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Retail Risk Assessment

ShopShield One from Clearway

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Commercial landlords and property owners are likely to be familiar with the concept of a risk assessment, but may not have considered why risk assessing a vacant retail premise might be invaluable in retaining the integrity of security.

Vacant properties, particularly retail sites in more remote locations, are a prime target for criminals. Whether that’s for fly-tipping, criminal damage, illegal trespass, theft or just wilful vandalism, exposing a building to such unlawful activity can be hugely costly, as well as making it difficult to let or use a retail property that has been damaged.

A retail risk assessment is the first, and perhaps most vital, step in determining whether your existing security is fit for purpose and no gaps have been left that expose your retail site. Our assessments are a primary component in our market-leading ShopShield package to keep retail sites of any size safe, protected and secure while vacant.


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Why Flammable Waste Removal is Crucial for Vacant Retail Premises

Unfortunately, basic security locks and boarding up picture windows isn’t sufficient to ensure an empty retail site isn’t at risk. There are countless hazards present, many of which can become severe over time or if left unresolved. 


  • Flammable materials.
  • Legionella forming in water pipes.
  • Bacteria and health hazards from fly-tipped waste.
  • Lack of alarms on roller doors.
  • Insect infestations.

Whether a retail site is empty for a few weeks, months or several years, it’s often highly apparent that the property isn’t currently occupied. Regrettably, that means that even a seemingly minor risk, such as an accessible back entranceway, becomes more likely to attract intruders over time.

Other risks such as leaving flammable waste uncleared, or allowing an insect or knotweed infestation to take hold, can render an otherwise good retail site uninhabitable for a period of time.

Retail risk assessments cover every element of property risk, including environmental hazards, security threats, access challenges and the potential for neighbouring properties or activities to impact the safety of your site.

The principal benefit of a professional retail risk assessment is that it allows you to gain control over those hazards and make informed judgments about the most suitable measures to protect against them.

Knowing the risks, and having independent advice about the potential solutions, ensures that retail site owners can demonstrate outstanding property management, no matter how long the site remains empty.

Retail Shop Case Study

Retail Unit Case Study

Our retail risk assessment services

Free Security Health Check and Risk Assessment for Vacant Properties

Risk assessing your retail premises is a great deal more valuable than a paperwork exercise or a way to demonstrate sound security awareness.

Our retail risk assessment process is vital in identifying:

  • Key risks, including potential for criminal intrusions, vandalism, squatters and property material thefts.
  • Vulnerable entrance points, such as vehicle entryways or non-secure doorways.
  • Environmental risk factors, fire risks, flooding exposure or other hazards that can damage the fabric of the building or interior.
  • Gaps in security systems and where enhancements are vital.

A professional risk assessment service carried out by experienced and accredited security personnel is a powerful way of ensuring your empty premises are defended against any and all risks.

The Clearway UK ShopShield package, with options that include robust protection and advanced technological monitoring for empty retail premises, includes a comprehensive multi-point retail risk assessment service. You can read more about our ShopShield retail security packages here

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Why choose Clearway?

The Clearway teams cover the breadth of the UK with comprehensive security and environmental safety services. 

With over 20 years of experience, we work with retail sites of all sizes, from national chains with significant outlets to independent retail locations needing the peace of mind that their retail security is under control.

Get in touch at your convenience for more information about retail risk assessments or the broader ShopSecure packages, and we’ll guide you through the options available.

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ShopShield One from Clearway

Retail risk assessments are an integral part of the Clearway ShopSecure service, aimed at providing the highest levels of retail security to sites across the United Kingdom.

Please visit our Retail Security Services page for more information about this package and the other security solutions included.

Additional safeguards which many clients implement alongside a retail risk assessment include:

  • Wireless shop Alarm Systems: Autonomous alarms powered by commercial-grade batteries to raise an immediate alert if any illegal intrusions are detected.
  • Boarding Up Services: Restrict access and defend against vandalism by installing boards and security steel screens and doors over windows, entrances and other vulnerable points in your premises.
  • Retail Security CCTV: Have a security presence on-site 24/7, 365 days a year, with a wide range of CCTV installations. Clearway offers everything from short-term CCTV hire to permanent systems, mast-mounted and mobile surveillance patrols.
  • Manned Guarding: Our accredited security patrols and response teams can secure sites any time of day or night, with canine security patrols also available for high-value premises or where crucial threat levels have been identified.
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