inViro Air Quality Monitor

The Clearway Group is proud to offer an out-of-the-box solution for urban air quality monitoring. inViro meets the challenge of capturing accurate data in variable climate conditions and the need for fine grained air quality monitoring networks. The Clearway inViro air quality monitoring system is the latest in smart environmental technology. It comes with both battery and solar powered options; eliminating the need for any hard wire installation and making it quick and easy to deploy.

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Air Quality
InViro Air Quality Monitor

inViro air quality monitor

Data is easily collected, analysed, and shared to assist government bodies and the private sector in creating safer places for us all to live, work and play. The inViro unit was designed in consultation with the UN Environment Programme

  • Accurately monitors and senses multiple pollutants – particulates and gases
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Quick to deploy portable unit
  • Environmentally friendly with solar power option
  • Temperature stability – tested in both sub zero and sub Saharan African temperatures
  • MCERTS accredited

The Clearway inViro system is:

  • Accurate – MCERTS accredited and compared (co located) with the Government national network – the AURN (Automated Urban and Rural Network). It gives averaging times as 1min, 15min, 1 hour and 24-hour which is comparable with the national standards.
  • Simple to use – get data when you want it where you want it and share it with clients and other stakeholders.
  • Robust – designed to withstand harsh environments. The InViro unit has been tested in many African countries as part of the UN Environment Agency program and is also currently being used by the British Antarctic Survey.
  • Environmentally Friendly – low power requirement mean this system is quick and simple to deploy without the need for planning requirements to draw power from the grid by means of streetlighting power connections, for example. A well-designed solar system means the monitoring can provide year-round survey capability.

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