We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Risk Management Security Services

Clearway’s comprehensive risk management security services provide valuable insights at every stage, from recommending risk mitigation solutions to reduce exposure, introducing new risk prevention and detection procedures, and assisting with approaches to reduce potential insurer pay-out costs related to verified risks.

We work with insurance providers, brokers and risk managers to create strategic risk management approaches, varying from pre-quotation surveys and site visits to recommending solutions to reduce risk to an acceptable level, be that alarm systems, event security or always-on surveillance and physical guarding.

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Clearway Property Inspections
Clearway Property Inspections

Risk Management Security Services

Our unique position allows Clearway to offer end-to-end support, providing professional expertise in assessing, quantifying and reducing or eliminating risks. Tailored advice helps our clients understand:

  • The most severe risks related to a site, event, premise or business.
  • The likelihood of a threat becoming a real-world claimable event.
  • The most appropriate solutions to remedy or correct the risk.

Taking a proactive stance on risk management ensures that every client within the professional insurance sector can work to control risk, deliver excellent services to their clients, and comprehend when changes to security or trading environments have a tangible impact on the coverage they provide.

We offer trusted advice from accomplished security professionals, ensuring our clients make informed decisions about reducing or removing risks and introducing robust protection from the best globally available solutions.

Risk management isn’t a one-off project but a progressive service where we retain oversight of real-time site risks, whether related to assets, liabilities or building safety and can assist with claims management and updates on progress.

Our initial consultation often uncovers excellent risk prevention opportunities, such as 24/7 remote monitoring, advanced technological risk detection systems and other safeguards that can effectively minimise or eliminate a risk that could previously have been a key vulnerability.


Our Security Risk Management Consulting Services

With decades of expertise in risk management, we deploy skilled assessors and consultants to visit premises, businesses, properties and high-net-worth individuals on behalf of their appointed insurance provider or broker to deliver independent, accurate risk profiles and assessments.

The core aim of our risk management security services is to report on security risks before they materialise, introducing transparency and information to assist with accurate insurance quotations and provide access to our knowledge and skills within the field of site and event security.

From there, we develop bespoke risk management solutions that are aligned with the needs of the client and insured party, from sector-specific security solutions to safeguards to address exposure to theft, ram-raiding, trespass, terrorism, anti-social behaviour and organised crime.

Depending on the requirements of the client, we can also instigate:

Investigations and assessments

Investigations and assessments from the point of claim onward, including security surveys and reviews of complex claim scenarios, with a project management approach while the insured event or loss is investigated.

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of environmental and compliance factors, such as air quality, PPE compliance, HSE and automatic number plate detection controls.

Site Reviews

Pre-quotation reviews, assessing the efficacy and appropriateness of security assets, smoke and fire detectors, CCTV surveillance and event security.

Post-claim assessments

Post-claim assessments, making independent recommendations to prevent security issues from recurring, addressing the root cause of a claimable incident, and introducing more advanced security controls such as monitoring through our highly accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

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Pre-Quotation Risk Management for Insurance Professionals

Many of the insurance providers we partner with need to assess complex and diverse risks, threats and valuations before they are in a position to offer an accurate insurance coverage quotation or confirm whether they can insure the building, business or event in question.

Pre-policy consultations comprise a thorough assessment where we can:

  • Accurately advise on the accuracy of desktop-based or client-provided valuations for various properties, land, sites, complexes and structures.
  • Assess the suitability of security assets and protections and whether they are sufficient to prevent risks and protect land and properties from threats.
  • Suggest the most appropriate measures to ensure the subject of the insurance is a candidate for insurance coverage, with full installation and monitoring services available, depending on the types and scope of risks requiring mitigation.

Drawing on services and security approaches that are fully insurance compliant, this in-depth process can effectively minimise the prospective insurance client’s risk profile, reduce the likelihood of a claim being made, and preserve the value of the premise and the assets being insured.

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Claim Response Services for Insured Assets or Property

When an insurance client lodges a claim, the broker, adviser or provider is responsible for instigating the correct response, often requiring a review of the circumstances that led to the breach or risk materialising and clarifying whether the events and protections in place were compliant with the terms of the policy.

At this stage, Clearway’s post-claim team can deliver customer assistance, acting as a liaison between our client and their end user, helping with clean-ups, the removal of hazardous waste or crime scene clean up, emergency repairs such as security screens and ongoing recommendations to shore up the defences around the site and prevent any further issues.

In many cases, a swift and decisive response can prevent a claim from escalating, with varied rapid response services deployed through our monitoring facility, from dispatching security guards and K9 patrols to communicating with the emergency services when site surveillance or alarm systems are triggered by a live incident.

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Post-Claim Assistance and Security Consultancies

Alongside support with repairs, property security and restoration, Clearway can provide comprehensive services post-claim to protect against recurrences and avoid a vacant or vandalised property from attracting further criminal activity.

Options may include security screens and steel security doors, concrete barrier blocks to prevent vehicular access, and alarms and surveillance systems to provide a proactive blanket of protection while repairs are completed.

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Why Choose Clearway for Risk Management Security Services?

We are proud to have built a first-class reputation as a leading security and risk management service provider with decades of expertise and an accomplished team of consultants, risk assessors and security advisors.

Our teams work with brokers, insurers, risk managers, underwriters and specialist MGAs to provide insight, strategy and professional analyses of the risk profile of a business, organisation, event or individual, ensuring insurance professionals maintain firm control and can adjust or adapt their insurance coverage accordingly.

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