NSI Gold Monitoring

Whether you want to prevent unauthorised entry and trespassing, squatting or fly-tipping, or just maintaining tight control over who accesses and enters your properties, high quality, reliable CCTV monitoring is a proven method of keeping your property or land continually secure and can be combined with other security measures and visual deterrents.

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CCTV Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring can be installed for temporary or permanent use across a broad range of industries and applications. Whether you need vacant property security to prevent illegal occupation, remote monitoring of a construction site to protect expensive tools and equipment or car park surveillance to aid enforcement or protection – Clearway will design a solution to meet your security needs.

In the case of vacant properties, for example, CCTV can be combined with steel doors and screens, concrete barriers, void property alarms and property alarms for a well-rounded security setup.

systems monitoring

Bespoke Site Monitoring

Construction sites are often likely to be a target for criminals, due to the value of materials, professional tools, construction vehicles and fuel left on site. When the site is vacant, the need for a security presence is essential.

Our bespoke construction site monitoring is handled by a dedicated team within our NSI Gold Cat ll alarm receiving centre (ARC). Bespoke construction site monitoring is a cost-effective, viable and flexible service that provides the ultimate assurance that your site is professionally protected; whilst reducing the demand to invest in physical security around the clock. This security solution is often used in conjunction with a gate automation system or a traditional access control type system.

Car Park Security

Panic Alarm Monitoring

Panic alarms are an essential component in any security strategy, particularly in situations in which colleagues may be working alone, in remote locations, or where valuable assets present a target for criminal activity.

Clearway’s panic alarm systems are ideal if you need additional assurance of emergency support in times of crisis, providing an invisible security net to protect your staff when they need it most.

Discreet panic buttons are installed in primary locations, for immediate access, instant silent alarm activations and fast response – without causing distress or concern for other visitors, or exacerbating a tense situation.

Tech Monitoring

Security Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring services are essential for any business or organisation wishing to protect their premises against illegal intrusion. An alarm monitoring system provides peace of mind and will help keep your staff, premises and goods safe – potentially protecting lives, livelihoods and avoiding costly repairs and goods replacement in the future.

Our security teams monitor alarm activations and CCTV systems at our NSI Gold monitoring station, so you can rest assured your property is protected no matter where it is located.

Why Commercial CCTV Installation?

CCTV Monitoring

We monitor thousands of CCTV systems, permanent and temporary, across the UK. Aside from being a clear visual deterrent to prevent illegal activity, monitored CCTV adds further protection as audible warnings to intruders can be provided and confirmation of any disturbance can be checked remotely and confirmed instantly. Our CCTV monitoring services are supported by a trained network of security personnel ready to step in when, and even before, your business needs protection.

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Intruder Monitoring

We provide advanced sensors that ensure, whatever the scenario and however remote the property, if any unauthorised entry is attempted, your intruder alarm will be instantly activated and responded to by our team at our Alarm Receiving Centre. As with our temporary CCTV solution, our wireless detection systems work in connection with our Gold Standard accredited ARC, giving you peace of mind that all alarms and alerts are handled with the same excellent security monitoring as our full, fixed CCTV services.

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Fire alarm monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Up to June 2021 fire and rescue services attended over half a million incidents in the UK, according to Home Office statistics. Of all incidents attended, fires accounted for 28 per cent, fire false alarms 40 per cent (and non-fire incidents 31 per cent). There were over 200,000 fire false alarms and a significant number of these, and actual fires occur when commercial buildings are unoccupied. Ensuring that your commercial property has fire alarm monitoring is one of the only ways you can ensure that the emergency services are correctly informed of a fire. If your fire alarm system activates out of business hours, who will be notified if you don’t have any monitoring in place? Clearway offers 24/7 fire alarm monitoring so you can rest assured that any false alarms will be handled correctly and should there be a fire, the emergency services will be instantly contacted.

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