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Analogue CCTV Camera Installation

Clearway provides professional, nationwide analogue CCTV consultations, installations, maintenance and monitoring. We can recommend a bespoke security strategy, CCTV system design or comprehensive multi-site solution to suit your requirements.

Clearway analogue CCTV
Clearway analogue CCTV

Our analogue CCTV cameras, recording equipment, installations and maintenance provide an end-to-end service, from choosing the ideal placement for each camera and monitoring live video feeds to recommending other assets to reinforce your defences.

We specialise in advanced CCTV security technology, CCTV hardware and video analytics. We often start with a thorough site risk assessment to define the biggest risks, business-critical aspects of your building or optimal upgrades to your existing security networks.

Analogue CCTV cameras are cost-effective, require minimal maintenance, and can be integrated with other systems or used as a standalone surveillance approach to monitor specific areas, zones or rooms.

Clearway CCTV Camera

Our Analogue CCTV Solutions

While analogue technology has been around for some time, advancements in systems design and implementation have resulted in exceptional surveillance functionality, with analogue cameras available with:

  • High-definition image and video capture
  • Digital or hybrid video recording systems
  • True day and night image technology
  • Remote viewing access for site managers
  • Access to view live feeds through a mobile or desktop

We provide CCTV systems of any size, from small commercial solutions to large networked systems covering public spaces, complex warehousing or industrial sites and multi-site layouts.

Clearway analogue CCTV cameras are available in dome, box or bullet casings, with advice from our trained engineers to help you select the best-suited options.

Clearway fixed CCTV

Clearway's Analogue CCTV Services

Analogue CCTV cameras have multiple benefits with high definition imaging, streamlined installation, simple operation and remote access from any device.

Many clients choose to blend IP and analogue cameras for a hybrid security set-up, combining efficiency and low maintenance costs with responsiveness and an always-on surveillance system.

We offer:

  • Professional security system planning to comply with insurance requirements or risk assessment outcomes.
  • Installation services, including civil works and mains power connections.
  • Full project management, liaising with your security personnel and management to ensure your analogue CCTV provides the right level of security.
  • Commissioning your project, including testing, training, documenting and tracking progress.
  • Regular maintenance and repairs and 24-hour calls out to respond to emergencies.

Where buildings or areas are already fitted with analogue CCTV, an upgrade can transform the quality, sharpness and speed of your surveillance transmissions with best-in-class performance and clear, identifiable image capture.

cctv installation checklist

Benefits of Analogue CCTV

CCTV surveillance is a fundamental aspect of many security systems, with visible, professionally fitted cameras creating a strong deterrent against multiple potential criminal activities, including thefts, break-ins, vandalism and employee theft.

Cameras can record live events, collate a log of activities, and allow responders to act quickly when any unusual, suspicious or prohibited movements are detected.

A fixed CCTV system is often best suited to long-term surveillance, protecting your premises or building from day one and providing year-round security in all weather conditions and light levels.

Clearway NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre

Analogue CCTV Monitoring and Maintenance

Clearway provides access to one of very few accredited NSI Gold Cat II standard Alarm Receiving Centres, which means that qualified security teams retain continual oversight of your CCTV systems.

Monitoring is important to reinforce security controls, track who enters or accesses your property, and can be linked with other deterrents or security measures as required.

Our maintenance services range from routine updates and preventative CCTV maintenance to emergency call-outs, ensuring your CCTV system is in excellent condition, free from faults and operating at optimum performance levels.

Regular maintenance is advisable and guarantees that your CCTV feeds operate perfectly, with live streams available through any remote device.

ANPR Camera

Related CCTV Solutions and Services

Clearway is a property management and security expert partner, providing a comprehensive range of CCTV surveillance solutions, from standalone analogue cameras to fully integrated digital site security, automated responses and live monitoring.

Some of our other CCTV services are listed below, often used in conjunction with an analogue camera set up for full site coverage.

  • IP CCTV Systems: IP cameras can connect to your existing network, or operate independently with remote video access, HD or megapixel cameras and dome, bullet or box configurations.
  • Remote Monitored CCTV: our award-winning Alarm Receiving Centre provides 24/7/365 monitoring, responding to alerts or suspicious activity identified through your live stream video surveillance feed.
  • ANPR Cameras automatic number plate recognition cameras use AI-enabled technology to control electronic gates, bollards and telescopic barriers, cross-check registrations against an approved database, and flag potentially unusual activity.

Clearway provides a range of CCTV services, from designing your security system and risk assessing your site to managing your surveillance installation project, commissioning, and providing emergency call-out repairs following an incident or accidental damage.

All Clearway CCTV security surveillance solutions come with a free design consultation, with no obligation. Please get in touch if you would like further information about any of these business CCTV services or to arrange a discussion about the best options for your property, premise or site.

Frequently asked questions

Analogue CCTV cameras are hard-wired and used for longer-term CCTV surveillance. They are often used in zones or rooms where the risks of cybersecurity attacks are high or where you wish to upgrade existing cameras to higher resolution equipment and already have cabling in place.

The cameras transmit captured footage to your recording hardware, usually a DVR, for review or storage as required.

The contrast is that an IP camera is digital and requires less wiring. Digital CCTV can cover larger areas and often has features such as pan, tilt and zoom – the right solutions will depend on the space you need to protect and the nature of your site.

Clearway can install a hybrid CCTV network featuring IP and analogue equipment according to your security priorities and risk assessment outcomes.

One of the biggest advantages of analogue CCTV is that the equipment is cost-effective, particularly when installing several cameras in different places. The surveillance systems are simple to use, with incredibly advanced HD performance requiring little maintenance.


What our clients say


In an area of having no experience in the provisions required, Clearway came in to see us, we found them to be professional and highly experienced.  Also the benefit of Clearway having their own in house NSI Monitoring Station was a huge benefit to us as a business.

The commercial CCTV installation was of a high level and completed on time, the engineering team were polite and courteous, and provided full training on the systems.

Having no existing provisions on a large warehouse, we required a full solution for our Security ensuring we had cover for Fire, theft and protection of the building and its contents.

I have worked closely with Clearway over the past 3 years, since Clearway were recommended to us by one of our clients.

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