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EPC Reporting Services

Does your commercial property meet the requirements of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation? Clearway can assess your property against the minimum EPC & MEES standard requirements to prevent any costly fines. 

Landlords and commercial property managers must meet evolving minimum standards relating to Energy Performance Certification (EPC) and the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), alongside other structural safety requirements.

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Clearway EPC management
Clearway EPC management

The Need for EPC Reporting

EPC reporting can be business-critical, where landlords responsible for commercial buildings or considering a new property investment must be aware of current EPC ratings, the presence of compliant certifications, and the timescales to put measures in place to meet performance requirements.
Properties that fail to adhere to the standards cannot be let to tenants, with serious financial repercussions and potential liability exposure. Non-compliance can also result in a fine of up to £150,000.

MEES Regulations

Changing EPC Standards for Commercial Landlords

The MEES regulation was implemented in April 2018 and began by prohibiting commercial landlords from entering into new tenancy agreements without a current, valid EPC to demonstrate a rating of E or above.

Requirements continue to evolve, with an extension from April 2023, which means these requirements extend to all leases, including commercial properties and rental units with a pre-existing lease or tenant.

Implications affect thousands of landlords and property managers, particularly where a unit has been under the same ownership for some time or has a long-standing tenant. It may be difficult to obtain previous records, where these are not on file, or determine whether the structure is compliant with new, stricter legislation.

Moving forward, the government has proposed ongoing changes, with the minimum EPC rating potentially changing to band C from April 2027 and band B from April 2030.

Clearway EPC Reporting service

Our EPC Reporting Services

Clearway’s professional commercial property management and risk assessment team provide a comprehensive service, including independent building surveys, EPC certifications, and analysis to ensure you have accurate, up-to-date information.

A full EPC survey is essential if you do not have a current certificate, need to update a previous inspection report, or have made improvements to a rental property; that should now mean it falls within a compliant rating band.

Our EPC reporting includes the following:

  • Data analysis to unpick your EPC survey and provide a complete MEES report, alongside consultations, to help you assess which measures will be practical and affordable while ensuring compliance in good time.
  • Forecast EPC rating assessments to calculate the improved EPC rating following proposed work, measures, and property improvements.
  • Guidance on those measures that will ensure compliance while providing the least disruption and greatest cost-efficiencies for both yourself and any current commercial tenants.
  • Scenario comparisons to demonstrate the potential resolutions and which are most suitable.

If you wish to proceed, we can develop full product costings, commissioning, and project management to complete the required work and provide updated certifications.

Clearway Eviction service

Related Services

  • Debt Recovery Services: Clearway’s recovery and enforcement teams support commercial landlords in recovering rental arrears, service charges and other amounts owing, using established techniques to ensure expedited debt recovery.
  • Business Intelligence and Forensic Services: Many debt recovery issues can be prevented with business intelligence reporting to help commercial landlords assess the risk associated with any prospective tenant. Forensic services are invaluable in risk management and prevention and can assist with tracing absconded tenants to assist with debt recovery or court proceedings.
  • Pre-Legal Debt Recovery: The ideal scenario is often to pursue a debtor and recover amounts due, or implement a repayment plan, without needing to escalate the matter through the court system. Clearway has a successful track record of tracing commercial tenants, creating a suitable repayment agreement, and providing advice about the best solutions to protect your commercial property business.
Clearway building

Why Clearway?

With decades of commercial property management and risk analysis expertise, Clearway’s team can appoint independent, qualified, and fully accredited assessors to deliver EPC surveys. All required works that are reported are quoted and once approved coordinated through our experienced Facilities Manager.

Additional services include Asbestos Surveys and Sound Testing Surveys, ensuring that your properties are correctly inspected, hold the appropriate certifications to meet new legislative requirements, and remain compliant.

Contact us to discuss EPC surveys on your portfolios.

Frequently asked questions

Surveys vary depending on several factors, including the property location, type of usage, number of floors, square meterage, fire safety plans and the date of the construction.

Once we have a few basic details, including a copy of floor plans where available, we can provide an accurate quotation.

EPC certificates show how efficient properties are in heat retention, ventilation and fire safety. They are a legal requirement for all new commercial tenancies, with changing regulations from April 2023 that extend to pre-existing rental agreements.

Landlords must have a current, valid EPC certificate that shows a rating of band E or above and can face prosecution and fines of up to £150,000 for non-compliance.

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