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Clearway has over 25 years’ experience in providing sophisticated security solutions for vacant properties or sites including the supply, installation and monitoring of temporary CCTV towers.

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CCTV towers enable you to have eyes on your construction site, car park or vacant site, effectively and reliably protecting your site from theft, unwanted intruders and break-ins.

Clearway specialises in cutting-edge solar-powered CCTV towers, they are not only one of the most effective visual deterrents; they offer great protection and surveillance across vast areas of land without the need for mains power.

Clearway provides solar CCTV tower hire to a wide variety of businesses in the public and private sectors.

CCTV Towers

Our CCTV Towers

Clearway offers a unique CCTV solution in the form of the innovative inView CCTV tower. Developed at Clearway’s stable of innovations, these versatile towers operate on independent solar and battery power, or mains power, and communicate via the mobile network providing coverage for sites of all sizes in any location.

The towers connect to multiple remote sensors enabling them to detect activity over even large scale sites, internally or externally, triggering the tower’s mast-mounted camera pan, rotate, zoom, focus and record events in real-time. As well as providing images and footage, our CCTV towers are also a highly effective visible deterrent.

Tower Features

Clearway CCTV towers boast several key features, including:

  • No on-site services needed: our towers are powered by solar energy and high capacity batteries requiring the minimum of maintenance. Communication and monitoring is via the mobile network so there is no requirement for mains power or a fixed internet connection.
  • In-built capacity for night illumination and infrared vision to provide a visual deterrent and capture footage 24 hours a day.
  • Voice challenges, communication via a mobile network and arm / disarm features enable customisation and control on the go, plus monitoring from a remote location.
  • Fully weatherproof: the CCTV tower is designed to withstand prolonged external exposure and adverse weather conditions.
  • Independent function: our CCTV camera towers are designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time and, once installed, they do their job with very little maintenance required.
  • Swift setup: this is a rapid deployment CCTV tower, with installation taking just 20 minutes to complete, and being fully live and monitored within a couple of hours.

CCTV Tower Applications

Clearway inView CCTV towers are suited to all kinds of situations, locations and events requiring a high visibility deterrent and 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring. These include the monitoring of large open spaces such as car parks and construction sites, sports grounds and facilities, agricultural areas, outdoor events and vacant properties and land. The scope and flexibility of Clearway mobile CCTV tower hire make this is a versatile and cost effective option that can be employed by event organisers, sports and leisure clubs, communal building owners and businesses of all sizes.

Clearway installed solar-powered CCTV for a solar park at very short notice to act as a stand-in CCTV system whilst the onsite system was in repair. The tower was monitored remotely by the Clearway team and heat and motion sensors detect any movement, allowing for zooming in on any suspected breaches.

Clearway also installed a mobile CCTV tower in a property in Oxfordshire which had previously fallen victim to theft. The owner called Clearway to install the towers to catch the offenders in the act. As the tower was fitted with infrared lighting and low-light camera capability, the thieves were detected at night and a response was automatically sent to authorities. The individuals were quickly apprehended and detained by security. You can read the full case study here.

Monitoring Station for CCTV

Our CCTV towers are often used alongside additional measures to create compound security system. Monitoring can be provided by our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre station to provide 24-hour security. Combining alarm monitoring and state of the art site CCTV, we cover:

  • Intruder detection and monitoring
  • Fire alarm activation
  • Bespoke site monitoring tailored to the client
  • Panic alarm monitoring
  • Keyholding
  • Lone worker devices
  • Personal attack systems
  • Temporary security alarms
  • Out of hours emergency call handling

If an intruder is detected, or the fire alarm is triggered, we can provide a response in line with the client’s agreed escalation policy. This will be discussed with you beforehand.

See our CCTV Towers in Action

Clearway CCTV Tower: high resolution

Frequently asked questions

Clearway CCTV Towers come in mains powered and solar powered versions, so either way, you are covered.

Under Clearways T&C’s, the client is liable for any damage or loss to the system, therefore it is suggested that you self-insure.

With connection to multiple remote sensors placed around sites of almost any size, they will detect movement and instruct the mast-mounted camera to rotate, zoom, focus and live-record the event. Inbuilt capability for illumination, Infrared/night vision, voice challenge, timed arm & disarm and communication via the mobile network all come as standard. Fully weatherproof, the Towers are designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time and can be delivered, installed and up and running within 20 minutes of arriving on site.

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