We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Sitex Screens

Commonly used to protect vacant properties from theft, squatters and vandalism, Clearway Sitex screens provide a range of benefits, covering windows and frames, preventing glass breakages and preserving the condition of the property and wall behind. Our Sitex steel security screens are engineered from tough, perforated steel, fabricated in a robust box-shaped configuration and zinc-coated for durability.

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Our installation teams use tamper-proof bolts and fixings and an internal steel framing system. This allows us to fix intruder-resistant Sitex screens over even large-scale windows without damaging the frame or leaving any entry points vulnerable to malicious damage – giving you peace of mind that your property remains well protected.

About Our Sitex Security Screens

Perforated Sitex screens are ideal for vacant properties where you wish to have a visible, heavy-duty, effective deterrent to prospective criminal activity and a physical barrier that prevents unauthorised entry.

The perforations in the screen allow natural ventilation and light to flow whilst keeping your property safe from intrusions, wildlife and arson.

If your vacant property has a particularly complex layout, or there is any reason a prefabricated screen is unsuitable, Clearway can engineer a bespoke solution, cutting perforated sheet steel on-site for a swift installation service tailored to your requirements.

Our custom security screens are engineered from single, continuous steel sheets to avoid riveting multiple sheets together, for maximum tensile strength.

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Sitex Screen Installation

Clearway has years of experience designing and installing Sitex screens on a vast array of properties, fitting robust galvanised steel screens with weather-resistant, arson-resistant and rust-resistant coatings.

We can recommend the most suitable screens for your property, whether it is expected to be vacant for the long-term or you need screens to defend your site while allowing regular viewings or inspections.

The bolts and fixings are not exposed to vandalism, including hacksaw and crowbar attacks, and can only be removed with specialist commercial equipment. The installation process works from the inside out to minimise potential damage and ensure your windows are proactively defended.

Our installation teams operate across the UK and will endeavour to complete your Sitex screen fitting in the quickest possible time, with rapid response services available in an emergency.

We provide a seamless service, using steel studding and fixing points with tamper-proof bolts or ratchets that fit internal steel bars across the inner aspect of the window. The opening is enclosed behind the Sitex steel surface to protect the entirety of the window.

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Why Install Sitex screens

There are numerous reasons you may need to install a screen across doors or windows. Steel screens are preferable to traditional plywood boarding, which can cause health and safety issues due to the lack of airflow or sunlight.

Sitex screens are a heavy-duty option as an anti-burglary solution. They are designed to withstand any weather conditions or criminal activity, with a professional appearance that does not restrict authorised access to the property or pose a fire risk.

Many landlords, property owners and site managers opt for Sitex security screens since the perforations allow airflow, preventing dampness from accumulating.

Natural light allows refurbishment work or inspections to occur and ensures a vacant building remains compliant with key health and safety requirements while meeting the most rigorous insurance conditions.

Sitex Screen Applications

Steel Sitex screens are installed in various units, from residential properties to commercial and industrial sites and retail spaces.

Clearway can install a screen across any size of opening, either as a standalone solution or as an integral part of a property security strategy, combined with alarm systems, steel security doors and other installations.

Blocking windows with a screen means that your property is defended from multiple threats, including the theft of fixtures and materials, illegal intrusions, vandalism, fly-tipping and squatters.

Sitex screens can be fitted on any opening or frame, including timber, aluminium, crittal and UPVC window framing systems, and across small standard-sized windows or large-scale retail storefronts.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Related Vacant Property Solutions

Sitex screens are one of several potential ways to preserve the integrity of a vacant property and prevent a significant range of threats and criminal activities.

Clearway is a vacant property security specialist and can advise on the right solutions depending on the nature of your property, the location and the key risks present.

  • Concrete Barrier blocks: concrete blocks and steel mesh fencing prevent vehicular access on any site, protecting compounds, fields and vacant lots. Blocks can be used as a temporary solution during construction work or as a long-term access control measure.
  • Wireless Intruder Alarms: most vacant properties do not have a reliable mains power connection or are exposed to vandalism and tampering. Wireless alarms provide 24/7 coverage, immediately detecting an attempted intrusion.
  • Vacant Property Inspections: regular site inspections can be invaluable in identifying issues or security threats, monitoring the property condition, and verifying that the building remains safe and secure, even over longer vacant periods.

If you would like further information about any of our vacant property security services or which would be best suited to your site, please contact us at your convenience.

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Frequently asked questions

Timber boards have long been used to board over windows that have been broken or damaged – but they are best applied as a short-term solution to prevent safety issues from broken glass rather than as a long-term security measure.

Sitex screens are fire resistant, an essential feature for vacant properties at risk of arson, particularly where building materials are flammable, or utilities are connected and live.

Site owners often find that fitting commercial-grade Sitex screens can help with insurance purposes. Ventilation prevents risks of backdrafts, making it less likely a fire can occur and easier for emergency services to tackle the issue if necessary.

Sitex security screens are purpose-built and offer outstanding security protection for vacant buildings. They prevent access, protect windows from damage and have several environmental and health and safety advantages over wooden boards.

High-tensile steel Sitex screens are a durable, robust protective system. Screens are fitted over windows and doors for short-term hire or as longer-term protection against squatting, vandalism, theft and illegal entry.

The benefit is that Sitex screens cannot be removed or tampered with and prevent unauthorised entry, yet allow ventilation for vacant properties of all sizes.

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