Disabled Toilet Installation

Accessible bathroom facilities are essential for employers and public-access buildings, ensuring they are DDA compliant and provide appropriate amenities for all site users.

One of the key requirements within an accessible toilet is an emergency alarm system, which can be either a standalone installation for an individual disabled toilet or a larger networked solution for properties with multiple bathroom spaces.

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Bathroom For Disabled
Bathroom For Disabled

There are several regulatory requirements in terms of accessibility and the provisioning of an accessible toilet, which we will run through below – if you are in any doubt, please get in touch with Clearway’s life safety consultants, who will be happy to offer advice.

We supply and install all types of disabled toilets with minimal disruption to your activities, offering bespoke system design, and compliance with BS 8300:2009 and the Disability Discrimination Act.

Bathroom For Disabled

Disabled Toilet Installation

Our qualified engineers can recommend the placement, layout and materials appropriate for your accessible bathroom facilities, with a wide range of options in terms of resources and location.

Much depends on the nature of your property and the volume of personnel, visitors or site users you cater to, but example design features include:

  • Paddle-style easy-handle flushes, accessible to individuals with restricted muscle movement and easy-grip taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers.
  • Grab rails for balancing and secure movement – a crucial requirement in any disabled toilet facility. Rails can be adjustable or permanently fitted.
  • Height-adjusted facilities such as a toilet, basin and dispenser must be suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Alarm systems are vital and ensure that if an individual requires assistance or suffers from a fall, they can request help immediately.
  • Door mechanisms on a disabled toilet should open outwards wherever possible, with horizontal bars available to control the movement and speed of the door.

Please get in touch if you require more details about the various options and design features available for commercial and private disabled bathroom facilities.

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Accessible Bathroom Call Systems

Clearway disabled toilets are available with several alarm systems, such as a pull cord (or multiple pull cords as appropriate).

Local audio or visual indications – or both – can be positioned inside and outside the room, with convenient reset push buttons to silence an alarm when it has been accidentally triggered, or the required assistance has been provided.

We fit single systems for smaller premises or businesses and connected networks of disabled bathrooms for larger sites, such as shopping centres, schools, hospitals, care homes, libraries and other facilities.

Combined audio and visual warnings are ideal for accessible bathrooms outside the direct line of sight of a trained responder and can be linked to a mains control panel or localised indicator panel to ensure a designated person responds quickly.

The correct alarm system for your accessible toilet will depend on several characteristics of your property, and Clearway can advise following a site survey and no-obligation consultation.

Further considerations are required regarding emergency evacuation controls and integration with other building systems, such as fire alarms.


Disabled Toilet Maintenance

Clearway’s professional alarm maintenance team can schedule regular servicing and repairs to ensure your alarm systems and control panels are fully operational at all times.

We can also provide 24/7 emergency call-outs where a disabled toilet alarm system has malfunctioned, been tampered with, or appears to be inoperable or working incorrectly.

Failure to maintain a disabled toilet alarm system can be extremely serious, particularly when an individual suffers an accident or injury and cannot call for help, so these installations must be reviewed and maintained properly.

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UK Disabled Toilet Standards

Many employers and business owners find the combination of British Standards and DDA regulations confusing. They are unsure whether they need a disabled toilet and which specifications their facilities must meet.

The legislation states that building managers must make a reasonable provision to ensure all users have appropriate bathroom facilities.

New building designs must incorporate these features to comply with the Government Access document, referred to as Approved Document M.

Reasonable provisions vary and will depend on the number of storeys, use of the building, floor space, and distance between communal areas and the nearest accessible bathroom.

If you do not have any disabled bathroom facilities, there is a risk of breaching the Equalities Act 2010, so updating older accessible toilets or scheduling a retrospective installation in existing businesses is important to customer satisfaction, staff welfare, and liability mitigation.

Related Fire and Life Safety Systems

Clearway is an experienced provider of a vast range of building safety and life safety systems, from alarm installations to intelligent property management and fire prevention controls.

Many businesses install a disabled toilet following a thorough site risk assessment to identify where they must make further provisions to allow for safe, accessible use of their premises.

Examples of supporting services include:

  • Disabled Refuge points: where evacuation routes or assembly points are not fully accessible, building design should incorporate a fire-safe refuge according to BS 5839 Part 9. These spaces must include communication fittings to ensure an individual can communicate with emergency responders to request assistance.
  • Emergency Lighting systems: our emergency lighting installations include exit signs, spotlight units and bulkheads; they include directional wayfinding to disabled refuges and accessible exit routes in the event of emergency or alarm activation.
  • Commercial Fire Alarms: we provide a range of high-performance fire alarm systems designed for your building, with 24-hour monitoring and options such as public address systems and evacuation instructions.

Please contact Clearway if you would like to discuss any aspect of your property life safety and fire safety systems, or wish to receive guidance about the most appropriate solutions.

Email us 24/7 with any queries and we'll respond the following working day.

Frequently asked questions

The exact standards applicable will depend on your site, but features such as a raised height WC, level style basin taps and supporting grab rails are essential to comply with legislation.

Accessible bathrooms must be at least 220cm by 150cm, but ideally will be larger to provide enough space for a wheelchair to turn and manoeuvre.

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