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Commercial Tenant Eviction Services

Clearway’s Tenant Eviction Service provides invaluable assistance for commercial property managers who need to reclaim possession of their premises. In many cases, a tenant is in arrears, has not maintained the unit, has sublet without permission or has breached their contractual obligations in another way.

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Clearway - tenant evictions service
Clearway - tenant evictions service

A specialist tenant eviction team

Our specialist tenant eviction advisers can ensure you pursue an eviction legally and enforceably, removing a tenant as quickly and amicably, as possible.

We work with private commercial property owners, business groups, larger industrial sites, and retail centre managers to put an action plan in place with a thorough risk assessment to ensure you are aware of all the available options and can make informed decisions about how best to proceed.

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What is a Commercial Tenant Eviction Service?

When commercial tenants breach the terms of their lease, conduct unauthorised or illegal activities, extend their stay past the end of the agreement without permission, or do not pay rent and service charges owing, landlords and owners have the right to pursue an eviction.

This process is called forfeiture if the tenant remains in situ and is the fastest solution when you need to ensure they vacate your property permanently.

Lease forfeiture relies on the clauses and terms of the rental contract, so it is highly advisable you work with a capable eviction team to examine the agreement and uphold your ownership rights without exposing yourself to civil claims.

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Our Tenant Eviction Services

We normally recommend one of two eviction procedures based on your rights to enact a Forfeiture of Lease, depending on your requirements, timescales, and the exact scenario.

Applying for a Possession Order through the courts is normally optimal, although peaceable re-entry may be viable, where we change the locks on your property to prevent re-entry.

As a commercial landlord or property owner, you are entitled to evict tenants who have not paid rent, particularly where they are in serious arrears and have made no effort to make good on the debt owing.

In this case, you may be able to deploy an enforcement agent team without advance notification, changing the locks, recording the condition of the property, and serving notice.

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Why Hire Clearway for Tenant Evictions?

Clearway’s eviction teams, consultants and enforcement officers are highly trained, with years of expertise in securing efficient, prompt, and stress-free evictions, with support at each step to ensure you have the right formal documentation, notices, and court orders.

We use a streamlined digital system where we can action your instruction to proceed with Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) and Service Charge Arrears Recovery (SCAR) while also pursuing an eviction.

There are multiple benefits, such as issuing an automated Enforcement Notice to follow up debt recovery processes within seven days, transferring cases to legal recovery systems, and coordinating with our eviction offices to ensure your property is vacated, all rental arrears and service charge arrears are paid, and you can move forward with confidence.

Common Reasons for Tenant Eviction

There are several reasons why a commercial landlord may want to take back control and possession of their premises. The most common being:

  • The tenant is in a breach of their contract terms.
  • Not paying rent as per their lease terms.
  • Not keeping the premises in good condition.
  • Subletting the premises without the landlord’s consent.

For non-payment of rent you are not required to give any notice to your commercial tenants of your intention to forfeit. You can simply send in one of our enforcement agents who can deal with the whole process for you, this includes changing the locks, torts notice and property report including pictures.

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Related Services

  • Commercial Land Eviction Services: removing illegal trespassers from open areas of land can be complex, particularly where larger encampments of travellers refuse to leave. Our experienced eviction officers can advise on the most suitable process to achieve a fast, peaceful eviction, supported by local law enforcement where necessary.
  • Squatter Eviction Services: Clearway can provide end-to-end support with removing squatters from your property, securing an Interim Possession Order, and instructing squatters to vacate within 24 hours, with additional clean-up and waste removal services available.

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Frequently asked questions

Possibly, yes – our professional enforcement consultants can advise on the appropriate steps to remove an unwanted tenant, whether they have stayed past the end of their lease, breached the terms of their rental agreement, or fallen into arrears. If there is no documentation, and the tenant has no right to occupy the property without the owner’s permission, an eviction is normally straightforward.

Much depends on the exact situation, but most evictions can be completed within a week or two. Please contact Clearway for further guidance and an independent estimate of how long your eviction proceedings will likely take.

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