We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Third Party NSI Gold Cat II Monitoring Services

Our NSI Gold Cat II Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) runs 24/7/365 for all your third-party monitoring requirements. Outsourcing your CCTV, intruder alarms, smoke, fire and safety systems to a trusted security partner comes with a wealth of benefits to both installers and their clients.

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Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC interior
Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC interior

You can trust Clearway for all your third party monitoring needs

The Clearway Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is NSI Gold Cat II Accredited, and we take pride in taking responsibility for 3rd party monitoring, surveillance and rapid response to all of your customer’s security needs.

Our facility has been independently and externally accredited to the highest possible industry standards in this sector, so all security installers can have complete trust in our ability to provide your clients with an unrivalled level of customer service and rapid response to any security concerns.

Learn more about what the Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC looks like in our video.

Clearway NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre

Benefits of third party monitoring from Clearway

By entrusting Clearway’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operatives to take care of monitoring clients’ business premises, sites and associated assets around the clock, it leaves security installers to focus on what they do best; providing quality installations for their customers.

With the support and dedication of our very own in-house facility, the bunker, security installers can rest assured that they have provided their clients with the very best the industry has to offer in terms of professional third party monitoring. We can offer complete peace of mind that your client’s security, safety and fire systems are monitored to the highest standard by fully trained security professionals 24/7/365.

We are proud to be able to offer the following benefits to security installers:


The costs related to monitoring can quickly rack up – especially when using out-of-hours response personnel. For security installers, outsourcing remote monitoring to a third-party ARC can often be a more cost-effective option compared to in-house execution.

Reducing false alarms

Research indicates that a single business can incur losses of approximately £2.9k due to a false fire alarm, contributing to a total annual loss of over £1 billion in the UK. Remote monitoring through a third-party ARC enhances the overall safety and security of an installer’s sites while also reducing false alarms.

Focused Approach to Installation Work

By outsourcing to a third-party ARC, you can channel your efforts into what you do best: delivering high-quality installation work and other revenue-generating endeavours. Delegating tasks like remote monitoring helps maintain the quality of your ongoing work.

Enhanced Service Quality for Clients

Incorporating remote monitoring via a third-party ARC into your services enhances the quality and effectiveness of your offerings for clients, creating additional opportunities for upselling.

Time Efficiency

Enlisting a third-party ARC for remote monitoring can save you time, especially if you’re short on available resources.

Improved Site Security & Safety

Implementing any form of remote monitoring elevates the overall safety and security of your sites.

clearway bunker for arc monitoring

Why choosing Clearway's ARC is right for security installers

Using a third party is a win-win for both security installers and their customers. Not only can it expand installers’ product offerings for clients, but it also positions them ahead of the competition by providing a superior monitoring service that enhances overall site security and safety.

Entrusting third party monitoring responsibilities to Clearway is a time, resource and cost-effective solution for security installers of all sizes.

Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC exterior

Our state-of-the-art NSI Gold Cat II Monitoring Station

Our in-house monitoring station isn’t just for our CCTV or alarm system customers. If you’re an installer considering a third-party ARC, or if you already have a solution but have become frustrated with your current remote monitoring provider, we offer third-party remote monitoring so that companies of all sizes and types can benefit from our efficient services including:

User-Friendly CCTV Monitoring Setup: Whilst other third-party services may have complex setups and administration forms our ARC simplifies the process. Connecting to our alarm receiving centre is a hassle-free, convenient process.

Out-of-Hours Call Handling for Uninterrupted Security: We know that security breaches happen around the clock. Our out-of-hours call-handling service is designed to assist installers 24-7, especially companies with fewer employees, by seamlessly transferring calls to on-call engineers (available as an option).

Comprehensive Reports in Plain English: We provide fast, accurate, and easily understandable reports in plain terms, ensuring you’re always up to speed with critical information. No more deciphering codes – our reports are clear and actionable.

Efficient Video Footage Download: Seamless access video footage using our video download service for incidents. Enhance your ability to assess and address security concerns promptly, ensuring a holistic approach to incident management.

Regular Updates for Informed Decision-Making: Stay informed with regular and consistent updates from Clearway ARC. We value frequent communication through newsletters, emails, or face-to-face meetings, keeping you in the loop with the latest developments to help you to make informed decisions about your security.

Alarm System Communicators: Whilst many alarm systems include a telephone line-based communicator built in, you may need alarm system communicators and dual comms. We offer a fast, concise & easy to understand ordering system for Alarm System Communicators

Learn more about our NSI Gold Cat II facility here

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Why Clearway?

We understand the problems that third party installers encounter and we’ve worked hard to provide an easy to use service which alleviates these issues, leaving them to concentrate fully on providing installations whilst we take care of the rest.

Our commercial CCTV systems are used at high-profile sites and buildings around the country – most of which use our ARC for monitoring, however, we offer a third-party CCTV monitoring service for all security installers looking to partner with a reputable, reliable monitoring company. We offer:

  • User-friendly CCTV monitoring configuration
  • Simplified detail updates
  • 24/7 Out-of-hours call handling for uninterrupted security
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand reports in clear language
  • Effortless video footage retrieval via our video download service
  • Regular updates for informed decision-making
  • Simple Ordering System for Alarm System Communicators
NSI Gold accreditation

What's the Next Step?

If you’re a security installer interested in partnering with a third-party ARC to offer remote monitoring for your clients, get in touch with our monitoring experts at Clearway on 0370 770 6811 or make an enquiry using the form below. We consider ourselves an extension of your business, committed to delivering transparent, honest, and reliable monitoring services.

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