We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Security Mobile Patrols

If your premises is in need of 24-hour security and/or is in a vulnerable category, physical security is undoubtedly one of the strongest deterrents to criminals. However, it remains vital to balance risk exposure with budgets, and for many the costs of 24/7 manned guards and permanent security patrols are unviable.

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security mobile patrols
security mobile patrols

A Professional Security Solution

Security mobile patrols are an excellent solution to this problem, delivering a professional security presence on your site with patrols at irregular intervals to avoid establishing any set pattern, strengthening security and eliminating any organised attempts at a security breach. Security teams maintain detailed records and reports of any perceived threats such as suspicious vehicles or individuals, giving you peace of mind that any threat is anticipated.


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Our mobile security patrols are suitable for locations that require thorough inspection at intermittent periods during open or closed periods. Mobile security is ideal for large sites requiring dedicated and comprehensive perimeter monitoring or if you have premises spread over a large geographical area.

Your premises are clearly protected by an accredited security team, with the ability to identify attempted intrusions and maintain oversight of your assets when they are most vulnerable. All our security experts are trained to deal with many different situations, ensuring your property is in safe hands.

Our Mobile Patrol Security Services

Every patrol team uses a fully branded vehicle and clear identification to highlight their presence at your location. Patrols can be scheduled according to your site requirements and can include:

  • Inspecting perimeters and boundaries to look for signs of intrusion.
  • Checking property security to ensure no breaches have been made.
  • Reviewing assets, vehicles and machinery regularly.
  • Patrols both out of hours and during operation for increased workforce protection.
  • Safety checks to identify potential hazards.
  • Tracking systems to maintain site inspection logs.
  • Rapid response protocols when an emergency arises.
  • Fast reporting and liaison with the security response team when criminal activity is detected.
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We offer a wide range of related security services. Each is recommended based on a bespoke risk assessment and consultation to establish your key risk factors and most critical areas of operation:

  • Alarm Monitoring: the most sensitive and reliable alarm systems are only as useful as their response system; which is where the Clearway Technology NSI Gold Standard command centre comes in. Our CCTV monitoring services provide rapid response protocols from trained security responders, to keep your premises safe and under scrutiny at any hour of day or night.
  • Wireless Intruder Alarms: ideal for large sites, vacant properties, or construction sites, wireless intruder alarms cover up to one kilometre in range, without reliance on mains power. These wireless alarms, combined with our dedicated monitoring station, assure that even remote locations are under constant surveillance.
  • Hardwire or Fixed CCTV Systems: an excellent service to complement mobile patrols, advanced quality commercial CCTV systems capture hi-definition footage and relay this back to the monitoring centre for swift action when a breach or attempted intrusion is detected.
  • Manned Guarding: as an extension to your mobile patrol security, manned guarding is available during times of heightened risk, during public access events or when high-value materials are in transit. Manned guarding can be stationed at entryways or exits, used as a crowd control measure, or combined with canine patrol units to eliminate the risk of illegal substances being brought into your premises.
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Why Choose Clearway Mobile Patrol Security?

Our highly experienced and SIA accredited team of security professionals provide a comprehensive mobile patrol service, with real-time reporting and a bespoke patrol pattern to meet your security priorities and policies.

As a criminal deterrent and swift risk mitigation strategy, using a mobile security patrol upholds the integrity of your premises around the clock, whether as a security option to provide staff support, or to prevent intruders from gaining entry out of hours.

Clearway provides a complete risk assessment service as part of our initial consultation and will advise on the right mobile security patrols to provide the highest level of protection for your properties.

Every mobile patrol security client has access to management information to assist in reviewing site risk mitigation measures, to have oversight of the effectiveness of the security strategy in place.

With the Clearway team of accredited personnel, you have the assurance of trained security guards patrolling your sites. This means quickly identifying problems, actioning response protocols fast, and maintaining diligent oversight of your most valuable assets.

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