Solar CCTV Installation

One of the biggest challenges for businesses with large plots of land, significant premises or remote locations is ensuring they have sufficient security surveillance. Likewise, residential homeowners may have a vacant property or perimeter to protect which requires safeguarding at a distance from mains power sources.

Fixed CCTV Solutions
Fixed CCTV Solutions

Solar CCTV installations are an ideal solution used throughout UK building sites and outdoor venues where autonomous batteries and solar recharging panels ensure that CCTV surveillance remains in operation continuously.

Clearway provides a high quality solar CCTV installation, with our highly experienced team on hand to provide professional guidance on the ideal solution for your property or site. Our solar CCTV options include:

Solar CCTV Towers

One of the most popular solar CCTV installations is a mast-mounted, self-contained tower. These inView CCTV Towers installations are ideal for larger plots or sites, with a wide-ranging field of vision to patrol large areas.

CCTV towers are also an effective deterrent and a highly visible precaution that ensures your property is not an easy target for thieves, criminals or vandals.

With vision covering near 360 degrees, your CCTV activations are fed instantly to the Clearway control centre, ensuring that even large car parks or remote areas are protected at all times.

Most empty premises will not have a reliable mains power supply. So a solar-powered commercial CCTV installation is an ideal solution, providing peace of mind that your digital security guard is on duty day and night.

Vacant properties are another key site vulnerable to intrusion. Empty properties, either short or long-term, can be a target for squatters and vandals, as well as opportunist thieves.

The benefits of solar CCTV

Solar CCTV installations have multiple applications. Some of the most compelling benefits include:

  • Lack of reliance on mains power, with zero shortages in unreliable areas.
  • Ability to recharge continually without manual intervention.
  • Cost-effectiveness, with zero ongoing running costs or energy bills.
  • Weatherproof battery casings designed to withstand all conditions.
  • Flexible installations, from mast-mounted towers to internal CCTV.
  • Tamper-proof, with no accessible wiring or mains connections.

Each of the Clearway solar CCTV installations is designed to provide good image quality, along with automatic sensors and instant reporting available to our NSI Gold Standard alarm-receiving centre.

CCTV Towers

How Solar CCTV Cameras Work?

Clearway offers a tailored consultation service to ensure you have the optimal solar CCTV installation for your property. That includes looking at:

  • Your primary risk factors and security concerns.
  • The type and layout of the site.
  • How broad an area you need to defend.
  • Where you would like your CCTV cameras to be installed.

Solar power is cost-effective and convenient. Various technological camera features are available, such as pan, tilt and zoom to capture incidents clearly, and automatic sensors to ensure the cameras are only activated when motion is detected.

High-powered solar panels and efficient energy distribution ensure your CCTV remains in operation even in low-light conditions. During the darker winter months, a battery replacement service is included where required.

Wireless Detection Systems

Related Services

Alongside our solar CCTV installations service, Clearway offers a vast array of security options, each designed to be complementary and reinforce your protection against criminal activity. Some of the popular options alongside solar CCTV installations include:

  • Wireless video-verified Intruder Alarms – These are high quality, battery-powered intruder alarms with camera sensors positioned at crucial points to instantly record a break-in and alert you or our monitoring station directly.
  • Mobile Patrols – a physical security patrol is a robust way to reinforce your site’s security presence and support your protection alongside CCTV.
  • Construction Site Access Control – staffed security points at key entrances or exits to high-value construction sites are another addition to your safety strategy, ensuring no unauthorised personnel can access restricted areas.
Clearway Technology

Why Choose Clearway?

With decades of experience providing security and safeguarding services to businesses, the public sector and private residences, the Clearway team can advise on the proper solar CCTV installations for you, with guidance to determine the key risks you need to defend against.

Our teams provide a comprehensive installation process, with expedited delivery and rapid deployments available when your security concerns are critical.

A risk assessment is the first step in identifying the best security for your requirements, and our professional security consultants can help you through this process.

Solar CCTV installations range significantly. We have a complete variety of permanent and short-term systems, fixed and flexible cameras, and CCTV surveillance solutions designed for properties of all sizes and natures.


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