We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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3G and 4G CCTV Camera Installation

Wireless technology is a crucial component of effective security surveillance for many types of site. Whether your CCTV systems are defending vast swathes of land, broad perimeter layouts or car parking areas, you need to know instantly at the first sign of any attempted intrusion.

Fixed CCTV Solutions
Fixed CCTV Solutions

Remote surveillance is optimal for businesses or property owners who need a cybersecurity guard on duty at all times of day and night.

Powered by professional-grade battery packs and solar-powered installations, our 3G and 4G CCTV cameras are ideal in locations without access to mains power, where utility supplies are unreliable, or for remote areas.

Adding fourth-generation mobile tech to those autonomous surveillance systems ensures that activations and CCTV captures are immediately available, on any device, and in real-time.

Fixed CCTV Solutions

Our 4G CCTV Camera Services

Clearway has years of security expertise supporting clients in every sector. As criminals devise new ways to circumvent safety systems, we focus on innovation and the highest surveillance standards to ensure your sites remain safe.

Each 4G CCTV camera installation is carried out by our professional installation teams, ensuring your new security protocols are up and running with minimal disruption. When 4g isn’t available, the device will use 3G or even 2G connection to keep your systems online

We offer a comprehensive consultation service to analyse the key risk factors you need to protect against and recommend the best 4G CCTV camera systems to mitigate or remove those threats.

Using a 4G surveillance system eliminates the primary issues with traditional CCTV installations, with zero reliance on landline cabling, Internet connections or exposure to wire tampering and damage.

CCTV Tower

4G CCTV Towers

Clearway’s 4G CCTV towers are an outstanding security system, suitable for sites of any size. The remote sensors remain alert 24/7 and signal an activation instantly.

That alarm can be transmitted directly to you or your security personnel via a remote app along with live footage captures. Alternatively, you can direct any notifications to our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Response Centre (ARC).

These advanced CCTV towers have multiple benefits:

  • 4G mobile networks provide seamless connections 365 days a year.
  • Independent power supplies ensure no reliance on mains utilities.
  • Remote sensors are positioned at vital risk points or entranceways.
  • The live recording is initiated when any sensor is activated with remote camera feeds.
  • CCTV towers include a powerful range of properties, including the ability to focus, pan, rotate and zoom to ensure every capture is crystal clear.

Mast-mounted 4G CCTV cameras are an excellent way to deter potential intruders and ensure complete site coverage.

industrial CCTV 36 tower

4G Alarm SIM Cards

On-site alarm systems are crucial to ensure any break-ins or vandalism is responded to quickly. However, many businesses experience challenges with managing their alarm notifications.

There are many reasons that an alarm system might function perfectly and yet not deliver the safety standards you require:

  • Overnight alarms can go unheard or undetected until the following morning.
  • Criminals can easily snip wires and render an alarm system redundant.
  • Power failures or lack of Internet coverage can mean an activation signal fails.

4G alarm SIM cards are an exceptional solution. The SIM links with your alarm systems, and the wireless transmission process cannot be disturbed or interrupted.

Clearway 4G alarms incorporate dual-path monitoring with a backup analogue alarm system to ensure a signal is constantly available and any attempted theft or intrusion is reported.

Each SIM works with any popular smartphone brand and provides a tamper-proof signal so you can respond quickly to any incidents.

Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC exterior

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Backing up our range of 4G CCTV cameras, Clearway offers an around-the-clock remote monitoring service. Our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre manages activations from a wide range of CCTV systems, alarms and sensors.

When an alert is raised, our trained security responders can react in several ways, depending on your site protocols and the level of risk detected.

That can mean dispatching a security team, contacting the authorities, liaising with your site managers, or a blend of responses as appropriate.

Remote 4G CCTV monitoring is a fail-safe approach to ensure that any alarm is dealt with swiftly.

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Why Choose Clearway?

The Clearway team provides nationwide coverage, delivering cutting edge security solutions ranging from advanced 4G CCTV cameras to mobile patrols and event management.

We provide independent, professional recommendations to ensure you select the security solutions that are best suited to the type of property or site you need to protect and the most significant threats as identified through a comprehensive risk assessment process.

If you are interested in learning more about the broad range of benefits available from upgrading to 4G connectivity for your security systems or enhancing your defence strategy, please contact the team for further advice.

Related Services

Alongside the 4G CCTV solutions summarised here, Clearway delivers a vast array of security assistance.

Some of the most popular services combined with 4G CCTV cameras include:

  • Keyholding Services – enabling our SIA accredited security personnel to respond promptly to any alarm activations and investigate the cause.
  • Concrete Barrier Hire – a physical safeguard, which prevents unauthorised access and shuts off potential vehicular entry routes.
  • Construction Site CCTV – bespoke CCTV systems designed to provide the ultimate surveillance and protection on busy building sites.

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