Commercial Smoke Detectors

Multi-sensor fire detection installations can significantly improve response times to the early indications of fire. They can raise the alarm immediately when a factor such as smoke, heat or elevated CO2 levels are present.

Many businesses and site managers prioritise identifying fire risks as quickly as possible while avoiding false call-outs, which cause inconvenience, cost and disruption.

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Smoke detector
Smoke detector

About our Commercial Smoke Detectors

An advanced commercial-grade smoke detection system from Clearway can identify hazards such as a slow, smouldering fire and allow you to get the situation back under control before it escalates into a more serious blaze.


fire alarm installation

Smoke Detection Installation

Our skilled installers fit, maintain and monitor a broad range of fire safety systems, including fire suppression, alarm networks, emergency lighting and accessible refuges.

Many of the fire detection solutions we recommend have multiple sensors, each with a specific task to feed into robust risk prevention management:

  • Commercial Smoke detectors
  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire alarms

A smoke detector is a familiar piece of equipment in a residential home. Still, it is also a valuable asset in business spaces and public use facilities, recognising when even low levels of smoke are present or a fire may be about to ignite.

The integrated alarm or connection with the primary fire alarm control panel issues a visual and audible warning, with emergency services liaison facilitated through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre where necessary and according to your fire response protocols.

Commercial Smoke Detection Equipment

Commercial smoke detectors have a considerably higher capacity than domestic equipment and support premises managers in meeting their legal responsibilities to maintain appropriate fire detection and alarm systems.

All commercial buildings must have suitable equipment and procedures to detect smoke or fire, alert occupants, visitors or personnel, and take swift action to evacuate the building and tackle the blaze.

Clearway can provide bespoke installations and tailored recommendations depending on your site layout and key fire risks.

Our commercial smoke detector suggestions will depend on several variables, with options including:

  • Fitting detection devices in every room within your building or at a strategic position on each storey.
  • Commissioning additional smoke detectors to augment the performance of an existing fire safety system.
  • Integrating new or current smoke detection equipment within your networked fire control panel and other fire suppression assets.

New commercial buildings without a fire safety solution must be fully risk assessed to determine the right protection or preventatives required, according to BS 5829-1:2013.

If you need professional support conducting a compliant risk assessment, please get in touch at your convenience to discuss.

Clearway Technology

Smoke Detector Monitoring and Maintenance

Clearway fire safety engineers are BAFE SP203-1 approved and provide 24/7 monitoring services through our NSI II Gold Standard response centre.

Qualified responders can assess an alert, determine the cause, verify the cause or authenticity of the alarm, and take appropriate action to preserve your property and ensure the safety of site users.

We also offer a range of servicing, maintenance and call-out options, whether to:

  • Test your smoke detectors as part of a routine maintenance task.
  • Address any failures or concerns within your fire safety network.
  • Carry out repairs if a commercial smoke detector has malfunctioned or been damaged.

Our experienced installation teams can advise on the appropriate solutions, whether a detector needs replacing or where there are opportunities to prevent further issues.

The best way to avoid any disruption to your fire safety is to schedule regular maintenance call-outs with affordable and convenient packages available to suit your needs.

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Related Fire and Life Safety Systems

The consultants and technicians here at Clearway have decades of knowledge about every aspect of fire management, building safety controls and property security.

Clients vary from private corporations to large public bodies, including commercial sites and institutions with unique risks and considerations.

Along with smoke detection equipment, we can combine services in a customised package or recommend the right solutions to meet every legislative and health and safety regulation.

Options you may wish to consider to complement your commercial smoke detectors include:

  • Commercial Fire Alarms installation: our fire alarms include wireless alarm systems, public address and voice evacuation networks, and analogue addressable and conventional fire systems installed and maintained to the highest safety standards.
  • Fire Confirmation solutions: Clearway fire confirmation systems incorporate intelligent camera technology positioned at strategic points to verify whether an alarm activation is authentic and provide intelligence to responders to help control the issue quickly.
  • Fire Suppression systems: often used in data centres, control rooms and server storage areas, fire suppression uses gaseous or water systems to remove the heat or oxygen from fire and mitigate the spread and potential impact until the emergency response arrives.
  • Emergency Lighting installation: used both for evacuations and as a backup lighting system if the mains power fails, our emergency lighting fixtures include boxed exit signs, bulkheads and spotlights, with wayfinding to accessible refuges for less mobile site users.

If you would like to discuss any of these services or our other fire safety systems and installations, please contact our friendly consultants at your convenience for further information.

We also provide no-obligation site visits to help assess your needs and provide independent advice about the best ways to address your fire risk assessment.

Email us 24/7 with any queries and we'll respond the following working day.

Frequently asked questions

A smoke alarm often incorporates smoke detectors and will raise the alarm when smoke is present. Smoke detectors are slightly different because their primary job is recognising the presence of smoke.

A smoke detector is important because it has high-quality sensors and can integrate with other parts of your fire systems network to add to the capacity of your existing smoke alarms.

Commercial Smoke detectors issue signals through your fire control network to activate audible or visual warnings or alert our Alarm Response Centre that smoke has been positively identified.

The regulations state that all business properties must have a suitable fire detection system, which could comprise smoke detectors and other alarm equipment.

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