We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Stackable Concrete Blocks

Clearway provides a range of stackable concrete block sizes and weights, with each block built to be slotted together quickly and immovably.

High Strength, Immovable Concrete Barriers

Our BS EN 1317 certified blocks are ideal for creating a high-strength and highly effective flood defence wall, block wall, storage bay or retaining wall solution.

Stackable concrete blocks are a fast, convenient solution that can also help to prevent unauthorised vehicular and pedestrian access, and act as an external perimeter barrier.

Clearway provides a range of stackable concrete block sizes and weights, with each block built to be slotted together quickly and immovably.

Concrete Barrier Blocks

Stackable Concrete Block Applications

Our stackable blocks are perfect for:

  • Building retaining walls – if you need to create bay walls to separate materials such as grain, salt and aggregate. Our blocks are engineered to resist the large forces of the material acting on the wall.
  • Building free-standing walls – our solutions can be used to build walls for floor barriers, traffic segregation and security barriers.
  • Preventing unauthorised vehicle access – It’s quick and easy to section off an area with stackable concrete blocks, and they are sturdy enough to withstand the impact of a car.
  • Traffic management – They are also effective for traffic management as well. For example, if you are hosting an event of some kind and you need to direct traffic and protect pedestrians from busy roads, interlocking concrete blocks are the perfect solution.
  • Flood protection – In flood prone areas where there is a need for defences that are quick and easy to install, concrete blocks can be very effective. They are simple to stack, so flood defences can be erected very quickly.
Clearway Concrete Barrier Blocks

Stackable Concrete Block Delivery and Installation

Our installation teams operate throughout the UK and deliver stackable concrete blocks using commercial transport and lifting equipment to fit your blocks in any configuration and on any site – even if you require a concrete barrier on outdoor or uneven terrain.

We provide a reliable service and can arrange deliveries on artics or vehicle fleets if you require a larger volume of stackable concrete blocks, with options such as lorry-mounted cranes or a multi-terrain trailer-mounted forklift.

Should you have specific site access challenges, we will be happy to discuss the logistics and find an appropriate solution, from initial delivery and installation to removal at the end of your hire period.

Sites that require a dependable security solution can fit stackable concrete blocks with slidable gates or entry barriers between the blocks to ensure that authorised access can continue once the site has been secured. You can also schedule temporary concrete block removal for ad hoc access.

LG8 Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

Stackable Concrete Block Specifications

Our specification sheets below explain the dimensions and weights of each stackable concrete block model, including LG4, LG6 and LG8 options.

Interlocking concrete blocks come in a range of sizes, from 2 sections all the way up to 10 sections. 4, 6 and 8 section concrete blocks are the most popular sizes, but you may require different sizes depending on the nature of your project.

An 8 section interlocking concrete block weighs 2400kg and measures 1600mm x 800mm x 800mm. Every concrete block contains a lifting pin, which makes it simple for you to rearrange the blocks as and when you need to. However, we can reconfigure the blocks if you need us to.

Precast concrete blocks are available for immediate hire, with a site survey service should you wish to evaluate your security vulnerabilities, establish the best place to install your barrier, or need to verify whether ground conditions are suitable.

Stackable Block Dimensions

LG8 Stackable Concrete Block

Length1600 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight2400 kg
Length1600 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight2400 kg

LG6 Stackable Concrete Block

Length1200 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight1800 kg

LG4 Interlocking Concrete Block

Length800 mm
Height800 mm
Width800 mm
Weight1200 kg
Stackable Concrete Blocks from Clearway

Short and Long-Term Concrete Block Hire

Clearway provides an efficient delivery and fitting service across the UK, providing swift stackable concrete block installations for a broad range of applications and risk mitigation uses.

Our stackable concrete blocks are available for short or long-term hire, whether you require a temporary solution to safeguard personnel during construction work, or need to build a strong retaining wall.

Stackable blocks can be positioned in a continuous line or spaced apart – for example, to protect a frontage, you may wish to have a secured concrete barrier. You may prefer spaced blocks for parking management.

If you require assistance calculating the number of concrete blocks necessary, please measure the area, or contact Clearway for guidance about the configuration we would suggest.

Concrete Barrier Blocks

Related Concrete Block Solutions

As experts in perimeter and vacant property security, Clearway provides a full range of concrete blocks and can advise on the right solutions depending on your intended application.

Concrete blocks are a simple physical barrier, yet site managers can use them in countless scenarios to restrict access, improve traffic safety and prevent unauthorised entry to restricted areas.

  • Concrete Jersey Barriers: Jersey barriers are most commonly used along roadways to protect workers, mitigate the potential for accidents and ensure traffic flows safely in the correct direction. Blocks are interlocked to create a seamless barrier.
  • Temporary Vertical Concrete Blocks (TVCBs): These concrete barriers are popular in event management, construction and car parking facilities and can also be used as a flood defence asset to control water ingress. High-security premises install TVCBs as a security measure since they act as a Vehicle Security Barrier or Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measure.

If you are unsure which concrete blocks are most appropriate for your site or premises; please get in touch for further guidance.

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Frequently asked questions

Clearway’s stackable concrete blocks come in three specifications, each weighing between 1,200 and 2,400 kg.

Solid concrete blocks are extremely heavy and can withstand severe pressure and impact as a resource that can prevent criminal intrusions and create robust physical barriers for multiple purposes, including as a defence against vehicle intrusions and ram-raiding.

Our consultants will discuss your requirements, the length, depth and height of your barrier, and plan the installation to ensure your blocks are stacked correctly.

The benefit of stackable concrete blocks is that you can build a strong barrier of any size without needing cement or another adhesive. Blocks are designed to slot together but cannot be removed without specialist commercial equipment.

Retaining walls are common in construction sites and can shore up unstable ground during work periods or be fitted as a permanent solution to avoid the risks of landslides or erosion.

Installation times vary depending on the scale of the concrete block barrier and your location. In good conditions, our installation teams can fit around 200 stackable blocks in one day, although this can change if you need trenching to be dug before our teams can position the blocks.

If you have an urgent requirement and need a concrete barrier installed quickly, please get in touch, and we will be able to provide further guidance.

Yes, if you need to erect a temporary barrier around a work site, open land or event location, we can recommend secure gates to allow authorised, controlled access while protecting the rest of the perimeter.

Clearway can install pre-fabricated gates with a range of locks or security mechanisms to ensure that site access remains available. Gates are typically secured with concrete blocks or can be fitted with permanent fencing posts depending on your requirements.

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