We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Vacant Property Security in the North West and Wales

As specialists in empty property security in the North West of England, we recognise the challenge of safeguarding a vacant residence or business premises from theft, vandalism, arson, and trespass while ensuring that property security costs remain viable over the long or short term.

Clearway offers vacant property security services across the North West and Wales, stretching from Liverpool and the broader Merseyside area through the Wirral and across Wales down to Bristol, Bath and the Cotswolds.

Our independent security consultants can make targeted recommendations based on the risk profile of your empty property or vacant business unit, with solutions including CCTV surveillance, alarm monitoring, guarding and K9 patrols for advanced intrusion detection.

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a vacant property in the north west
a vacant property in the north west

Professional Empty Property Security Support in the North West and Wales

Many vacant property owners find that elevated risks apply across the board, whether you own an empty residential home or rental asset in central Bristol, a commercial or industrial unit in Wrexham, North Wales, or have a multi-storey office or apartment block in Liverpool.

Any property or premise that is clearly vacant becomes exposed to myriad threats, from deliberate theft and break-ins to strip fixtures and wiring to opportunist squatters and arsonists, fly-tipping and vandalism.

Fortunately, there are many possible options to ensure your empty property is well protected, depending on the types of risks that are most prevalent, the value and condition of the property, and its location.

Vacant Property Security & Services

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Clearway Steel Screens

Steel Screens and Doors for Empty Properties

Tough steel screens and doors provide an impenetrable shield over windows and doors, often used in favour of temporary boarding as a more robust solution that cannot be prised away or tampered with. Each steel screen or door is fitted professionally with an internal framing system to protect the bricks or wooden frames underneath.

With literally tens of thousands of empty properties, particularly in major cities such as Cardiff, Bristol and Liverpool, steel security doors can operate with either security keys or keyless entry pads.

Clearway Concrete Barrier Blocks

Installing Concrete Barrier Blocks

Concrete barriers interlink to form a perimeter that cannot be moved without specialist lifting equipment. We often supply concrete blocks to commercial properties and vacant residences that back onto open land or lanes – ensuring vehicles cannot get close to the site and significantly reducing the likelihood of break-ins or fly-tipping.

Barrier walls can be configured in any size, shape or density and be installed with Heras fencing to prevent trespassers from gaining entry.

Clearway inView Solar CCTV Tower

Using CCTV Towers for Vacant North West and Wales Properties

CCTV towers are either battery or solar-powered, and the elevated height of the advanced camera systems means they cover broad areas, whether a rear garden, open land, car parks, warehouse loading bays or other spaces.

Our inView CCTV towers are quick to deploy and work autonomously, sending immediate alerts to your security provider, yourself, or our highly trained Alarm Response Centre (ARC) team when movement or suspicious activity is detected.

Purpose of Sensors in Perimeter and Building Security?

Wireless Alarms for Vacant Properties

Alarms can monitor for a range of risks, such as fire and smoke, intrusion and breaking glass, or movement – with the ability to differentiate between wildlife and environmental triggers and genuine intrusion attempts.

The wireless functionality ensures your alarms are always in operation, sending alerts to your required parties if any unauthorised entry attempts or trespassing are suspected.

Physical Security

Allocating Qualified Security Guards to Your Empty Property

Guarding teams are highly visible and use uniforms and badged vehicles to ensure any prospective intruder is aware that the property is under surveillance and that any attempt to enter the site will be subject to apprehension or reporting to the police.

Clearway can advise on the varied guarding options, from static guards stationed at main entrances, patrols throughout the perimeter of your property, mobile patrolling teams that visit at irregular intervals, or K9 guarding units for higher-risk properties or empty commercial units with fixtures and furnishings of a high value.

Clearway Property Inspections

Organising Regular Vacant Property Inspections

Periodic inspections are advisable for any empty property. An adviser will attend the property to look for anything of concern, such as signs of attempted break-ins, a build-up of junk mail or fly-tipping that presents a fire hazard, or issues with the condition of the property that make it more exposed to criminal activity, flooding or deterioration.

Insurance providers commonly require regular inspections as a minimum security provision, where logging any problems and ensuring issues are not left to escalate can preserve the integrity of the property.

what is keyholding services?

Keyholding Services in the North West and Wales

Keyholders are authorised security professionals who hold a set of keys and have entry permissions, such as security codes for your doors. They can provide an open and unlock service to act as a backup when you or another person requires access and respond to any alarm signals or CCTV alerts to investigate the cause.

Vacant property owners who wish to safeguard against the risk of responding to a real criminal intrusion or who may not be able to react to alarm signals in the middle of the night often choose a keyholding service for peace of mind.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

Protect your empty site with inView Detect

inView Detect is a self-sufficient security system powered by both solar and battery, designed for swift installation across diverse settings like construction zones, empty buildings, and equipment storage areas, as well as locations needing prompt security measures.

Upon activation, an alert is rapidly verified through the integral AI System and a series of images sent to our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to verify the cause of the alert and ensure that any security protocols are instantly followed.

This system offers a mobile solution compared to traditional, immovable security setups, enabling its placement in various environments. Its dependable anchoring mechanism guarantees consistent surveillance and functionality, even in strong wind conditions, ensuring uninterrupted motion detection.

Factors Influencing the Most Effective Vacant Property Security Measures

While we offer a complete array of security options for empty properties, we recommend you conduct a full risk assessment or organise a convenient time for a site visit. This process can help determine where your greatest security threats lie and the most appropriate approaches. For example:

  • Does the property have a mains power supply – and if so, is that supply reliable, not subject to outages, and with protection against wire cutting?
  • Is the property well overlooked in a public setting, or are there rear entrances or access to the property away from view?
  • How long is the property expected to be empty? The ideal security may differ for a vacant property between tenants and a building that is void pending renovation.
  • What buildings or land neighbours the property? Is the property next to open land with public access, lanes or cut-throughs, a school or hospital, or other commercial or residential units?

By working through these questions, we can advise on the most suitable way forward, from steel security doors to wireless CCTV surveillance, physical guarding and regular property inspections.

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Why Choose Clearway for Empty Property Security in the North East?

Clearway offers vacant property security services nationwide, working with commercial and private clients to ensure empty buildings, sites and premises are protected from any eventuality. For more information about any of the services we have outlined here, please get in touch or visit our more detailed service pages.

Proactive in our approach

Proactive in our approach

Reliable in our delivery

Reliable in our delivery

Trusted in our field

Trusted in our field

Sustainable in our solutions

Sustainable in our solutions

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