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Pre-Risk Survey for Insurance Companies

Clearway provides customised and security-focused pre-risk surveys across the scope of properties, businesses, compounds, events and insured persons. We analyse the biggest risks to ensure our clients make sound policy decisions and offer their customers the correct level of coverage.

As part of our broader risk management security services, a pre-risk survey may highlight safeguards and control measures available to mitigate or remove unacceptable risk levels. Our consultants can often recommend ways to stabilise or manage hazards to reinforce the suitability of an insurance product.



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Clearway Property inspections
Clearway Property inspections

Working closely with insurers

Pre-risk surveys are an essential part of the assessment process for any insurance provider or broker – unpicking the risk profile and elements of the insurance subject to ensure underwriters have all the information they need to make professional, accurate decisions.

During a pre-risk survey, the Clearway consultants will review the severity of potential security risks, the frequency with which those risks could occur, and the outcomes if a hazard materialises to the maximum frequency and impact.

The survey process is collaborative and transparent, where businesses, property owners or event managers can discuss the defences and safeguards they have in place and demonstrate how these work.

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Our Pre-Risk Survey Services

We aim to deliver pre-risk surveys at a convenient time, deploying appropriately knowledgeable consultants to premises with unique or specific risk factors to analyse, such as when surveying an engineering business.

Throughout the survey, we maintain communications with all parties, which may involve:

  • Meeting in-person or virtually with the insurance provider, manager or owner of the insurance subject and their teams or security representatives to understand the processes and protocols and how these reduce risk.
  • Inspections of the site, property or compound to ensure all potential risks have been documented, and reviews of the policies and security assets in place.
  • Examinations of security systems, components and networks to identify whether they are in suitable condition to control risks and have the correct maintenance, servicing or connectivity to remain effective in an emergency.
  • Creating detailed reports to summarise and explain our findings, including a finalised risk analysis and steps to improve the risk profile.

On request, our pre-risk surveyors can provide a risk improvement plan available for use by the insured party or the insurance provider. This strategy ensures all parties can agree on which steps are most important for the immediate and medium-term future.

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The Importance of Pre-Risk Surveys in the Insurance Industry

A pre-risk survey is necessary in countless insurance scenarios, where the provider, adviser or broker needs to comprehend all of the factors and aspects of the insurance subject before they can proceed, provide a quotation, or confirm whether they are in a position to offer the requested coverage.

That may apply to multiple insurance settings where there are several variables or where the insured party or subject does not carry a standardised or easily calculated valuation and risk profile, such as:

  • Business insurance and premises coverage, particularly for complex layouts, compounds, multi-site business sites, developments and construction sites.
  • Events coverage, where every insured event will be subject to an analysis of the site, security provisions, layout, visitor basis, entry protocols and evacuation procedures.
  • High-net-worth individual insurance – the insurer will need to analyse the security coverage already in place and the movements or plans of the insured party in detail to provide either ongoing or one-off coverage.

While insurance questionnaires and written surveys can provide some basis for decision-making, they are often insufficient to get a full overview of the controls, risk prevention and safety assets in place. This could mean an insurer is unable to provide a proposal without having a comprehensive knowledge of the risks present and whether they have been sufficiently mitigated.

Where there remains an elevated or uncontrolled risk, our position as an experienced provider of digital and physical security enables us to make suggestions or craft a risk prevention strategy based on the insurance provider’s requirements and instructions and the needs of the party or organisation requesting insurance coverage.

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The Benefits of Pre-Risk Surveys for Insurance Professionals

Underwriters and brokers are responsible for analysing and documenting the risks of a prospective insured party before they can make an insurance proposal, confirm the coverage in place, or verify whether a particular insurance product is suitable.

An assessor works autonomously to document and log risks, the exposure levels of each, and how that feeds into an overall risk analysis.

From an insurance provider’s perspective, this process is imperative to ensure:

  • They have a full and comprehensive understanding of risks and hazards, how they are controlled, and the severity and likelihood of a risk materialising.
  • They provide appropriate and professional advice, guidance or information related to suitable products, terms, coverage and premiums.
  • Any insurance agreement entered into meets the needs of the insurer, their underwriters and the client with an effective level of coverage.

Pre-quote surveys are the most commonly requested, which helps the underwriters decide whether the insurance requested can be offered or select a premium which will allow the insurer to fulfil the request from their client.

Post-insurance risk surveys are also valuable for longer-term insurance arrangements. Surveyors can verify whether all the policy terms are being complied with, survey the risks covered by the policy, offer advice about managing and preventing risk, and confirm whether the processes and systems remain suitable.

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Why Choose Clearway for Pre-Risk Insurance Surveys?

Clearway has decades of experience delivering tailored and highly effective security, risk control and preventative services to our nationwide client base, from event security to intelligent access control services for compounds, commercial enterprises and public sector organisations.

Our security surveyors and consultants deliver impartial, professional advice throughout the pre-risk survey process, ensuring our clients maintain excellent oversight of the premises, people or assets they are planning to insure.

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Frequently asked questions

The exact process differs depending on the needs of the insurance adviser, provider or underwriter and the nature of the property, event or person they are being asked to insure. Risk consultants will look at liability issues and physical security issues, ranging from exposure to flooding and fire to potential losses due to theft.

A pre-risk insurance survey is customised to the scenario and client. Our consultants can examine the potential for accidents, criminal activity, intrusions, fire, and any other risk that could become a claimable event.

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