Environmental Monitoring

Air pollution is the fourth leading cause of death globally after high-blood pressure, smoking and poor diet according to the State of Global Air 2020, with long-term exposure to air pollution killing one in 19 people in the UK, according to researchers at Centre for Cities. Coronary heart disease, strokes, lung cancer and child asthma are all strongly associated with air pollution.

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Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
InViro Air Quality Monitor

InViro Air Quality Monitoring

Air pollution caused by air pollutants such as chemicals, smoke, dust or allergens is an increasing concern in urban areas. Tiny airborne particulates (such as PM2.5) are especially dangerous because they can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause a wide range of adverse health effects.

Effective air pollution monitoring and pollution mapping can help us to measure levels of pollution, identify trends and variations and understand when and where changes are needed.

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