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Effective CCTV for Vacant Properties, Buildings and Empty Locations

Vacant properties are common targets for criminal activity, including squatters, trespassers and vandals. Clearway provides high-performance, clearly visible vacant property CCTV surveillance systems proven to be an excellent deterrent while assisting with vacant property insurance premiums and offering peace of mind to property owners.

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Clearway inView CCTV Towers
Clearway inView CCTV Towers

Keeping a close eye on your empty properties

CCTV is one of the most effective ways to protect a vacant building, whether you have inherited a vacant home, have an empty site pending development, or own a commercial or residential building that is currently vacant.

Clearway’s vacant property specialists can advise on the ideal empty property CCTV cameras, monitors and networks for your building or site, with 24/7/365 remote monitoring to ensure any activations are logged and dealt with swiftly.

Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Strong Visual Deterrent

Strong Visual Deterrent

24 7 Monitoring Available

24 7 Monitoring Available

Prevent Costly damage

Prevent Costly damage

Clearway temporary and fixed CCTV

2 wireless CCTV options for void properties

One of the key challenges of securing a vacant property is that the majority of empty properties do not have a live power source since disconnecting the gas, water, and electricity.

Conventional CCTV requires a cabled connection to the mains power supply. In contrast, wireless installations are designed specifically for vacant properties or remote locations where the system needs to run seamlessly and autonomously.

Most vacant property owners opt for either:

  1. A completely wireless solution powered by commercial-grade battery packs or
  2. Solar powered recharging cameras that transmit footage via the mobile network.

Either option ensures you can review surveillance feeds from any device or location and instruct our monitoring team to follow a set protocol if an alarm is activated, a trigger is tripped, or the CCTV indicates potentially suspicious behaviour. We are happy to offer site surveys or consultations to provide independent recommendations.

Clearway inView CCTV Tower in situ

CCTV Towers for Larger Empty Locations

Some sites situated in remote spaces, with large outdoor areas or backing onto public paths, woodlands or open land, can be difficult to monitor with standard wireless CCTV installations since the breadth and scope of the coverage area is beyond the ability of even highly advanced camera systems.

CCTV towers can be installed on a temporary or ongoing basis for long-term vacant properties and are an excellent asset for larger open land areas or where your property borders a possible point of ingress that is otherwise challenging to supervise. You can find a more detailed specification of our mobile CCTV towers here.

CCTV Tower Features

Flexible Installation

Installed internally or externally, with exterior cameras

Weather proof

Designed with robust weatherproof casing and tamper-proof fittings.

Rapid deployment

The tower can be left unmanned for long periods of time and can be delivered, installed and up and running within 20 minutes of arriving on site.

Monitor inaccessible locations

Positioned in the most inaccessible locations yet give 24/7/365 visual security with minimal maintenance required. Get instant notifications at our CAT II NSI Gold Monitoring centre. 

Multiple connected cameras

Multiple connected cameras can integrate with one central signalling system, providing a network of CCTV cameras to cover every angle and entranceway around the property.

Significant Coverage

Wireless tower-mounted CCTV cameras have an elevated position which increases the area of coverage significantly.

Full Visibility

3 x bullet cameras providing a 360 view and the utilisation of intelligent analytics.

temporary alarm Clearway Visually verified camera system

Visually Verified Alarms for Vacant Buildings

Visually verified alarms are an alternative, depending on the risk assessment of your empty property and the perceived likelihood of an unlawful entry. These alarm systems are often recommended where you have security patrols or on-site responders or live nearby and deal with a volume of false alarm callouts.

These cost-effective cameras:

  • Operate as wireless vacant property alarms
  • Trigger an alert when movement is detected, a door or window is opened or smashed, or another activity activates an alarm signal.
  • Automatically take a series of still images and collates them into a ten second clip of the cause of the activation and sends it, with an alert, via the mobile network to a pre-determined recipient or Alarm receiving Centre (ARC).
  • Allow your site security or our skilled alarm responders to evaluate the nature and severity of the alarm and take action accordingly.

Many vacant properties experience routine false alarms activated by wildlife, so these systems work well to avoid and reduce unnecessary callouts while providing an instant warning when an intrusion is genuine.

remote monitoring from Clearway

Always-On Empty Property CCTV Monitoring

Clearway operates nationwide and provides 24/7 alarm and CCTV monitoring 365 days per year. Wireless alarms and mounted CCTV cameras installed at vacant properties transmit signals through a secure communications network directly to our NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Autonomous alarm and video transmissions ensure that any footage captured by your CCTV is rapidly circulated to the alarm response team and cannot be interrupted or stalled. Trained responders then evaluate the content of the CCTV surveillance and follow your defined security protocols as necessary.

Clearway InView CCTV Tower camera

Benefits of CCTV Surveillance for Vacant Properties

Any property that is obviously empty carries an increased risk profile, and even if there are no utility supplies or the residence is in a poor state of repair, these buildings can attract thieves looking to strip radiators, copper wiring, roof tiles and other fixtures.

Installing CCTV deters any prospective trespassers or criminals, with a camera placed in a prominent place alongside warning signs marking out the property perimeter as an area under constant surveillance.

Property owners can use CCTV as a general security measure to safeguard properties that are unsupervised and without security patrols overnight or during the weekends, or to add an extra layer of security to their property during periods of increased risk.

See our CCTV Towers in Action

Clearway CCTV Tower: high resolution

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway for your Vacant Property CCTV?

With decades of expertise in vacant property management, our consultants can offer a wealth of advice and independent knowledge to ensure you make informed choices about the right CCTV systems, camera placements and monitoring options to safeguard the value of an empty property.

Our teams support both private and business clients, including professional landlords and property developers, and offer an end-to-end service from initial guidance to system commissioning and installation, followed by alarm and CCTV monitoring and periodic maintenance.

If you need any assistance in evaluating the optimal way to protect your void property from illegal entry or unauthorised trespass, please get in touch for further advice on the most suitable CCTV systems.

Clearway Steel Screens

Related Services

While our vacant property CCTV units are an important risk mitigation measure for many owners, we offer a range of supplementary services that may be beneficial to secure your site or property whilst empty:

  • Property Inspections: Regular, professional inspections can identify potential areas of concern, including deterioration, dampness or signs of attempted entry, to ensure ongoing insurance compliance and a proactive approach to addressing issues quickly and decisively.
  • Steel Screens and Doors: Steel doors with keyless fob-based entry or security keys can prevent numerous unlawful entry attempts, along with screens fitted against windows and entranceways with vandal-proof fixtures.
  • Security Patrols: Patrols are conducted by uniformed, licensed security guards or K9 patrols as needed and present a strong security presence to reinforce your on-site vacant property CCTV cameras. Mobile patrols deliver a professional security presence with visits conducted at irregular intervals, thus avoiding establishing regular patterns.
  • Wireless detection systems for vacant properties: Have you considered using wireless detection technology to protect your vacant propery? Find out more about our inView Detect wireless intrusion detection system here.

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