We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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4D Monitoring

Smart data for sustainable buildings

4D Monitoring’s smart building technology provides the intuitive insights needed to make property portfolios energy efficient – and keep them that way.

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What is 4D Monitoring?

4D Monitoring is an affordable, retrofit building monitoring solution that provides property management stakeholders with intuitive asset performance data and actionable insights, supporting quick, informed decision-making that delivers quantifiable efficiencies on the ground.

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What can we monitor?

4D Monitoring does not integrate with the BMS. Instead, retrofit sensors track equipment performance from source, providing immediate, reliable and intuitive insight into asset operation. The platform can also be used to retrieve environment metrics from within occupied spaces. So, what can we monitor?

  • HVAC flow and return temperatures
  • Air temperature
  • Power output
  • Water / leak presence
  • Motion
  • Footfall
  • Light levels
  • Differential pressure
  • CO2 levels
  • Humidity
  • Fridges & freezers
  • Pump belt condition

Who is 4D Monitoring for?

Owners & managers

4D monitoring gives you total visibility of your portfolio’s performance and the data to deliver efficiencies and demonstrate its sustainability. As an inexpensive, retrofit solution it is easy to take multiple sites online.

Facilities managers

With intuitive data, exception reports and alerts, 4D Monitoring will identify energy and utility cost saving opportunities on your behalf, and equip you with the information you need to make decisions quickly and easily.

Service providers

4D Monitoring’s live asset performance data and critical alerts give you an opportunity to get one step ahead of any issues, improve asset lifecycles and demonstrate your sustainability credentials.


M&E and energy consultants can access 4D Monitoring’s live and historical data from anywhere, gaining vastly improved visibility of asset performance across multiple sites.

Live and historical data

Via 4D Monitoring’s cloud-based portal, access asset performance data and occupier environment metrics in real time, or wind back the clock to see historical trends. This information is intuitive, easy to understand and immediately accessible no matter where you are, removing barriers to quick, data-led decision-making.

With intuitive data to hand, site managers and service providers can ensure temperatures are kept to agreed levels and the energy-consuming plant is operating to agreed timescales.

Alerts and exception reports

With a system of exception reports and customised automated alerts, stakeholders will know immediately when equipment operates outside of predetermined parameters. For example, if water temperatures rise above an agreed level. This means equipment faults can be identified and addressed quickly, rather than going undiagnosed between consultant or scheduled maintenance visits – or before they are raised by occupiers.

Property performance reviews

4D Monitoring is more than intuitive data and critical alarms. It can provide an ongoing consultancy service to ensure stakeholders are supported and efficiencies are achieved on an ongoing basis.

Once quick wins have been identified and implemented, 4D Monitoring can review the asset usage data and provide recommendations for further improvements. The 4D Monitoring team will then hold quarterly review meetings with stakeholders – including contracted engineers – to ensure the recommended changes are followed up on the ground.

Results and successes

4D Monitoring is currently installed in a mix of Tier 1, 2 and 3 properties throughout the UK. In 69% of these sites, the platform has identified problems with the operation of the central plant.

Resolving these issues, and consulting with stakeholders to ensure ongoing efficiency gains, has led 4D Monitoring to achieve between 10‑36 energy reductions across the portfolios we work with.

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