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Life Safety Systems

Life safety systems form a fundamental aspect of the security features of any public use or commercial space, including multi-tenant properties and rental premises. From accessible fire refuges to advanced wayfinding and emergency alert buttons, Clearway delivers high-performance, customised life safety systems across the UK.

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emergency exit sign
emergency exit sign

About our Life Safety Systems

Clearway is a leading provider of property security and control resolutions. Life safety systems are critical to any enclosed space or public facility that caters to a diverse user base or requires a robust approach to protecting the wellbeing of all visitors.

Inclusivity and accessibility are key requirements for any life safety system and ensure that everyone on-site, including those with sensory or mobility impairments, is safeguarded from the risks of fire, power outages or other incidents.

All Clearway life safety systems are rated to the highest possible standards, installed by our qualified engineers, and come with optional maintenance and monitoring according to your requirements.

emergency exit sign

Emergency Lighting

Self-contained emergency lights activate immediately in the event of a power failure, which may be linked to a more significant risk such as a fire alarm, smoke, gas leak or intrusion.

Commercial grade batteries provide efficient lighting to help people evacuate quickly, safely and to the appropriate areas while directing personnel or site visitors away from high-risk locations.

Our emergency lighting reduces the potential for injury or distress caused by a sudden loss of light and restricted visibility. Solutions are available as boxed exit signs, bulkhead lights and directional illuminations.

Clearway can provide a full system design process, including project management following a tailored site evaluation. Our installations are carried out according to BS 52660-1: 2011 quality standards, adapted according to the nature of your premises category.

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Accessible Fire Refuge Systems

Fire alarms or emergency evacuation scenarios can be upsetting for anybody in the building – but far more so for those unable to use the stairs, leave quickly, or where larger properties automatically deactivate lifts and escalators in the event of an alarm.

We provide fully compliant refuge systems to BS 5839 Part 9, allowing less mobile or higher-risk individuals to seek safe refuge in a protected area until the designated responder can escort them from the building.

Our fire refuge services include emergency assistance phone lines and hands-free call stations. These can link to a master indicator control box, which operates alongside the fire control panel to ensure anybody using the refuge can alert responders to their presence and location.

Clearway emergency refuge systems are designed according to your site needs and specifications, with the option to automatically activate refuge access to avoid unauthorised use at any other time.

Bathroom For Disabled

Accessible Bathroom Emergency Assistance Alarm

Bathroom facilities equipped with Disability Discrimination Act compliant features are essential for any public facility and other properties such as care homes, schools, offices, shopping centres, hospitals and clinics.

We provide emergency assistance alarm systems adherent to BS 8300: 2009, including standalone systems and pull cords to raise the alarm when an individual requires assistance.

Accessible bathrooms are important for inclusion and comfort. They should always have appropriate audio or visual alarm indicators with user-friendly reset options to ensure that anybody requiring physical, medical or other support can communicate this.

Clearway install single standalone systems that are a fully self-contained unit for individual disabled w/c’s to multiple systems connected back to a master indicator station or stations.

fire extinguishers

High-Performance Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an everyday part of a fire safety solution but must be suited to your fire risks, building type, floor areas and supporting fire prevention strategies.

Our qualified consultants can recommend the appropriate fire extinguishers and ensure that your fire control approach is consistent with British Standards, with options including:

  • Fire blankets
  • Powder, CO2, foam, water and wet chemical extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher signage

Clearway provides obligation-free quotations and can suggest the right size, positioning and type of extinguisher for each space within your property, with all installations and extinguisher management compliant with BS 5306-9: 2012 and BS 5306-3: 2009.

Following your extinguisher installations, Clearway will produce a commissioning certificate which you may require for building risk assessments, insurance purposes and other quality standards audits.

Clearway fire and safety systems

Life Safety Systems Design

It can be complex to identify which elements of a life safety system are most crucial for your property and balance budgetary considerations with the vital need to ensure your premises are safe and suited to any visitor’s needs.

As a leading property safety provider with years of expertise, Clearway can steer you through the risk assessment, offering bespoke system designs according to your requirements.

Our skilled security advisers can draw up technical designs, manage the commissioning and installation process, and provide 24-hour emergency call-out services and regular maintenance to keep your life safety systems in good condition.

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Frequently asked questions

A life safety system is an element of building design or functionality that protects the property or the people within it from risk or damage, including loss of life.

Comprehensive life safety systems incorporate various features such as emergency evacuation controls, fire management solutions and refuge areas to protect individuals who cannot vacate immediately when an alert is raised.

Public access venues and larger private facilities must be DDA compliant.

That means they need to have features and services that make the site accessible to disabled or less able individuals, with things like ramps, accessible bathrooms and fire safety precautions.

If you are unsure which life safety systems you require to be DDA compliant, please contact the Clearway team for independent advice.

The Clearway Operations team is available every Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and also offers an emergency call service out of hours.

You can either give us a ring or complete our contact form at your convenience, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements or arrange a site visit where appropriate.

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