We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Security Risk Assessments

Clearways’ experienced security risk assessment team provides a comprehensive range of consultative services, from periodic security risk assessments to verify whether your business security controls remain sufficient to appraisals for businesses entering into tenders or insurance reviews and event managers looking to confirm that their security is compliant and appropriate.

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security risk assessments
security risk assessments

Securing People, Property and Assets

Our on-the-ground knowledge and multi-skilled team assesses every aspect of security, from your locks and alarms to environmental risk mitigation systems, CCTV surveillance, fire safety responses and commercial intruder alarms.

Where you need to augment or improve your security provisions quickly or find the most cost-effective way to mitigate business or event-critical risks, we prepare detailed and customised recommendations to ensure you make informed decisions about the next step forward.


Our Security Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessments are often necessary for insurance purposes, to demonstrate eligibility for certain quality accreditations and certifications, or to meet industry or sector-specific requirements. However, a complete security appraisal is much more than a box-ticking exercise.

Instead, it provides managers and decision-makers with an independent overview of their security provisions, where these may be lacking, and the potential resolutions to improve their security against any and all threats as the size of the company grows.

Below, we run through some key factors appraised during a security risk assessment to clarify why they are all equally meaningful and outline possible solutions to reinforce security and safety controls with minimum disruption.

It is important to note that a security risk assessment isn’t a sales process, nor will every assessment result in a large number of recommendations. Rather, it is an independent process whereby a security consultant will deliver their findings and ensure you have all the information you need to decide where and how to make improvements.

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Fire Safety Assessments

Fire and smoke damage can be catastrophic to business continuity. A professional risk analysis is imperative for complex buildings and sites with multiple materials, industrial vehicles or equipment, points of possible high heat emissions or various flammables in storage.

Modern and advanced fire detection, suppression and alarm systems go beyond the conventional call points. They can include automated controls that segregate high-value areas, detect heat and smoke particles before they become serious, and continually analyse the air quality within a building to pre-empt any emerging threats.

During a security risk assessment, our engineers will analyse your fire safety hardware, systems, detection equipment, suppression or extinguishing assets and the standard of fire safety you require to meet your organisational objectives.

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Alarm Installation Assessments

Intruder alarms are a key aspect of a security approach, and a risk assessment can help to evaluate whether your alarms are fit for purpose, provide the right degree of coverage, and are reliable enough to instigate immediate action during a live attempted intrusion.

There are numerous potential options, with commercial intruder alarm systems expressly designed for construction and development sites, open areas of land, higher-risk businesses and vacant properties or empty units.

If your assessment identifies an increased risk or a need for augmented alarms, we can suggest sophisticated solutions, including panic alarms for lone workers and automated motion detection alarms, supported by 24/7 alarm responders to verify the cause of an alert and deploy the appropriate response.

Smoke detector

Smoke Detection Assessments

The risk of an unresponsive fire system or fire suppression network in the early stages of a fire can be serious. Whether you already have traditional smoke detectors or more innovative automated smoke detection built into your fire safety system, an appraisal is an important way to decide whether this remains suitable.

Advanced smoke detection and fire safety controls are even more crucial for certain settings, such as for owners or managers of high-rise residential or commercial buildings or commercial premises with manufacturing or tooling processes that can produce sparks or heat.

Implementing a forward-thinking strategy to ensure smoke is detected straight away can make a significant difference to your responsiveness in an emergency and the efficiency of evacuation procedures.

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CCTV Assessments

As with your alarm systems, CCTV surveillance is a useful and effective aspect of a security strategy but should be regularly assessed to identify gaps in coverages or vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Blind spots or areas outside of the reach of your cameras.
  • Exposure to tampering where wires and cabling are accessible.
  • Lack of infrared or night vision functionality.

You may also have an opportunity to supplement your CCTV without making major changes or to upgrade and introduce additional features such as automatic number plate detection (ANPR), body temperature detection as a health and safety precaution, or facial recognition technology.

An experienced security risk assessor will evaluate each aspect of your CCTV setup to make recommendations or advise if your current surveillance meets the highest security and risk prevention standards.

security risk assessments from Clearway

Security Risk Assessments for Events Managers

Alongside initial and repeat security risk assessments, Clearway provides tailored events appraisals – often a vital part of applying for licensing or approval to proceed with a planned event.

The risks and hazards associated with an event on any scale are considerably different from those affecting a static or permanent site, necessitating a meticulous audit of the current provisions and assessing where potentially severe risks could arise if preventative action is not taken.

martyns law public

Are you ready for the Protect Duty law?

The Protect Duty refers to a proposal in the United Kingdom aimed at enhancing the security of public spaces and reducing the risk of terrorist attacks. The law, also known as Martyns law will require commercial outfits to implement more stringent security measures to comply with the new laws.

If you manage an entertainment venue, visitor attraction, retail outlet, place of worship or a health and education institution, you could be subject to these laws. Our security consultants are highly knowledgeable of the recent updates and how they may affect your security operations. Learn more with a Clearway security risk assessment.

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The Benefits of a Professional Security Risk Assessment

Security is a broad-scope phrase that can incorporate many variables, hazards and threats. The obvious risks, such as break-ins, thefts and vandalism, are far from the only factors that may influence an organisation’s approach to risk management.

Having a superb set of high-functioning security doors and a 24/7 access control solution may, for instance, provide almost 100% effective risk mitigation – but if the building remains exposed to significant fire or gas leak risks, the company’s risk profile may remain unacceptably high.

We provide detailed, thorough security risk assessments for a range of clients, from high-profile corporate enterprises to public sector organisations, busy event managers and private company owners, all of whom benefit from straightforward, expert assistance to bring their risks under control and keep them that way.

Please get in touch anytime for further information about arranging a security risk assessment for your complex, building, event or business or to enquire about any of the aspects covered in a security risk assessment.

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