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NHS Security Services

NHS hospitals, surgeries, clinics and outpatient facilities face a complex and ever-changing security landscape, with a fundamental need to ensure sites are accessible to a diverse range of users while simultaneously protecting staff, patients and visitors from risks.

Whether you are a manager, decision-maker, or part of a senior leadership team at an NHS hospital, outpatient clinic or pharmacy, you may also need to find reliable ways to prevent antisocial and abusive behaviour, particularly for sites located within busy city centres and with late-night or 24/7 opening hours.

Security Intelligence for NHS and public bodies
Security Intelligence for NHS and public bodies

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes:

  • AI-Enabled CCTV Surveillance: Utilising smart cameras and machine learning, our AI-Enabled CCTV systems are designed for healthcare settings to detect unusual movement patterns, analyse the placement and usage of high-priority equipment, and quickly identify suspected thefts, ensuring on-site security personnel can respond promptly.
  • Healthcare Access Control Solutions: Implementing systems with biometric scanners, facial recognition, secure key cards, and entry codes, we ensure that only authorised personnel can access sensitive areas within the hospital, adapting the access controls to the specific layout and security needs of your healthcare facility.
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The Importance of Effective and Intelligent Security

  • High-value medical equipment, devices and computers, and stocks of restricted access medications are common targets for organised criminals, while 15% of NHS employees have reported experiences of physical violence during their day-to-day jobs, according to the annual NHS Staff Survey.
  • Clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities face an increasing number of potential security threats, ranging from thefts of medical equipment and drugs to attacks on staff and other patients, antisocial behaviour, fraud and trespassing.
  • Medical and healthcare teams often work extended hours, managing busy and challenging workloads. This creates an environment of reduced security awareness, where managers and leadership teams are responsible for patient, asset, and staff protection.
  • According to a Local Government Association report, violence and criminal behaviour cost the NHS across England and Wales an estimated £2.9 billion per year. Individual thefts from one Middlesex hospital cost over £250,000 in one financial year, as recorded by the London Assembly.
  • New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) enable healthcare organisations to swiftly improve their security protocols, using functions such as facial detection and automatic access controls.


What Do We Protect Against?

Every hospital, surgery, or outpatient centre may experience different threats and serve varied patient demographics. Logging the assets, medications, and equipment on site may also influence the best possible security solutions for you. Clearway often consults with hospitals and other healthcare centres to address ongoing or emerging threats, as outlined below.

Thefts of Medical Equipment and Devices

Organised criminals often target high-value equipment such as ultrasound machines, laptops, and handheld scanners. Effective security measures, such as always-on CCTV surveillance and AI-enabled tracking for the highest-value items, can lower the likelihood of theft while assisting with insurance coverage and continuity of services.

Targeted Robberies or Fraud Related to Controlled Medications

Pharmacies and counters in surgeries, hospitals, and clinics often have increased security risks, where criminals might attempt to steal large amounts of medications and substances or use stolen or fraudulent ID to try to claim a falsified prescription. Behaviour monitoring and alarm systems can reduce successful thefts while deterring opportunist thieves.

Physical Violence, Aggression and Antisocial Behaviour

Attacks and abuse are unfortunately common occurrences, particularly in emergency medical settings. Putting the right solutions in place, such as CCTV equipped with facial recognition and physical security such as screens and doors, significantly reduces these incidents and protects the welfare of medical staff.

Security Services Used Widely Throughout NHS Healthcare Centres and Facilities

All the services summarised below are regularly used in hospitals and medical settings, combining prevention, protection and active monitoring to minimise the number of attacks on your site while collating analytics to improve your security planning.

  • Access Control Solutions: Systems that use biometric scanners, facial recognition, secure key cards and entry codes are ideal for hospitals with staff-only areas or who need to know who is on-site and in any one zone at all times. Access controls can be adapted to the building layout and entry permissions to ensure staff can move around seamlessly while refusing access to unauthorised persons.
  • Hospital Alarm Systems: Responsive alarm systems are proactive and notify the appropriate personnel or our security responders instantly when anything unusual occurs – whether a rear entrance door is forced open, a window is smashed, or a high-value piece of equipment is removed from the premises.
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NHS Security Solutions Continued

  • AI-Enabled CCTV Surveillance: Innovations in CCTV monitoring are ideally suited to healthcare settings, using smart cameras and machine learning to detect unusual movement patterns, analyse the placements and usage of high-priority equipment, and distinguish suspected thefts – ensuring on-suite security personnel can react quickly.
  • 24/7 CCTV and Alarm Monitoring: Even the most advanced cameras and alarm systems require continual tracking to ensure alerts are investigated and responded to—or that false alarms are recognised. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is a purpose-built facility with military-grade security staffed by experienced responders, enhancing the effectiveness of all your security systems.
  • Vacant Hospital Security: The size and nature of an empty hospital or other medical facility make it a prime target for vandals, squatters, and criminals looking to strip fixtures or cause damage. Strategic security solutions such as wireless alarms and CCTV cameras, regular security patrols, and robust steel security screens act as deterrents and prevention measures.

Please contact the Clearway team anytime if you’d like to learn more about any of the security services, devices or monitoring systems we have mentioned here. You can also discover more in-depth details and specifications of some of our most in-demand security services through our web pages.

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Why Choose Clearway for NHS Security Services?

Clearway is a nationwide security specialist, collaborating over the long term with NHS trusts, hospitals, clinics and surgeries. We provide expertise specific to your healthcare security risks and the type of facility you manage and offer access to cutting-edge security solutions that can be integrated with your existing security assets.

Our in-house multi-skilled security advisers and consultants have decades of collective experience. We often support healthcare centres and clinics with elevated risks, deploying strategic solutions to mitigate and manage their most prevalent threats.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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