We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Rapid Deployment CCTV Systems

CCTV is a crucial security element for millions of homes and businesses. When time is essential, a rapid deployment installation can provide immediate protection, peace of mind and defence against criminal intrusions. We offer a vast range of rapid installation CCTV solutions, adapted to any number of premises and scenarios with the aim of getting your site or property secured in the quickest possible time.

Why Commercial CCTV Installation?
Why Commercial CCTV Installation?

Get eyes on your property as quickly as possible

Your fast-track CCTV could be:

  • For a short-term CCTV hire period to protect against increased risks.
  • Required during high-value activities or goods storage.
  • During a construction or renovation project.
  • Fixed for the long-term, installed through an expedited service.

Whether you require a long-term fixed CCTV or a hired solution for a short-term requirement, the Clearway team is on hand to help.

Why Commercial CCTV Installation?

Rapid Deployment CCTV Options

Our commercial CCTV installations cover every type of building, residence or plot of land, with advanced and innovative technologies available to protect against any circumstance.

Fixed CCTV remains a long-term, robust solution and can be a fundamental way to protect your site perimeter, entrance ways, car parks or assets where enhanced security is vital.

Clearway fixed CCTV solutions can be installed on a rapid deployment basis where your security risks are urgent, with a vast range of technologies, including:

  • Thermal/Body Temp CCTV imaging cameras
  • Infrared night vision surveillance
  • Long-distance bullet CCTV solutions
  • Analytics
  • ANPR
  • Time Lapse

Get in touch with the team if you require long-term CCTV with an expedited installation service.

Temporary CCTV Solutions and Fixed CCTV Services

Temporary CCTV Solutions

Short-term CCTV can be invaluable when there are either limited-time activities or when a particular scenario is causing security concerns.

  • Mobile CCTV Towers are an outstanding option for remote areas or large-scale coverage across perimeters, car parks or outdoor areas. Tower units are mounted at a height so cannot be tampered with, and our inView CCTV towers run on either mains power or solar-powered commercial standard batteries.
  • Vacant Property Alarms are also a powerful solution where you have an empty building, either on a temporary or long-term basis, which becomes a target for vandalism, theft, and squatters. These alarm systems are all available through the rapid deployment CCTV installers’ service, with remote surveillance functionality, 24/7 CCTV monitoring performance and seamless independent power sources for your peace of mind.
  • Video Verified Alarm Systems are another option, removing the potential of false alarm activations and wasted time. The remote wireless units run autonomously, delivering instant alerts when a sensor is triggered. You can view the CCTV surveillance in real-time through a remote app or defer the monitoring to our alarm-receiving team, who will identify the cause of the activation. This system minimises disruption but ensures that a response team will deploy immediately should a genuine alarm be raised
CCTV Tower

When to opt for rapid deployment

There are countless reasons you might be seeking a rapid deployment CCTV installation service – and all can have a profound impact on the safety of your premises, assets and workforce.

CCTV has long been acknowledged as a key preventative measure, protecting sites of all sizes from criminal activity such as:

  • Targeting new business premises where surveillance is not yet in place.
  • Fly-tipping, vandalism or squatting at temporarily vacant premises.
  • Opportunist thefts on building sites or during periods of renovation.

The Clearway team is also often contacted to install a rapid response CCTV system as a proactive management strategy where risk levels have increased.

That could be because of a public event or protest, a surge in squatters or travellers posing challenges for neighbouring properties, or because the local authorities have warned of rises in thefts.

NSI alarm monitoring centre

Rapid Response Alarm Monitoring

When your surveillance system is tripped, and alarm sensors have picked up on an intrusion – time is of the essence. The faster the response, the greater the opportunity for criminals to be apprehended, and the lower the burden on your time, insurance and costs in repairing damage or replacing stolen goods.

Clearway is delighted to offer a comprehensive alarm monitoring service through our accredited NSI Gold Standard Alarm Monitoring Station.

Fully trained teams of responders are available day and night, every day of the year, to handle any security alerts immediately and initiate the agreed response to protect your premises.

Clearway Technology

Why Choose Clearway?

With decades of experience safeguarding homes, businesses and properties across the UK, the Clearway team appreciates that security risks can be a profound source of stress and concern.

Our rapid deployment CCTV installers are equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise to fit your surveillance solutions fast – and provide you with the protection you need when you need it most.

We offer a comprehensive range of both temporary hire and long-term CCTV, all backed by our award-winning alarm response centre for 24/7 protection, 365 days a year


Related Services

Alongside rapid deployment CCTV installation services, Clearway offers a complete range of security surveillance, tracking and protection options.

Some of the popular security assets to complement a CCTV installation include:

  • Mobile Security Patrols – with professionally trained security personnel on hand to monitor your site perimeters and grounds to establish a visible presence to deter criminals and act quickly should any breaches occur.
  • Open and Lock-Up Services – keyholding services from security staff to ensure your premises are in safe hands when at their most vulnerable. Lock-up services also safeguard your property and guarantee all alarms; CCTV installations and sensors have been appropriately activated for the period out of hours.
  • Security Doors and Screens – an essential element for any vacant property, steel security doors are an impenetrable safety precaution. Clearway can combine them with CCTV systems and empty property alarms to safeguard any location or building size.

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