Access Control Systems

Access control monitoring systems are excellent security solutions for organisations that require their premises to remain secure without the need for manned security.

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Access Control
Access Control

Access control relies on sophisticated electronic systems to control access through barriers or gates with multiple access points. Personnel will have to enter a numeric code or present an access token in order to enter the premises or certain areas within buildings.

Read about our range of access control monitoring systems below to find out how Clearway can help your business stay secure.

Access Control

Our Access Control Systems - MAC, DAC & RBAC

We provide three different types of access control, Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) systems.

MAC allows for centralised control of the system for all personnel, allowing for organisation-wide access control to be decided by the security policy administrator.

DAC allows for personnel to make access control decisions and assign particular security attributes, allowing for staff to have more granular control of their own access.

RBAC, on the other hand, approves or denies access based on the role of personnel, which can be useful for restricting access to rooms or sections of buildings used by specific staff.Each type offers its benefits depending on your own access control requirements. As part of your enquiry, consultation and risk assessment, we will work with you to understand your business and personnel and recommend an access control type based on your needs.

CCTV Monitoring Applications

Standalone and PC-Based Access Control

Each type of access control system has two distinct versions to suit particular applications – standalone and PC-based.

Standalone systems can be installed throughout your property, on one access point or numerous access points depending on the configuration of your site or property. Nominated individuals can access via a numeric code or present a proximity token.

PC-based access control can also be provided in more complex environments whether that be a site or property. This system allows you to send commands to all access points and provide access to specific people, provide movement activity, and full management information (MI).

risk assessment

Site Survey and Risk Assessment

Following your enquiry and initial consultation to understand your access control requirements, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment of the property. This will help us determine the precise access control setup that your organisation needs to protect your business now and into the future.

As part of the risk assessment, we will not only identify the specific access control system you need, but any additional security solutions your organisation may require. This means your security is compliant with insurance requirements, well-rounded and covers all identifiable weak points on the premises.

This might include the use of CCTV hire to ensure all access points are covered so there is visual evidence to help identify the perpetrator of an attempted breach. CCTV can also act as an effective visual deterrent to prevent a breach in the first instance. Lone worker or panic alarms could also be used so that any staff are on the premises are able to alert to dangerous or suspicious activity ahead of any access control breach.

It is the considered, tailored combination of different security solutions that Clearway will help your business consider and implement to enhance your security.

CCTV Monitoring

Access Control Alarm Monitoring

Clearway’s dedicated monitoring centre is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year to monitor and respond to alarm activations all year round.

As a leading independent provider of security solutions, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is accredited to Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate. This means we score to the highest standard against several criteria, including the operation of our Quality Management System, senior team management experience and contract conditions.

We vet all alarm activations for false alarms and once an alarm activation is confirmed, will escalate this, contacting emergency services and dispatching security personnel if required.

When we attend an alarm activation, we will complete an activation report before leaving. This will provide details of the time, date and location of the alarm activation, along with a summary of the incident and preventative measures that were taken as part of the response.

Clearway Technology

Why Clearway?

Clearway has over 20 years experience in providing security solutions to the public and private sector, including local government, commercial and residential premises.

We deliver bespoke solutions to all of our clients and security partners, protecting organisations with long-term, tailored security solutions and working with them to evolve their security as their business changes.

Speak to our team today about our access control monitoring systems, or browse our other security solutions across commercial CCTVCCTV Monitoring and alarm monitoring.


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