of a visitor or colleague, check delivery courier credentials, or vet attendees before granting them entry.

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Audio_visual door entry
Audio_visual door entry

Intercom Systems for Businesses

  • Our door entry systems are used in a number of properties and sites, from multi-tenant buildings and educational facilities to public sector buildings or as a safety asset for high-risk business sites, construction sites and storage units.
  • Our commercial door entry systems use two-way intercom communications or real-time video captures to ensure that approved site users have instant access and any unauthorised visitors need to announce their arrival and gain approval.
  • Our audio and video entry systems are ideal for residential and commercial buildings, especially properties with a significant footfall and where security safeguards are essential.


Audio_visual door entry

Clearway's Audio / Video Door Entry System Installation

Before we fit a new audio / video door entry system, we’ll arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your risks and assess the correct options to meet your security requirements.

Video entry units function similarly to an audio system, but with the ability to converse with guests or visitors face to face, check their ID, documentation or other paperwork, and ascertain the reason for their visit.

Clearway’s highly experienced security consultants can also structure bespoke commercial door entry systems for facilities with complex layouts, existing security networks and specific operating procedures within which their entry defences need to slot.

Audio_visual door entry

Commercial Door Entry System Features

We may recommend multiple potential features for your audio or video entry system, depending on whether the entrance is internal or external, used for single or multiple doors, and your requirement for vandal-resistant units.

Your intercom functionality can also vary, with options such as:

  • Video or audio intercom systems
  • IP audio or video solutions
  • GSM intercoms
  • Remote or on-site system management consoles
  • PTSN-linked systems

The ideal intercom selection will also vary – for example, if you manage a site remotely or wish to verify the credentials of out-of-hours visitors, a remote management system will likely be preferable.

Buildings with 24/7 security responders may opt for a video intercom networked with the security office on-site, with IP signalling as a secure backup.

Audio_visual door entry

Benefits of Audio/Video Door Entry Systems

Entry systems have varied applications and are used as part of general building management to track staff movements, arrival and departure times, and footfall during busy periods to assist with precise operational planning.

One of the key advantages is that visitors can confirm their identity and the purpose of their visit without coming into direct contact with a reception team member – ensuring that personnel can prevent suspicious visitors from gaining entry without putting themselves at risk.

Other benefits of using an audio/video entry system include:

  • Reduced lone worker risks during the evening or night shifts.
  • Optional infrared lighting for around-the-clock video verifications.
  • Customisable security solutions that can integrate with keycard or fob access controls.
  • The ability to manage both staff and visitor entries in one system.
  • Automated intruder alarms triggered in an attempted breach.

Logging all access events allows businesses to trace activity, manage attendance and productivity and enhance their health and safety controls, with a detailed record of who is in the building, when, and for how long.

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Keeping your door entry systems well maintained

Regular maintenance of door entry systems is crucial to ensure their continuous functionality and reliability. These systems, consisting of various components and technical integrations, can develop minor issues over time that, if left unaddressed, may lead to significant malfunctions.

We conduct routine professional access control maintenance to proactively identify and rectify any emerging problems, preventing disruptions and ensuring the safety and security of the entry system. Additionally, regular maintenance helps uphold compliance with safety standards, reducing the risk of potential safety hazards.

Clearway access control systems

Related Access Control Services

Many property owners opt to install an audio/video door entry system as part of a wider project to address security gaps or augment existing protocols to actively prevent unauthorised building access.

Alongside an advanced entry door system, we have listed some of our other popular access management solutions below.

  • Access Control Systems: access control works in conjunction with an entry system, allowing immediate access for permitted users through biometric scans, key cards or fobs that enable them to enter authorised zones or parts of the premises.
  • Visitor Management systems: a visitor management touch-screen console makes it faster and easier for approved visitors to register their arrival, review emergency evacuation and fire exit information, print a visitor badge and alert their contact.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): automatic number plate recognition cameras scan every approaching vehicle, logging the number plate and checking the information against a management-controlled database. Permitted vehicles are allowed entry, often through lifting an entry barrier. Unauthorised cars cannot enter and can be inspected to verify the reason for the visit.

This selection of access management services demonstrates some of the efficient ways to streamline entry, prevent criminal access, and ensure every site visitor has a straightforward experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Intercoms use two-way communication, allowing the visitor outside and the staff member inside to speak directly, either through an audio link or with a real-time video feed.

The electronic unit sends and receives audio or video with a microphone concealed within a tamper-proof box fixed to the wall.

Yes, a video intercom works like a targeted CCTV unit. It transmits clear, full-colour images with infrared overnight to ensure that staff or security responders can always see who is outside.

IP intercoms operate through a network, with wiring that transmits data and power to the unit through Internet Protocol (IP) connections.

The advantage is that data and transmissions are secure, fast, and protected from external access.

As always, the right commercial door entry system for your property or business will depend on your requirements, risk assessment outcomes and visitor traffic.

Video door entry systems are popular for both residential and commercial buildings because the occupant or responder can confirm who is outside before they take action – the video footage can be used to verify ID documents or use facial recognition to match the individual to an approved visitor database.

Audio intercoms are simpler but can provide an effective way to manage access to controlled areas, often used with passcodes, or for employees to provide their credentials to be permitted to enter secure zones.

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