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Retail CCTV

ShopShield One from Clearway

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT inc retail lock changes.

Surveillance security is a crucial asset for retail premises of all sizes. The nature of a retail site means that it is often very difficult to monitor all entrance points and blind spots manually – whereas advanced CCTV solutions provide full-site coverage 24/7.

Clearway provides a range of retail CCTV installations to retailers across the UK. Each system is tailored to the primary risk factors of the site, including:



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Clearway - Retail CCTV

Vacant retail premises are frequently without mains power and rarely without access to the internet, so installing CCTV can prove challenging.

Clearway’s inView CCTV towers are fully independent and require no external power or internet access. They are self-powered and use the mobile network for communications.

Our retail CCTV solutions are monitored remotely upon activation by trained security personnel who will review video footage and establish the appropriate security response.

Alternatively, customers may be given access to monitor CCTV activations themselves via a mobile App. 

Backed by our NSI Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre, Clearway retail CCTV is the ultimate defence against break-ins, thefts and criminal intrusions.

Retail Shop Case Study

Retail Unit Case Study

InView CCTV Towers for Retail Premises

Retail Security for Vacant Shops for £399 +VAT

Our innovative inView CCTV cameras have an impressive range of features, making them weatherproof, tamper-proof and 100% reliable in any conditions.

Mast-mounted cameras are equipped with outstanding functionality, such as:

  • In-built illumination or infrared night vision technology.
  • PTZ cameras to rotate, zoom and focus on potential intruders.
  • Voice commands advising prospective criminals that their actions are being recorded in real-time.

CCTV towers are ideal for car parks, remote areas, wide perimeters or more significant retail sites where full surveillance coverage is essential. 

Wireless cameras cannot be vandalised, and come with solar-recharging professional-grade batteries for continual performance.

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Retail Site Mobile CCTV Patrols

Permanent Retail CCTV

The key to great retail CCTV solutions is that they can respond fast when needed and have the advanced performance to provide a robust deterrent.

Clearway mobile CCTV units provide autonomous surveillance, with night and day vision cameras and cutting-edge PTZ lenses with rapid-rise vehicle-mounted telescopic masts for complete remote control.

Surveillance patrols can be deployed straight away as a regular patrol, a deterrent to anti-social activities, or to ensure your retail premises are safeguarded during public events or disturbances.

Fixed CCTV units are designed to provide continual surveillance protection, with professional installations and communication links to deliver failsafe feeds with live recordings.

Clearway offers a bespoke site risk assessment to help identify the prime positioning for your fixed CCTV installations, with IP technology to ensure that your security assets deliver full coverage over even complex layouts.

Commercial-grade cameras capture hi-definition videos with remote access and secure streaming to our alarm response teams for instant security deployment if suspicious activity is detected.

Video Verified Alarm Systems

Retail CCTV Alarm Monitoring

Many retail premises are closed overnight, and during this time, are exposed to the risk of break-ins and vehicular access. Particularly when a site is based in a remote area, it is critical to have a security protocol to prevent any such intrusions.

Video verified alarms are ideally suited to retail premises and deliver immediate notifications if a sensor is triggered or movement detected.

A real-time 10-second burst of live capture video allows retail security teams and site managers to identify the cause of the activation instantly and deploy response teams or a call-out as required.

Even the most advanced CCTV and retail alarm systems are only as proficient as the response protocols in place.

Unfortunately, many retail premises have alarm systems that activate a signal. Yet, the response is not fast enough to prevent thefts from taking place or deter criminals from targeting high-value retail premises.

Clearway provides 24/7 CCTV monitoring through our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Response Centre (ARC), with accredited surveillance teams on hand to respond to any activations, 365 days a year.

Retail CCTV monitoring isn’t only an optimal precaution against thefts. It means that responders will manage environmental alerts, including fire alarms and smoke sensors, to protect your premises at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions - Retail CCTV


Can I Monitor my Retail CCTV Feed Remotely?

Yes, retail site managers have first-hand access to their security systems. Clearway offers CCTV solutions with remote access and control, delivered through 4G or a wifi network.

How Quickly is a Retail CCTV Alarm Responded To?

When businesses contract Clearway to manage their retail CCTV alarm responses, we agree on a protocol dictating how we should handle each level of risk.

Responses can include:

  • Immediate deployment of a security response team or mobile patrol.
  • Alerting the authorities and emergency services.
  • Liaising with your site personnel or managers.

Audio warning systems are also an excellent resource to challenge attempted intruders before a break-in occurs. These systems allow a response professional to alert criminals that they are being recorded in hi-definition CCTV in real-time and that a security team is en route.

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