We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Wireless Intruder Alarms

Alarm systems are a vital component of security, for both commercial and residential premises. However, this poses a complication for properties in remote locations, without mains power, or where development works mean that hardwired alarms are rendered redundant on a short-term basis. Our wireless alarm systems are faultlessly reliable and used for residential and commercial properties (void, vacant or occupied), and multiple sites, and are compatible with access control networks and CCTV surveillance.

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wireless intruder alarms
wireless intruder alarms

No need for mains power

Wireless intruder alarms utilise powerful, reliable battery systems to keep careful watch over your properties and premises, without requiring any cabling, power supply or maintenance to keep them running correctly.

Whether you need to protect a building or site lacking mains power, wish to avoid the risk of tampering or vandalism, or require an efficient, 24/7 intruder alarm system, a wireless solution provides excellent longevity and fantastic value for money.

Clearway Intruder Alarms

Our Wireless Intruder Alarm Services

As a leading UK security provider, Clearway recognises that every property and site poses different challenges – we cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. We adapt our security and monitoring services to any number of unique premises, with some of the most popular locations for wireless intruder alarms including:

  • Vacant properties, or new-build constructions in progress.
  • Remote locations where mains power is unavailable.
  • Sites where it is complicated to install hardwired systems.
  • Large spaces of open land, where a broad coverage is vital.
  • Short-term security where cabling is impractical or electricity is not available.

Advanced sensors ensure that, whatever the scenario and however remote the property, if any unauthorised entry is attempted, your wireless intruder alarm will be instantly activated.

Using secure, tamper-proof batteries means that your alarms remain on high alert, 24/7 and all year-round.

Clearway wireless alarm options can cover broad areas up to one kilometre wide and detect a variety of risks, such as:

  • Heat and smoke
  • Motion and intruders
  • Breaches of perimeters
  • Opening doorways or windows
NSI alarm monitoring centre

Alarm Receiving and Monitoring

All Clearway alarm systems can be connected to our industry accredited NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre as a cost-effective way to rely on professional alarm responders to manage security alerts, dispatch emergency responders or follow your security protocols as required.

We monitor all alarm, fire, smoke, intruder and surveillance systems, receiving and evaluating alerts from Digicoms, Dualcoms and Redcare networks, along with lone worker and IP intruder alarms.

Our nationwide alarm monitoring station is accredited to BS 5979: Cat II ARC, BS 8418: CCTV Systems and carries an NSI Gold certification for Fire, Intruder and Personal Attack Devices.

Our dedicated team of responders work quickly and effectively, with extensive training in security responses, alarm verification and your specific building management requirements.

Clearway incorporates cutting-edge signalling technology and data transmissions through a secure wireless data network, ensuring that any alarm activation is immediately relayed to the appropriate personnel and a response initiated.

As an insurance-approved installer, we also provide GPRS signalling equipment suited to residential or business premises, with installations carried out by our trained engineers.

wireless intruder alarm

Wireless Intruder Alarm Design

As a leading security provider specialising in preventative alarm systems and secure property management, Clearway designs, commissions and fits all types of intruder alarms adapted to your individual requirements.

We project manage your security alarm upgrade at every step, with services including:

  • Tailored alarm system design
  • Full on-site risk assessments
  • Installation, including mains power connections and civil works
  • Commissioning components and hardware
  • Providing routine servicing and maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency call-outs

If you need support with alarm placement or designing an intruder alarm system to cover all potential entrance points and risks, please get in touch to schedule a no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

intruder alarm Keypad

High Specification Alarms

Every premise, site, building and business has varying risks, operational hours, entrance points and security priorities.

Our role, as your security partner, is to recommend the right features and functions that will augment your existing protocols and ensure you can manage your alarm security seamlessly.

Example features available within a wireless intruder alarm system include:

  • Multi-area or zone coverage
  • Automated user logging
  • Remote monitoring access
  • Rapid response police liaison
  • On and off-site system control
  • Video alarm verification
  • Proximity token technology
  • Complete system integration
  • Grade Two alarm networks

High specification wireless alarms can incorporate alarm verification, whereby your security device will record a snippet of video to identify the cause of the signal.

Off-site control allows you to review the alarm status, visit your user logs, and arm or disarm the alarms as required, whether on-site or logging on via a secure device from another location.

Please get in touch if you would like further advice about the appropriate features and technical specifications to tailor your wireless intruder alarms to your business or site.

alarm servicing control panel

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

Clearway provides tailored alarm maintenance and inspections based on the specific implementation and usage context of your alarm system. For instance, a wireless alarm system in a secure vacant property may experience fewer issues compared to one installed in a high-traffic, publicly accessible area. Our approach considers each use case to determine the most suitable frequency for monitoring and inspections.

As a standard recommendation, we suggest monthly alarm servicing, supported by a thorough assessment of your alarm system’s needs annually should your property still be vacant. We also test and maintain fire alarms on the premises.

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway Wireless Intruder Alarm?

As an experienced UK security firm with over 20 years of experience, the Clearway team is well-positioned to deal with modern security challenges, including those presented by vacant sites, or properties where traditional alarms and sensors are not suitable.

Our wireless intruder alarms provide comprehensive, reliable coverage wherever it is most required, and can be enhanced with supplementary remote surveillance such as CCTV systems, and manned mobile patrols.

For advice and support with the best security solutions for your locations, give the team a call, and we will be delighted to provide our recommendations.

temporary alarm Clearway Visually verified camera system

Related Services

Intruder detection services cover a scope of applications, with numerous potential detectors, sensors, and systems to prevent and mitigate the impact of criminal activity.

Many clients opt for a bespoke intruder detection approach, combining cameras and security alarms in different zones, depending on the risk level associated with each area of the premises.

Related services that work perfectly in conjunction with a wireless intruder alarm include:

  • Visually Verified Alarms: these alarms are ideal for properties with high instances of false alarms and prevent costs or time being wasted on unnecessary call-outs. Conversely, when the alert is authentic, the monitoring team can quickly identify the nature and location of the security breach to direct a targeted response.
  • Anti-Theft Fog Systems: often used in high-value targets or business-critical spaces, an anti-theft fog system fills the specific area with dense, low-visibility smoke. While non-toxic and safe to breathe, unlawful intruders are forced to retreat, with the fog remaining for up to an hour while security personnel or emergency services arrive.
  • Fixed Intruder Alarms: high-performance intruder alarms form an essential component of a robust security approach. We design, fit and maintain a huge variety of alarm systems, with each network designed specifically to address your security requirements.
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection System: Deter crime and anti-social activity with the inView Detect wireless intrusion detection system – the latest rapidly deployable, cutting-edge, portable protection device.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information about any of our intruder detection services.

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Frequently asked questions

Our wireless alarms are extremely reliable and use secure transmissions to ensure that alerts cannot be subject to any interference.

Absolutely – a discreet wireless alarm system is quick and simple to install, and can be used on residential or commercial properties to guard against various potential threats whilst providing a very cost-effective and robust security solution.

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