Construction Site CCTV

Construction sites are a common target of criminal activity, with a collection of valuable tools, materials, and vehicles which could be left unprotected overnight posing a vulnerability to theft. This is especially the case during the Christmas shut down as construction sites are known to be unoccupied for up to three weeks.

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Construction Site CCTV
Construction Site CCTV

The majority of construction sites will be empty for prolonged periods; either over weekends, between phases of work, or while initial groundworks take place. It is therefore critical to consider the protection of your assets, with construction site CCTV being one of the most cost-effective deterrents.

While exposed construction sites are often designed for heavy vehicular access, and therefore an easy target, having the right security in place ensures your site stands out as a guarded location.

Construction Site CCTV

Our Construction Site CCTV Services

Of course, no two sites are the same, and the optimal security strategy will depend on the nature of the location. Varied schedules of work also dictate the times when your risks are highest, and when extra safeguarding is necessary to mitigate your vulnerability.

Clearway offers a comprehensive range of construction site CCTV options. If in any doubt, the team is always on standby to provide independent advice about which systems are most appropriate.

Temporary CCTV Solutions and Fixed CCTV Services

Construction CCTV Cameras

CCTV Towers deliver primary protection across large areas of land. They are highly visible and are often used at broad points of entry, across vacant land within perimeters, and to protect car parks.

Advanced surveillance technology offers a diverse range of applications, such as automatic CCTV motion sensors, pan and zoom functions to capture any attempted security breach in crisp high definition.

CCTV Tower

Solar Powered CCTV Towers

CCTV Towers can be quickly installed in exterior car park settings, and provide coverage of a wide field of vision. Security cameras mounted on a mast are highly visible, and therefore a proactive way to discourage illegal entry or criminal behaviour.

Innovative technology means that CCTV towers can be powered either via mains electricity or by solar power, thereby removing any reliance on central utility supplies.

A 360-degree field of vision and management of the feed via a control centre provides 24/7 security for the most remote of car park locations. Engineered to remain outside in all conditions and designed to be left unattended for long periods of time.

Fixed CCTV Solutions

Fixed CCTV Systems

Fixed CCTV cameras are well suited to longer-term projects, with a vast range of sizes and capture functions to adapt seamlessly to your site layout. The camera will cover key points of your premises for continual recording and monitoring. Combined with Clearway’s 24/7 alarm monitoring through our NSI Gold Standard control centre, you have the absolute assurance that any intrusion or threat will be instantly identified.

Fixed CCTV is the ideal choice for businesses making a long term investment in the security of their premises and those that would benefit from the always-on nature of fixed CCTV cameras.

Wireless Intruder Alarm

Video Verified Alarms and Temporary CCTV Solutions

When choosing CCTV, it is essential that you have the right equipment approved to professional standards. This ensures that your site is appropriately covered, your CCTV footage is of high quality, and that you can rely on your CCTV equipment to provide the protection you need.

Clearway will recommend the right video alarm CCTV system to be installed for your particular situation, and always provide verified equipment from leading manufacturers. With the installation process quick and efficient, verified video alarm systems can react instantly when activity is sensed, sending an alert message and associated imagery via a bespoke platform, prompting the appropriate action.

Video Verified Alarms offer another option, with the benefit of allowing you remote control access to identify the cause of an alarm activation, to decide on the best response in line with your security protocols. Video alarms are ideal for sites in remote locations, where sensors may be activated by wildlife, and to ensure you do not incur call-out costs for false alarms.

With options ranging from long-term, hardwired CCTV to temporary solutions powered by high-capacity batteries, Clearway offers a CCTV system suited to your construction site.

Backed by our experienced team of installers and alarm responders, we take away the stress and risk factor of potential intrusions, with the utmost peace of mind that our control centre will respond immediately to any emerging threats.

Construction Site

Features of Construction Site CCTV

With years of experience installing and designing high-performance CCTV systems for construction sites, the Clearway team provides a fast, streamlined and cost-effective solution for sites of all sizes.

Out construction site CCTV solutions feature:

  • A wide range of cameras, including thermal imaging, motion detection, remote control, video verified and mobile CCTV systems.
  • Wireless CCTV solutions for vacant sites, or areas without access to mains power. Our batteries are weatherproof, high capacity and rechargeable, with built-in solar panels to keep your systems running day and night.
  • Mobile patrol options, with regular CCTV surveillance via night vision cameras, with the ability to stream real-time footage to your device or computer.
Clearway Technology

Why choose Clearway?

As a market-leading UK security provider to construction sites of all sizes, Clearway puts your needs first in recommending the best safety solutions to meet your risk assessment requirements.

Our ranges of advanced construction site CCTV offer a diverse number of options, each of which can be adjusted to cater to your site demands and challenges, with multiple additional security services to hand should the need arise.

Related Services

In addition to bespoke construction site CCTV, Clearway offers a complete range of surveillance services and equipment:

Commercial CCTV Installation: skilled installations, outstanding quality IP and IP infrared thermal imaging cameras, and innovative multi-sensor CCTV systems to protect your premises from any threat.

CCTV Maintenance: it is vital to ensure your CCTV systems are operating at full capacity, to avoid a shortage or malfunction at the time when you need them most. Clearway offers routine servicing, preventative maintenance and rapid response fault repairs to keep your site covered at all times.

Email us 24/7 with any queries and we'll respond the following working day.

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