We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB)

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (also referred to as V28 Concrete Barriers) offer a resilient and interconnected solution designed to establish secure traffic zones and aid in the management of roadside risks. Rigorously tested in crashes, these solutions ensure comprehensive safety for pedestrians, traffic, and road workers alike.

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TVCB Barrier
TVCB Barrier

BS EN 1317 approved TVCB Barriers

We provide the delivery and full installation of crash tested and BS EN 1317 approved TVCBs to construction sites, car parks, vacant properties and more. Has your site been compromised by fly tipping, squatters and unwanted guests? Clearway is experienced in clearing and securing sites, preventing any further security breaches. If you are in need of a temporary vertical concrete barrier, get in touch today and we will provide a site assessment and suggest an appropriate solution.

TVCB Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier

TVCB Dimensions

Length3000 mm
Height800 mm
Width450 mm
Weight2500 kg
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Our fast and reliable delivery service provides interlocking TVCBs to your site whenever and wherever you need them. On arrival, we will manage the installation so you do not need to take time out of your busy schedule to ensure that they are placed correctly.

All of our TVCBs are BS EN 1317 approved and crash tested, so they provide adequate protection from traffic accidents and form a reliable barrier against any unwanted vehicles. Whether you are trying to close off a construction site, protect a public space, manage foot traffic, or provide a protective barrier for road workers, our TVCBs are more than capable.

TVCBs can also be placed over existing gates and fences, so if you already have some protection in place on your construction site but you do not think that it is adequate, give us a call and we can upgrade it for you.

Concrete Barrier Blocks

What are TVCBs?

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers, or TVCBs, are strong, solid concrete blocks with an interlocking mechanism that connect to create a tough physical barrier, large and heavy enough to withstand even extreme impacts.

These concrete blocks protect sites and premises, separate vehicles from pedestrian access routes, shore up flood defences, and create a physical barrier between carriageways and highway workers.

Each block is tested to British Standards crash-testing regulations and is available for hire from Clearway in varying quantities depending on the length of barrier you need to erect.

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TVCB Features

Robust interlocking TVCBs are ideal for roadside risk management as a reliable, cost-effective safety asset to protect road users, construction teams and highway repair personnel.

Precast concrete barriers have multiple features that ensure they are versatile, immoveable, and suited to long or short-term applications:

  • Tamper-proof interlocking system
  • Nationwide delivery and installation
  • Fully crash-tested to regulatory standards
  • BS EN 1317 approved
  • Non-permanent for easy removal

Each TVCB weighs 2,500kg, with each block connected to the next using high-tensile bolts. Barriers can only be moved or adjusted with professional lifting equipment. They can be installed temporarily during repair works or over extended periods to reinforce safety conditions on higher-risk roads and sites.

TVCBs are extremely versatile, with options to create custom configurations of any length to separate vehicular and pedestrian zones or to protect workers from nearby carriageways.

The blocks feature a visible arrow, a useful feature to assist with traffic flows and direct visitors the correct way around one-way systems or when traffic is being diverted around maintenance work.

TVCB Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier

Applications of TVCBs

While TVCBs are commonly used as a tried and tested road safety mechanism, they are also convenient and affordable site protection assets that restrict access to controlled sites, commercial spaces, and workplaces.

A concrete barrier can block rear entrance routes or be positioned around site perimeters to stop vehicles from reaching a business, retail park or property over open land, or to ensure pathways are not an easy option for prospective intruders.

We also supply TVCBs to assist with other uses, including:

  • Flood protection, with concrete blocks impervious to water ingress and environmental or weather conditions.
  • Crowd and traffic control during events, car park construction, or managing cars arriving on site during development work.
  • Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) defend high-security sites, confidential premises, and at-risk properties from ram-raiding. TVCBs are also used as a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measure, suited to airports, train stations and other higher-risk facilities.
  • Use as counterweights and high-density support for scaffolding and fencing projects.

The Clearway team can provide advice and guidance about the optimal layout, configuration, and barrier design to help safeguard your business or site against a wide array of potential security threats.

Clearway building

Why Clearway?

Clearway is an established security expert, specialising in complex site management, vacant premises, and high-risk environments, including highways and construction, with their vast range of risks, threats, and security concerns.

We supply a comprehensive concrete block hire service nationwide, including TVCBs, jersey barriers and interlocking concrete blocks, and are always on hand to discuss specifications, applications, and the right set-up to meet your requirements head-on.

TVCBs are often used for temporary security and can be adjusted and reconfigured, or removed from the site, at any time, with a swift and efficient service to avoid disruption.

Please get in touch at any time if you would like more information about TVCB hire or any aspect of our concrete barrier block delivery service.

Stackable Concrete Blocks from Clearway

Related Blocks

  • Concrete Jersey Barriers – Jersey barriers are another variation of concrete barrier block, used as roadway barriers for high-impact sites and as edge protection to prevent unauthorised access to private premises and commercial or construction sites. Interlocking barriers are used to route and restrict traffic and enhance safety for workers adjacent to busy, high-speed carriageways.
  • Stackable Concrete Blocks – These versatile concrete blocks can stack horizontally or vertically, creating a bespoke barrier or retaining wall of any dimensions you require. The stacking process allows you to build a secure, robust defence to prevent soil slippage, as a flood defence, or short-term material storage bay.

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Our TVCBs are purpose-made from high-quality precast concrete and delivered by our friendly, experienced installation crews, using lorry-mounted cranes and forklifts to position and connect your blocks according to your instructions.

The size, sheer weight, and density of a TVCB barrier make it impossible to move and provides a reliable preventative measure to deter fly-tippers, vandals and any other unwanted trespassers attempting to reach your site by vehicle.

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