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Clearway - Trade Waste Disposal

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Clearway Services provides commercial waste and fly-tipped waste removal and disposal services across the UK. Whilst we don’t provide a regular, contracted waste removal service, we regularly work with all types of businesses and local councils to remove waste including certain hazardous and environmentally high-risk waste.

Accredited and legal waste removal helps prevent prosecution, Environment Agency investigations, insect infestations, increased fire risk and attracting fly-tipping.


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Trade Waste Disposal Services

Our teams are fully licensed and accredited by the Environmental Agency to remove and safely manage all manner of waste items, domestic or commercial and that includes the illegal dumping and all kinds of waste materials.

We offer a range of waste disposal services, including:

  • One-off clearances and collections.
  • Clearing of hazardous and biohazardous waste.
  • Removing small waste accumulations through to tons of landfill rubbish.

Clearway services include working alongside public sector organisations, manufacturing plants, commercial enterprises and smaller businesses.  We’re always on hand to help, no matter the size of your commercial waste concerns.

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Commercial Waste Clearance Options

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Retail Security for Vacant Shops for £399 +VAT

You might be moving into new premises or be responsible for an area of land surrounding your commercial properties that require urgent clearance. 

Alternatively, you may be vacating a building, starting up a new business, or dealing with fly-tipped waste that is causing potential safety risks for your workforce and the environment.

Clearway can deal with any requirements, with options including:

  • General waste clearance, including office clearance and secure computer disposal.
  • Infestation decontaminations and pest control.
  • Collection services for disposed of tyres.
  • Clearance projects for local authority bodies.
  • Disposal of furniture fly-tipped waste and electrical items.

Our licensing also permits the Clearway waste disposal team to deal with certain hazardous waste materials, such as:

  • Needles, sharps, certain medical or biological waste and other high-risk waste items.
  • Fuels, including oil, petrol, diesel and gas bottles.
  • Chemical, solvents, paint and paint cans.

If in any doubt about the legislation around the safe disposal of dangerous or potentially hazardous materials, please feel free to give us a call for professional advice.

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Trade Waste Disposal Sectors

Trade Waste Removal Costs

The Clearway teams primarily work with businesses and public sector organisations, managing even vast clearance assignments with confidentiality, speed and professionalism.

We appreciate that many trade waste disposal requirements will be in facilities with varying degrees of security and screening protocols, such as schools, care homes and community centres.

All Clearway operatives are professionally trained and hold DBS clearance (previously Criminals Records Bureau checks) to ensure they are appropriate contractors to visit such venues and provide trade waste disposal services.

We acknowledge that it can be tricky to estimate the volume or weight of trade waste disposal requirements accurately. As such, we offer a flexible service adapted to your needs.

Should you need to change the volume of waste to be removed or increase that, our operators will always accommodate any last-minute amendments to the best of their abilities.

Where the waste issue requires urgent attention, such as fly-tipped waste of an unknown nature on a school site, Clearway will dispatch a team to restore the area to safe usage in the quickest possible time.

Why Choose Clearway?

Clearway is a highly respected trade waste removal contractor, working with a wide range of clients including major hotel groups, and many local authorities around the UK.

Our pricing is transparent. Via our waste transfer site partners, we adopt a zero-landfill waste policy to ensure that any materials suitable for recycling, recovery, or reuse are directed appropriately.

Trade waste disposal with Clearway is substantially cheaper than skip hire and is only ever based on the specific volume, weight and type of rubbish you need us to clear.

FAQs - Trade Waste Disposal

Let’s run through some of the most common questions about trade waste disposal!

ShopShield One from Clearway

Can Clearway Dispose of Any Waste Types?

Mostly, yes. We are licensed by the Environment Agency and can remove anything from general building waste to domestic rubbish and certain hazardous materials.

Do I Need to Be on Site for a Trade Waste Disposal Collection?

Commercial waste removal clients do not need to remain on-site if it is not convenient. We can competently attend, remove the rubbish, clean the site and dispose of the waste responsibly provided there is access available for the vehicle.

How Long Does It Take for a Clearway Waste Disposal Operative to Arrive?

Generally, we can respond and attend your site to clear the waste products within two working days, although will we also try to accommodate urgent requests.

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