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Dome Vs Bullet Cameras – which are better?

Dome Vs Bullet Cameras – which are better?
Dome Vs Bullet Cameras – which are better?

Protecting your business, especially empty sites and premises, is vital to reduce common risks such as plant theft, break ins, fly-tipping and vandalism. These security breaches can be particularly costly for your business. One of the best ways to have eyes on your business around the clock is by installing commercial cctv cameras on and around the property. This will help monitor your property for any illegal entry, attempted break-ins and other suspicious activities.

Dome and bullet-type cameras are the two major types of cameras used in business surveillance or property security systems. They are both great in their own right, but the one you’ll choose will depend on the features you’re looking for in a security or monitoring system.

dome security camera

What are Dome Cameras?

Named after its shape, dome cameras are small-sized devices that are typically mounted both in the interior and/or exterior of a property. They are designed to withstand pretty strong weather conditions. Their distinct shape makes them look a lot less obvious, which means that intruders or criminals may not even notice that it’s there until it’s too late.

Pros of Dome Cameras

Dome cameras have some really attractive features that make them popular for business use:

  • The dome means that operators can point the camera in any direction without the subject being aware. They have a 360 view for full area coverage.
  • Durable and long lasting – Because of the design, dome cameras are better protected from the elements, pests and home invaders. They are also less prone to being vandalised or nested by birds or other animals. The shape also makes it hard for dirt and dust to stick to it. As a result of this visibility, the image rendering from a dome camera is almost always clear. It will take a deliberate act such as covering or spraying the camera lens to obscure the view.
  • Difficult to vandalise – The regular or standard issue dome cameras are designed to withstand and/or foil the attempts of vandals. The vandal-proof dome cameras are particularly reinforced for that purpose. Look for those with high Impact Protection (IK) ratings. These are capable of withstanding a significant impact.
  • Powerful features – Depending on the models you choose, these can come equipped with some impressive features including night vision, motion sensors and pan-tilt-zoom capability.
  • Easy to set up – Dome cameras are easy to get set up provided they’re installed on to a flat surface – i.e ceilings, eaves and walls.
  • Wide view area – One of the major advantages of dome cameras is their wide-angle lens which covers large swathes of area. However, you can take its viewing capabilities to another level by adding a few sensors and turning it into a panoramic camera that covers even more ground.

Cons of Dome Cameras

As great as dome cameras can be, they do have some downsides – as with all devices. The cons of dome cameras include:

  • Hard to reposition – One of the downsides of dome cameras is that once it’s installed, it can be difficult to remove it and transfer it somewhere else or change the position. So, do a thorough assessment of the installation areas before deployment.
  • Limited installation options – Dome cameras are easy to set up but have to be installed on a flat surface, which could be limiting if you’re looking to monitor highways, car parks and open spaces.

What are Bullet Cameras?

Again named because of their shape, bullet cameras are perhaps the most commonly used in a business context. Their barrel-based design makes them really difficult to miss. This can be both a pro and a con depending on where it’s set up and the installer’s intentions.

CCTV camera

Pros of Bullet Cameras

  • Great for deterring criminals – Because of its obvious shape, many people install bullet cameras with the intention of ensuring that the criminals know that they are being monitored. This is why people typically tend to avoid businesses or areas with these installed in obvious places like in the car park or at access points. This also explains why they are often used in highly trafficked locations.
  • Easy installation – Installing bullet cameras is relatively easy and straightforward.
  • Can be repositioned – Because of the mounting handles, bullet cameras can be easily readjusted and repositioned as per your preference.
  • Excellent vision – Like binoculars, these have a long-range vision. So, they’re great for people who are interested in spotting dangers or unusual behaviour from afar. Bullet cameras are better at getting important details like plates and people’s faces. They’re also very weather resistant.

Cons of Bullet Cameras

  • Not discreet – If you prefer a more discreet security setup, then bullet cameras won’t cut it. Better to use a dome camera instead.
  • More easy to tamper with – Because of its design, it is easier for criminals who can reach a bullet camera to rotate/turn it to away from criminal activities or even vandalise it. This means that if a burglar wants to access your property unseen, all they have to do is turn/rotate it away from the designated coverage area.
  • Nesting for animals – it’s not unusual for birds and other smaller animals to build their nests on bullet cameras due to their shape.

Which Should You Choose – Dome or Bullet Camera?

That depends on what you’re trying to do. To help you decide on the best camera for your situation, consider the following:

  • Where do you want to deploy the camera?
  • Do you want a discreet camera placed in certain key locations?
  • What field of view are you currently looking to cover?
  • What resolution are you looking for in a camera?
  • Do you need to consider certain environmental conditions such as wind, freezing temperatures, hurricanes and tornadoes, heavy persistent rainfall, etc?
  • What do you need to install the equipment – professional help, supporting equipment, cables, routers?

These are some key considerations that you should discuss internally before making a decision.

Remember, if you’re looking for a discreet camera with a wide field of view that you can place both inside and outside of a building a dome camera would suffice.

If you’re looking for an overt or clearly obvious camera that will help deter criminal activity, or highlight to people that they are being watched, a bullet camera is a good choice.

Also, thanks to advanced technology, both of these cameras have wireless options that help cut down on installation costs and allow you to view footage from any connected device like your tablet, phone or computer.

If you want to increase security and surveillance at your business premises contact Clearway Technology. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and advise on the best security and surveillance options to secure, monitor and protect your business and its assets.

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