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Utility Isolation and Drain Down

ShopShield One from Clearway

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT inc retail lock changes.

ShopShield provides a one-stop solution to securing empty retail premises against every major risk, from theft to vandalism, squatting to arson, delivered by the leading experts in UK retail property security services.

In addition to the standard ShopShield services, Clearway also offers a bolt-on utility isolation and drain-down service, knowing from our decades of experience the severity of the consequences of live power and water supplies running to a vacant property. 

Utility isolations may be one of the most commonly overlooked necessities when securing an empty retail property – with the potential to cause exponential disaster.


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Those risks include flooding from leaks, or pipe explosions from frozen pipes, gas leaks, the growth of bacteria in standing water rendering a water supply dangerous to health, and fires sparked by unattended or vandalised electricity supplies.

All commercial landlords or retail site managers must take control of the utility supplies to any empty premise and ensure these are professionally secured to protect the property’s structural integrity. 

Utility Isolation & Drain-Down Services

Clearway offers utility isolation and drain-down services across the UK.

With a fixed cost of £200 +VAT, this bolt-on service includes:

  • Switching off all electricity supplies from the main panel/s
  • Isolating gas mains and ensuring the connection has been securely closed.
  • Draining down all elements of the property’s hot water and heating system, including radiators and tanks.
  • Verifying the isolation or switching off of all water supplies to the premise.

The first of two key risks of leaving utility supplies live is incurring additional cost with a monthly service charge, even for an unoccupied premise. This scenario can lead to tenant disputes and unnecessary expenses.

The second risk is substantial threats to safety when leaving water, gas and electricity running to an empty site.

Vacant premises are a primary target for thieves, vandals, squatters and other criminals, and leaving mains utilities available in a large, empty building increases that threat many times over, with the appeal of a fully powered building offering resources that intruders can exploit.

Bursting pipes, gas explosions or flooding can all result in severe impacts to the safety of a property, with heavy costs required to correct the damage and repair the premises.

Therefore, commercial landlords are strongly advised to ensure any power supply or water feeds into a vacant property are isolated, drained, and switched off.

Retail Shop Case Study

Retail Unit Case Study

Why Utility Isolation is Vital for Retail Security

utility drain down services

Retail Security for Vacant Shops for £399 +VAT

It’s impossible to exaggerate the critical nature of draining down water and isolating utilities as an integral part of a retail security package.

Some of the many risks include:

  • Burst water pipes causing catastrophic property damage.
  • Attracting unlawful entry targeting valuable metal pipework.
  • Over pressurised systems, leading to flooding or leaks.
  • Growth of harmful bacteria, including Legionella, in stagnant water.

Where retail premises are vacant, and a water system has not been drained, it may invalidate insurance.

Therefore flooding, even where that causes flooring to collapse or foundations to become unstable, can be uninsured – and potentially lead to the property being written off as uninhabitable.

A complete utility drain-down demonstrates sound risk management, ensuring the property is suitable for new tenants.

Legionella outbreaks can cause fatalities, so a landlord must manage the potential for lethal bacteria to form in unused water supplies. 

For a fixed cost of £200 +VAT, commercial landlords can mitigate these severe risks, removing the threat of gas leaks or water damage.

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Why choose Clearway?

Clearway was established in 1992 and has since grown as a market-leading security expert in protecting retail premises from environmental and criminal threats.

Our teams offer the full scope of professional retail security services, from the innovative ShopShield package to bespoke protective guarding and next-gen surveillance monitoring.

Operating nationwide, Clearway has the expertise to manage large commercial portfolios and individual retail sites where high-level professional-grade security is imperative. 

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ShopShield One from Clearway

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Many clients opt for bolt-on services alongside this package, including our utility isolation and drain-down options. Other popular solutions include:

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