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We provide the delivery and full installation of crash tested and BS EN 1317 approved TVCBs to construction sites, car parks, vacant properties and more. Has your site been compromised by fly tipping, squatters and unwanted guests? Clearway is experienced in clearing and securing sites, preventing any further security breaches. If you are in need of a temporary vertical concrete barrier, get in touch today and we will provide a site assessment and suggest an appropriate solution.

TVCB Dimensions

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier From Clearway


3000 mm


800 mm


450 mm


2500 kg


Our fast and reliable delivery service provides interlocking TVCBs to your site whenever and wherever you need them. On arrival, we will manage the installation so you do not need to take time out of your busy schedule to ensure that they are placed correctly.

All of our TVCBs are BS EN 1317 approved and crash tested, so they provide adequate protection from traffic accidents and form a reliable barrier against any unwanted vehicles. Whether you are trying to close off a construction site, protect a public space, manage foot traffic, or provide a protective barrier for road workers, our TVCBs are more than capable. 

TVCBs can also be placed over existing gates and fences, so if you already have some protection in place on your construction site but you do not think that it is adequate, give us a call and we can upgrade it for you. 

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