We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Temporary CCTV Hire Services

Managing temporary security risks is important to protect your assets in the short term medium term. From high-vulnerability premises to key operational activities, periods of closure to one-off events, temporary CCTV hire will provide the flexible protection you need to maintain your peace of mind.

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CCTV Tower Camera
CCTV Tower Camera

Temporary CCTV for remote and vacant locations

Our Temporary CCTV solutions can be adapted to almost any scenario or risk – and therefore, deliver advanced safeguarding for vacant properties, construction sites, events managers and remote locations across the UK.

Whilst our competitors focus solely on fixed CCTV solutions, Clearway can offer short-term CCTV hire service. This flexibility gives us the capacity to support sporting events and temporary closures, for example, with high-quality CCTV systems installed for the duration of the hire period.

temporary alarm Clearway Visually verified camera system

Our CCTV Hire Services

Whilst fixed CCTV is hardwired into a property, hired CCTV systems are designed for short-term use. Motion-activated cameras or CCTV cameras run either from a battery or via solar power recharging, with professional quality components to guarantee their efficiency. Harnessing the power of industrial quality batteries or built-in solar power ensures up to years of usage, as a low-maintenance, reliable safeguarding system that will last as long as your hire period demands.

CCTV hire isn’t only suited to events, but can also be used:

  • When remote working is required.
  • During holidays and closure periods.
  • At stages when higher-risk activities are scheduled – for example, movements of high-value goods, deliveries of costly materials, or when perimeter security may be compromised.
  • When potential disturbances are anticipated.
  • During works that may disrupt the continuity of the mains power supply.

For example, renovations can often render mains power unavailable, and so hiring a CCTV solution during the work provides a 24/7 security surveillance, when your premises are most vulnerable.

Clearway also works with construction site managers, logistics planners and public events organisers to strategise and identify the most effective placement and use of CCTV hire.

Our teams also offer extensive maintenance, monitoring and preventative servicing, giving you the confidence that your premises will be protected, even when the site is vacant.

Clearway inView CCTV Tower and van

Features of Clearway CCTV Hire

To recommend the best CCTV solution for your hire period, the Clearway team will get to know what your security risks are, and what threats you need to protect against.

For example, tower-mounted CCTV is ideal for larger areas and can protect land, large properties, and car parks. Mobile CCTV surveillance provides a rotational coverage of your premises, with  a range of features that can be triggered though the Intelligent Analytics including automatic video recording, siren, email notification and ARC incident management.

Wireless Intruder Alarm

Other Options Include

  • Alarm sensors, including fire, smoke, gas, water and glass breakage alerts.
  • Vacant property alarm systems, able to detect movement through any points of entry.
  • Wireless intruder alarms, perfect for awkward positions or difficult to reach access points that pose a risk.
  • Video verified alarms, allowing you, or our professional response team, to identify the cause of the alarm activation and respond accordingly.

Clearway installation teams manage every new fitting from start to finish, providing a fast and smooth service. Your hired CCTV is operational in as little as an hour.

ARC Monitoring

Related Services

CCTV continues to advance, as technological innovation develops new features, tools and functions. Clearway is committed to remaining at the forefront of CCTV developments, and thus offer a full range of services to upscale your existing security systems.

CCTV Alarm Monitoring: With an NSI Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre to back-up your CCTV installations, you have the peace of mind that a qualified team of responders are poised to respond quickly to alarm activations. Our teams assess every alert according to your bespoke response protocols, with the rapid deployment of security teams where required.

CCTV Maintenance: When risks are high, it becomes even more crucial to be able to rely on your security solutions to operate seamlessly. Clearway offers a full range of maintenance options – from routine servicing, preventative maintenance, system health checks and fault resolution.

3G Alarm SIM Cards: One of the critical requirements of CCTV hire is to have oversight and control of your systems; with the ability to review footage and receive instant notification when a sensor is activated, wherever you may be.

Clearway 3G Alarm SIM Cards integrate with all leading smartphone operating systems, as a dual-signalling safeguard, and to allow you full system access on the go.

Fixed CCTV Solutions

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