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Concrete Jersey Barrier Hire

Fast, reliable Jersey barrier installation

Concrete jersey barriers are highly effective for traffic management as well as protection for buildings, sites, land and vacant areas. We offer fast, reliable delivery and full installation of barrier for a range of different applications. If you are in need of a Jersey barrier hire service, get in touch today for a full site assessment and quote.

Concrete Jersey Barrier

Jersey Barrier Dimensions

Length2500 mm
Height810 mm
Width610 mm
Weight1450 kg
Concrete Jersey Barrier

What are Concrete Jersey Barriers?

A Jersey barrier is a simple but effective concrete barrier that can be used to solve a wide range of potential security issues such as traffic management problems. In the majority of cases, they are used for effective traffic management because they are a simple way to safely separate vehicles on the road. However, barriers can also be used to protect land and buildings from trespassers and unauthorized vehicles.

Areas that experience problems with fly tipping or squatting, for example, can be protected by barriers as vehicle access can be sufficiently blocked. Without jersey barriers as a first line of defence, these issues can quickly spiral out of control and lead to a lot of expensive property damage.

Concrete Jersey Barrier Hire with Clearway

We provide a full installation service. Speak to the team today for a free installation quotation for your project.

Our fast and reliable Jersey barrier hire service can help you to manage whatever security issues you may be facing. We will commission, deliver and remove the blocks once they are no longer needed. We’re available 24/7 and offer a rapid response service as we know that our clients have needs at all times during the day.

Our standard Jersey barrier is 25000mm in length and weighs in at 1450kg, but there are other sizes available. When you call to discuss your project, our experienced installers will advise on an appropriate solution and help you to decide which option is best for your particular project.

Each barrier is specifically designed for either forklift or top lift installation, so once they are delivered, it will take no time at all for our expert team to install them for you so you can continue with your project.

Jersey Barrier Features

Jersey barriers are concrete blocks that are extremely heavy and mainly used for traffic management, separating carriageways, creating temporary car parking facilities and protecting highway crews working close to moving vehicles.

The key feature of a jersey barrier is the shape, specifically designed to mitigate the risks of serious outcomes when a vehicle crashes or loses control.

Each block has an angled configuration rather than a flat, vertical block. If a vehicle hits a wall at speed, this commonly means the car will flip or the bonnet will crumple, causing risk to other road users and potentially causing a fatality.

Angled jersey barrier blocks mean that the tyre closest to the barrier lifts slightly as it impacts against the barrier wall. This movement can allow the driver to correct the vehicle direction, force the car to turn in parallel with the barrier, and prevent it from continuing over a verge, possibly down a steep bank or towards water.

While concrete blocks are straightforward physical barriers, the upper slope efficiently reduces the friction between the road and the tyre, which is another way to minimise harm. Barrier walls are also an excellent way to prevent a vehicle from rebounding from a wall and colliding back into oncoming traffic and causing a more severe accident.

Concrete Jersey Barrier

Where are Jersey Barriers Used?

Jersey barrier blocks are used in various applications and can improve road safety, reduce the risk of illegal trespass, and prevent vehicle-based attacks, including ram-raiding.

  • Protecting private land and premises – erecting a solid line of barriers can close off an access route, prevent illegal access, and keep vehicles away from high-risk areas, dangerous structures, and deep water.
  • Reducing traffic collisions – the weight, density and stability of lower-profile jersey barriers make them very difficult to move, protecting workers and pedestrians and improving the outcomes of potential accidents.
  • Traffic management – site owners and event managers use jersey barriers to delineate pedestrian routes, traffic, and restricted access or storage areas.

Concrete blocks are also suited to defences against flooding, with a fully interlocked barrier that can withstand extreme pressure and prevent rapid water ingress.

Clearway Concrete Barrier Blocks

Hire Jersey Barriers for Short or Long-Term Usage

Clearway provides a variety of concrete blocks, each with varying features, applications, and benefits for short or long term hire. Our jersey barriers offer excellent security for larger outdoor spaces and can prevent access by individuals and vehicles or control the flow of traffic to implement site safety procedures.

Precast jersey barrier blocks are delivered directly to your site and assembled in the required layout, with removal or repositioning available should you need to adjust your barrier – for example, reconfiguring barriers along the carriageway as highway work progresses.

Stackable Concrete Blocks from Clearway

Related Services

  • Temporary Vertical Concrete Blocks (TVCBS) – TVCBs are an alternative concrete block and an appropriate vehicle control system, but with variances in the construction, dimensions, and features. TVCBs are used to protect car parks and areas of land from intruders, as a food defence, or to implement safe working environments close to fast-speed highways. They are also used as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs).
  • Interlocking Concrete Blocks – where construction site managers or businesses need a vertical barrier, retaining wall or support structure, interlocking concrete blocks are an efficient and cost-effective solution. These sturdy concrete blocks can be installed and assembled quickly, and constructed horizontally or vertically as a storage bay, emergency refuge or retaining wall for earth and other loose materials.
Clearway building

Why choose Clearway?

With over 30 years of operational experience, we are a trusted partner for authorities such as the Police and emergency services, large construction business and transport sites. We offer a comprehensive security solution ranging from concrete barrier hire to vacant property security.

What other solutions do we offer?

We may advise an alternative solution to a Jersey barrier depending on your individual project requirements. We supply a number of precast concrete barrier solutions such as temporary vertical concrete barriers, barriers with heras fencing and interlocking concrete blocks. We also provide additional services such as sharps waste removal and fly-tipping removal should you already have a security breach of this kind.

Whether you are looking for a security solution for a property, planning an event, managing traffic, or anything else, our Jersey barrier hire service is here to help. Get in touch today and we can discuss your project.

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Frequently asked questions

Jersey barriers can quickly slow a vehicle travelling out of control and at high speeds, prevent it from crashing into work zones, or stop cars from driving into high-risk areas or natural hazards such as lakes, steep gullies, or banks.

The interlocking system and angled design of each jersey block mean that vehicle damage is reduced, and the risk of a fatality or severe injury is mitigated, hence the use of jersey barriers throughout highways safety management, roadwork teams and maintenance projects.

Creating a continuous barrier along the length of the roadway is ideal where there is a sudden drop or where a lane verges on open water – they can also be moved in stages while work continues adjacent to the road.

A jersey block is made from solid precast concrete and is extremely robust. These blocks are naturally resistant to impacts, weight pressure and water, yet take very little time to install.

Most blocks are suited for use for several years, although Clearway can recommend the correct replacement periods if you need to hire jersey barriers on a long term basis.

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