We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Temporary Security Systems

Businesses face varying risks at different stages of their operations. You may require a temporary security system if your property or site is empty for a short period of time, or at periods of downtime. Clearway is one of few leading UK security experts who offer short-term protection, to guard your properties, premises and assets when you need it most.

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Temporary CCTV Solutions and Fixed CCTV Services
Temporary CCTV Solutions and Fixed CCTV Services
  • Perhaps your organisation is undergoing a critical phase and requires heightened security to safeguard against intruders.
  • You might have a property that is vacant in the short-term, and need to defend against vandals, squatters and trespassers.
  • In some cases, our clients are using a new locality on a short-term basis, and want to offer their personnel the same level of protection, as they would expect on a permanent site.

In any circumstance, the Clearway team is on hand to offer a vast range of temporary security options such as temporary commercial CCTV to protect your premises over the required period.

Clearway fly tipping removal service

The need for Temporary Security Systems

Often, a client requires increased security for a vacant property – which is exposed to illegal entry when not guarded. There are multiple reasons criminals might target an empty premise:

  • Fly-tipping
  • Criminal damage
  • Stripping pipework and valuable assets
  • Opportunist theft
  • Squatters

The impact of such vulnerabilities can be extensive in terms of downtime, the costs of repairs, managing insurance claims, and the stress and working hours required to recover from the security breach.

It is, therefore, critical to put the right security measures in place, as identified by a thorough risk assessment process to highlight the most crucial points of exposure.

Clearway solar power CCTV camera

Our Temporary Security Systems

Some of the most popular Clearway temporary security systems include:

inView Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Designed and engineered to work continuously both inside and outside in any and all conditions, fully independent of mains power or a hard-wired internet connection, inView CCTV towers require very little maintenance and can be left unattended for long periods of time. High-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and built-in solar panels will keep the unit fully functioning 24/7/365.

Our rapid deployment telescopic tower units house 3 x NDAA 2MP bullet cameras providing a full 360° view over even the largest of areas. By utilising intelligent analytics, it will instantly notify our Cat II NSI Gold Alarm Monitoring Centre (ARC) of a range of features triggered from the remote sensors 24/7/365, including automatic video recording, siren, email notification and ARC incident management.

Its Super WDR low-light CMOS sensor gives Full HD images in daytime or night-time settings. Timed arm & disarm and communication via the mobile network all come as standard and the towers are viewable and controllable from a remote device.

Clearway also provides a comprehensive CCTV maintenance services.

temporary alarm Clearway Visually verified camera system

Video Verified Alarm Systems

Ideal for vacant properties, sites and remote locations where power is not available. Battery operated, this system offers 24/7/365 detection and monitoring of specific locations.

Once activated, it will sound a 100db alarm , take a series of still images of the cause of the activation and collate them into a  10 second clip which it sends, with a notification, via the mobile network to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or any pre-determined recipient. A dedicated security response, depending on the predefined protocol, will then be dispatched to investigate the activation. Emergency services will be notified where required.

Read more about our Video Verified Alarms here.

Wireless Detection Systems

Vacant Property Alarms

Independent battery-powered vacant property alarm systems are ideally suited to short-term installations for empty premises. They provide instant alarm activations to our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre when any security breach or safety risk is identified.

If you require temporary security for any premises, site, area or property, contact the Clearway team today for more information about our short-term options.

remote nsi monitoring

Alarm Monitoring

Clearway is proud to offer an NSI Gold Standard accredited alarm-monitoring centre. This facility manages responses to all alarm and CCTV activations, with trained responders on hand day and night, every day of the year.

Outdoor CCTV

Fixed CCTV Systems

Our range of fixed CCTV installations cover every requirement. From Thermal CCTV cameras to night vision infrared technology and long-distance Bullet CCTV solutions, Clearway offers a comprehensive range of surveillance technology.

Related Services

Alongside our flexible security options, Clearway offers a complete range of solutions and devices, each designed to work together seamlessly to protect your most valuable assets with blanket coverage.

K9 Security Services: As the ultimate protection and deterrent, our K9 Security Services include mobile patrols, security guarding, events management and search and detection to defend vulnerable sites over large areas.

Mobile Patrol Security Services: Manned patrols, with or without canines, ensure that your property has a visible security presence. Tracking systems, branded vehicles and clearly identifiable security personnel deliver outstanding coverage of even broad areas and are available on a short-term basis, or for longer-term requirements.

Security Screens and Doors: Available for short-term vacant property security, or as a temporary measure to protect high-risk premises, Clearway security doors come equipped with keypad access, and key-operated locking systems to secure windows and doors throughout your properties.

Concrete Barrier Hire: This simple, cost-effective option prevents any unauthorised vehicles from accessing your site, and Clearway offer a range of concrete barriers to suit the nature of your requirement. From events management to traffic control, or blocking off unused roadways, concrete barrier hire protects against multiple forms of criminal activity by making your location inaccessible to vehicles.

For more detail about the right security solutions for your temporary requirements, contact Clearway to schedule a free Security Health Check.

Mobile Patrols

Why choose Clearway?

Clearway remains a UK market leader in the security sector, offering flexibility and short-term security services alongside permanent installations and ongoing contracts.

We appreciate that businesses often need to pivot and move quickly, and so offer a suite of temporary security systems designed to cover any gaps in risk exposure that you are experiencing on a short-term basis.

Contact the Clearway team for independent advice about the right temporary security systems to protect your properties, mitigate your key risks, and fit with your budgetary requirements.

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