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Retail Lock Changes

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ShopShield Retail Security
ShopShield Retail Security
Vacant Retail Property protected by ShopShield

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT inc retail lock changes.

Clearway offers our comprehensive ShopShield retail security service, introduced in direct response to the challenges many retail property managers and owners have experienced, especially with the challenges presented during the 2020/21 pandemic. Along with professional-grade lock changes, we deliver all the critical services required to secure a vacant retail unit, all within one fixed and highly competitive price.

Clearway Retail Security Lock Changes

Our professional security teams designed ShopShield to address the key factors we identified as posing the highest threat to an empty retail unit or shop.

Each package includes:

  • Up to two lock mechanism changes for industry-standard locking devices.
  • Additional lock changes, available at a per-project price, starting at £45 +VAT per lock.
  • Bespoke lock changes for non-standard locks and security doors.

Other valuable components of ShopShield include letterbox security, key safe installation, flammable waste removal, and a multi-point security and vulnerability risk assessment.

Changing locks on a vacant retail unit is an essential security protocol and strongly advisable whenever a tenant vacates a premises, locks have remained in place since the property acquisition (surprisingly common), or when upgrading the security provision on-site.

Lock replacement is the only way to be 100% confident that only authorised personnel have access to your property and that no contractors or service providers hold sets of keys that would allow immediate entry to an empty unit.

The Need for Retail Lock Changes

Lock unlock services

Retail Security for Vacant Shops for £399 +VAT<

Some of the threats mitigated by commercial lock changes are obvious – and some, perhaps less so. Let’s run through some of the potential risks inherent with leaving the locks unchanged on an empty retail property:

  • Pre-existing locking devices may not be of a sufficiently high security-grade – which means an increased risk of illegal entry, squatters and vandalism, and the potential to invalidate insurance.
  • Old locking mechanisms may also not be of sufficiently high standard to meet with commercial property insurance requirements.
  • Previous tenants may return to a property. Particularly in an eviction scenario, this threat can be severe and may present an opportunity for malicious damage.
  • Past employees, contractors and tenants tend to have several sets of keys that go unchecked, so having live entry fobs or passcodes in circulation creates a high threat level without guaranteeing who holds a key.

When managing the end of a commercial tenancy, of course, the occupier should return the same keys they received on moving in. However, the only sure-fire way to protect the unit’s security is to opt for a lock change. Tenants may also repair or replace locks when occupying a premises.

If any locks, including those to roller shutter doors, internal entrances, or secure rooms have been changed without a new set of keys provided to the landlord, it can be costly and time-consuming to call a locksmith to allow a prospective new tenant easy access.

Locked doors, where the commercial landlord does not have keys, also pose a risk of fire, flooding and gas leaks, all of which become exponentially more serious the longer it takes to gain access. Clearway, therefore, recommends all retail property managers and owners assess the condition of their locks and schedule a lock change as standard on any vacant site.


Why choose Clearway?

The Clearway UK teams are market-leading experts in vacant property security.

Our specialism is in commercial safeguarding systems, offering cost-effective and transparent pricing to advocate for the highest levels of defence against criminal and environmental threats.

With decades of experience, we are always on hand to provide independent guidance about the key risks to your retail security services – and the most appropriate upgrades to protect your properties.

ShopShieldOne Bolt Ons

Why choose Clearway?

The complete ShopShield package includes all of the essential factors required to secure an empty retail unit, including lock changes for up to two standard doors or locking mechanisms.

Many clients opt to enhance their protection, selecting from our comprehensive range of supplementary services, each designed to remove or mitigate a threat to your retail security. These include:

  • Utility Isolation & Drain-Down Services – removing the significant risk of live electricity, gas and water supplies running to a vacant retail premise. Drain-downs ensure stagnant water is removed from the property, avoiding flooding, fire hazards, bacteria build-up and the potential for gas leaks.
  • Wireless Retail Alarm Systems – flexible security, with wireless retail alarms available for a fixed term of 12-weeks for a fixed price. This can be extended. Each package includes a professional, battery-powered, monitored video-verified alarm system.

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