We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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CCTV Tower hire in Manchester

Clearway’s highly experienced rapid deployment security team offers long, and short-term mobile solar CCTV tower hire throughout Manchester, providing a comprehensive service from system set-up to around-the-clock monitoring and on-site security risk assessments.

Our inView CCTV towers provide versatile security surveillance for a broad number of properties, businesses and events, operating autonomously via solar-power with commercial-grade batteries.

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cctv towers manchester
cctv towers manchester

Keep an eye on your Manchester site

Installing CCTV cameras has long been a proven way to reduce instances of crime, deter prospective intruders and showcase a strong security presence, ideal for events, high-risk premises and construction sites left vacant overnight.

With a specialist advisory team focusing on vacant properties alongside commercial security experts, we can recommend the best solutions to mitigate the risks most relevant to your site or property, with solar/battery-powered inView CCTV towers a perfect option for remote locations, open land or areas without a mains power connection or phone line.

Towers are positioned quickly and effectively, with camera testing to ensure sufficient coverage and that your CCTV tower can capture all unauthorised and suspicious activity. Our advanced mobile CCTV towers do not require any further maintenance. They can be installed in hard-to-reach locations, plugging gaps in security coverage where conventional wired systems are unsuitable.

Visual Deterrent

Visual Deterrent

Solar Powered

Solar Powered

24 7 Monitoring Available

24 7 Monitoring Available

High Quality Footage

High Quality Footage

Clearway inView solar CCTV Tower extended

Applications for our Manchester CCTV Towers

CCTV cameras mounted on towers are commonly used for premises at risk of theft, vandalism, squatters or trespassers. They can be preventative or allow security responders and site managers to react immediately when unusual or unauthorised entry is detected.

With a tall height profile, high-grade cameras can monitor large areas with entirely independent power sources and are often used for:

  • Car park surveillance.
  • Monitoring events, public spaces and festivals.
  • Covering construction sites.
  • Supervising vacant areas or properties.
  • Capturing movements on private entry routes.

Our flexible and convenient hire services enable clients in Manchester to rent a mobile CCTV tower for as long or as short as required, offering cost-effective security surveillance aligned with your needs.

Clearway inView solar CCTV Tower next to river

A wide range of features

Clearway provide rapid deployment, mobile CCTV Tower units powered by either solar panels with high-capacity commercial battery systems or mains power.

CCTV cameras transmit recorded footage via the mobile network, removing the reliance on internet connections or physical wiring and ensuring that even mobile units in remote areas or open land operate flawlessly for your hire period.

Built-in night vision and infrared camera technology ensure your CCTV is as effective overnight as during the day, offering 24/7/365 surveillance protection regardless of weather conditions.

Combining mobile CCTV tower hire with remote monitoring through our accredited NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) offers the assurance that a trained responder is always on hand to review suspicious behaviour, activate warning sirens and audible warnings, communicate with the authorities or on-site security teams, and notify you when anything untoward has been detected.

inView Mobile CCTV Tower Features and Functionality

Weather-proof CCTV surveillance

Towers are built to manage even the harshest weather and will continue functioning perfectly regardless of rain, storms and high winds.

Independent power supply

Our Manchester clients hire CCTV towers for premises or sites without a mains power connection. Battery packs keep CCTV towers recording for extended periods, with extra-long battery capacity.

Zero maintenance

CCTV towers are quick to deploy and ready to go – they do not require ongoing servicing or maintenance, particularly for short-term hire periods.

Immediate communications

Mobile signal transmissions mean that footage is circulated without any risk of interruption, tampering, or needing an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Night/day performance

CCTV mobile units have infrared and night illumination features and continue to record and raise alarms 24 hours a day, with equally good quality captures in the hours of darkness as in full sunlight.

Automatic operation

Our CCTV models available for hire in Manchester can be programmed with automatic sensors to pick up on movements, vehicles and intrusions. They use high focus, pan, rotate and zoom functionality to provide high-quality real-time video footage.

solar CCTV tower

Key Uses for CCTV Towers

Mobile CCTV towers can be used in almost any environment where CCTV surveillance forms part of the site security strategy or reinforces the presence of other security assets and guards, such as during events or when protecting construction sites with high-value tools and equipment.

Clearway provides mobile CCTV towers to private, commercial and public-sector clients, with towers used for:

  • Open space surveillance, including developments, car parks, sports venues, outdoor events, agricultural land and music festivals.
  • Business security to protect storage yards, warehouses, vehicle parking bays, utility sites and material storage areas.
  • Private CCTV protection is used to deter criminals from accessing vacant properties, open land, and private gardens.

Mobile CCTV Tower units can also be installed in public facilities where there are elevated risks, such as planned civil disturbances or demonstrations, or during increased threats, for example, where a construction site is due to take delivery of a valuable piece of equipment.

While CCTV cameras are often used to review footage in health and safety incidents, recordings can also be shared with the authorities and site managers to help apprehend criminals, identify intruders, and track stolen items.

remote monitoring from Clearway

Always-On CCTV tower monitoring

The best CCTV security approach includes reactive responses when an intrusion is confirmed, with our 24/7 ARC in operation 365 days per year, covering all aspects of your security network.

Responders monitor CCTV systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms, panic alarms, vacant property alarm systems, motion detectors, and body-worn cameras, often integrated into helmets or clipped onto uniforms.

We also provide tailored site supervision for specific needs, keyholding services and PPE detection compliance, where AI-assisted CCTV monitoring can swiftly identify non-compliance to help improve health and safety provisions on a busy and potentially high-risk development.

See our CCTV Towers in Action

Clearway CCTV Tower: high resolution

Clearway inView CCTV Tower and van

Why Choose Clearway for Vacant Property CCTV?

Drawing upon decades of expertise in the management of vacant properties and sites, our consultants possess a wealth of knowledge to provide you with informed decisions about the most suitable CCTV systems, ideal camera placements, and monitoring solutions to effectively safeguard the value of your unoccupied property.

Our dedicated teams extend our support to both private and business clients, including professional landlords and property developers. We offer a comprehensive service from initial guidance through system commissioning and installation, followed by diligent alarm and CCTV monitoring, and regular maintenance.

Should you require any assistance in assessing the most optimal way to protect your site from unlawful entry or unauthorised trespassing, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team is ready to offer further advice on selecting the CCTV towers that best suit your requirements.

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