We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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ShopShield Retail Security
ShopShield Retail Security

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT

ShopShield One from Clearway is a fixed-price security solution for vacant retail shops and units.

It’s a retail security solution that’s simple, affordable and ticks all the boxes needed to keep your vacant retail premises safe and secure until new tenants can move in, by including a comprehensive risk assessment, lock changes, external key safe, temporary letterbox seal and rubbish removal.

Why you should secure your empty retail shop or unit:

TO PREVENT previous tenants from re-entering the property or passing on keys on to others.

TO RETAIN easy, secure access to the premises at all times.

TO STOP unwanted post building up inside the door as a potential fire hazard.

TO UNDERSTAND additional security risks to help with insurance compliance.

Vacant retail shop units are an easy target for break-ins and vandalism, but with ShopShield’s security solutions, your property can be protected quickly and effectively.

Retail Security for Vacant Shops for £399 +VAT

ShopShield One Retail Security

Your empty retail shop is at risk.

Security for vacant retail units is extremely important, particularly as there has been an increasing number of break-ins and vandalism to empty shops in the period of time before a new tenant moves into the unit.

We work with property management companies, landlords and portfolio managers to safeguard property assets against many types of risks.

The ShopShield One solution includes:

  • Risk Assessment
    • A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out by our security surveyor to determine any further security risks to the property.
  • Lock Changes x 2
    • We will replace the barrel or mechanism of up to two standard locks.
    • Additional standard locks are charged at £45.00 +VAT per lock.
    • Non-standard locking mechanisms will be quoted separately.
  • Key Safe Installation
    • A mechanical, metal, key-operated locking key safe will be installed on an external wall, preferably at the rear of the premises.
  • Letterbox Seal
    • Installation of a physical metal barrier covering a standard letterbox. This is a temporary measure that can be removed at a later date.
  • Flammable Waste Removal
    • Collection, removal and legal disposal of paper-based waste material (such as old, unwanted post) equivalent to a maximum of three standard black bin bags.

What is included with ShopShield One?

Retail Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a fundamental part of any effective retail security strategy.

Our experienced consultants deliver bespoke risk assessments at thousands of properties nationwide, identifying any potential vulnerabilities or security risks that may impact a retail shop or unit.

Each multi-point retail risk assessment is complete with an overview of the threat level, options to mitigate the exposure, and forms a baseline from which to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Commercial Door Locks Changed

Access keys are often distributed to multiple staff members, cleaning contractors, security providers and other third parties.

When tenants leave they will often take keys with them or simply forget to hand them back, so when the property is vacant and/or no longer in use, a lock replacement is crucial to preserving the integrity of each entrance.

We will change the barrel or locking mechanism of up to two standard locks. Two replacement keys will be provided with each new lock.

Additional standard locks charged at £45 +VAT per lock.

Letterbox Sealed

Commercial letterboxes present a high-security risk because of the potential for wilful arson. Whether mindless vandalism or targeted damage, it’s not uncommon for a vacant building to be set ablaze through the letterbox.

It may be kids setting off a firework through the letterbox, or even lighter fuel or petrol being squirted through the opening and set on fire. The result can be the complete devastation of the retail premises, plus the enormous risk to any residential property above.

The installation of a temporary physical metal barrier ensures that this point of vulnerability is adequately secured.

Key Safe Installed

Key safes, (mechanical locking safes) are an excellent way to safeguard retail security key sets while retaining them on-site for easy access by authorised managers and personnel.

In addition, this simple, but effective security asset avoids the need to produce multiple sets of keys which increasing the risk of loss or theft.

Installing a commercial-grade, tamper-proof key safe keeps retail premise keys away from view and in a secure location with combination code access to ensure no risk of theft.

Flammable Waste Removed

Typically, when retail tenants leave a shop or unit, either voluntarily or at the end of their term, they leave mounds of paper-based waste which is often added to daily with general post and marketing material delivered through the letterbox.

As paper waste is so highly flammable it’s essential for this to be removed as soon as possible. We will bag up and remove [up to three] standard black bags of paper-based waste, which will be legally disposed of through one of our waste transfer sites.

ShopShield One Bolt-ons - Additional Retail Security Services

In addition to the standard services provided with ShopShield One, vacant retail properties may have vulnerabilities that require specific empty security solutions that are specifically designed to keep your shop or retail unit secure.

For retail premises that need more than our basic package, we are providing each additional service at a fixed price with no long term contacts. All additional fixed-price services are subject to survey.

Wireless Alarm Systems x 12 weeks’ rental: £660 +VAT

Alarm systems are a key part of any retail security solution. The Clearway video verified alarm system is a monitored, stand-alone, battery-powered, wire-free, shop alarm system that communicates via the mobile network. It is the perfect security technology solution for retail and commercial sites that have multiple access points.

The alarms operate independently of mains power or telephone line connection, allowing for placement in almost any location on your site.

Whenever a motion sensor is triggered the video verified alarm system will record and transmit a 10-second real-time capture to identify the cause of the activation either to our monitoring station or direct to your mobile device.

Each alarm installation is fitted with wireless communications that ensures you can make instant decisions on whether there is a need to alert the authorities to a potential intrusion in progress.

Utilities Drain Down: £200 +VAT

Gas, electricity and water services that are used for everyday business activity become a risk to the property owner once the tenant has vacated the property.

Gas and electricity can usually be isolated fairly easily, but water presents a very different challenge.
Winter is likely to bring the biggest risk because of the potential water damage from burst pies if the property is no longer heated. However, even without the challenge of extreme cold weather, when a retail premises is unoccupied, any naturally occurring water leaks will go unnoticed and may cause irreparable damage to the fabric of the building.

Our utilities drain-down service ensures gas and electricity are correctly isolated and that water systems, such as toilets, sinks and central heating are fully drained to remove all standing water. The benefit to doing so is two-fold; it makes the property far less attractive to squatters if no utility services are available, and it helps prevent the risk of Legionella bacteria that proliferate in stagnant water.

Commercial waste removal up to 1/2 Tonne: £395 +VAT

As businesses have a legal duty to demonstrate responsible waste management, it can be a significant challenge for retail site managers and property owners to remove the previous tenant’s waste, large scale waste removal or, even worse, when faced with fly-tipping being dumped outside the premises.

Clearway’s commercial waste removal is a fast, efficient and fully licensed service to clear any waste material, including some hazardous rubbish that untrained personnel cannot safely handle.

our commercial waste removal team will clear your property or outside area and have it processed through one of our waste transfer sites.

Retail Property Inspection x 12: £360 +VAT

Property inspections are a core part of ongoing best practice building management. They act as a health check for the premises as a whole, flagging up potential problems, identifying required repairs, and highlighting any attempted intrusions or vandalism.

A series of property inspections can be invaluable when assessing the security of a retail site or monitoring the effectiveness of existing security controls.

Depending on the size of your retail premises, regular property inspections may not only be advisable but may be a requirement of your insurance company in order to maintain commercial property insurance compliance.
Twelve property inspections is the minimum, and you can choose to have these weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Additional Vacant Property Security Services Available

Keyless Steel Security Doors
As retail shops and stores often have multiple entry points they represent its most significant vulnerabilities.

The main front entrance door or doors can be secured with sheet steel or panels, but a separate point of access is likely to be required to allow for tradespeople, property managers/agents or other authorised personnel to come and go.

In some cases the door can be replaced with our approves and accredited Clearway Keyless Toreadoor, providing security with a steel door, and easy access via electronic keypad, removing the need to hold additional sets of keys.

Steel Security Screens and Window Protection
With several potential break-in points, store windows are often seen as the easiest way to gain access.

We are specialists in fitting sheet steel panels, sometimes ousing bespoke wooden frameworks designed to cover the entire glass panel area when a retail unit is not in use.

Clearway steel security screens and doors are a vital addition to your retail security services package, whether as an interim safeguard during planned events, or as a long-term solution to ensure the property is protected once vacated.

Steel screens and doors are almost impossible to overcome, can withstand high-impact assaults and are fitted with tamper-proof bolts to prevent removal.

Perimeter Concrete Barriers
Concrete barriers are a failsafe way to safeguard the perimeter around a retail property. They have multiple applications, preventing ram-raiding and unauthorised vehicle access, assisting in safe traffic management, and blocking off entranceways not in use.

Clearway’s perimeter concrete blocks are a cost-effective method of providing a physical boundary line that prevents unlawful access.

Pest Control
Infestations can happen on any site and can be a significant problem for vacant retail shops or units. Insects and rodents will always find a way in to rapidly infest a property. Together with the associated contaminants and health risks, this can make a property unsuitable for visitors.

Clearway’s pest control service eradicates a vast range of pests, including invasive plant species, such as Japanese Knotweed, that can cause a considerable amount of damage if left to grow unchecked.

Retail Hoardings
Professional retail hoardings act as an opportunity to deliver high-quality advertising, a fire-safe barrier, or an effective way to funnel foot traffic and separate different parts of your retail site.

Retail hoardings have multiple uses, either as a permanent structure to fit out the interior of a retail site or as a short-term installation to screen visitors and customers from construction works or on-site redevelopment projects.

CCTV for Retail Premises
Advanced CCTV surveillance cameras are the front line of your defence – especially if your retail unit is vacant. CCTV acts as a digital guard on-site 24/7, capturing clear video footage in the event of an incident, and alerting your security team of authorised or unauthorised entry.

Primarily used for the surveillance of commercial car parks and retail units, we provide high-spec, fully weatherproof, battery and solar-powered CCTV towers to capture footage 24 hours a day. Our towers are typically used in retail settings to monitor car parks for antisocial behaviour, fly-tipping and squatters whilst vacant.

Aside from our CCTV towers, Clearway installs and monitors a broad range of retail site-specific CCTV solutions, with bespoke systems recommended to fit the layout and format of your premises, and with functionality including:

  • Daylight and Infrared night vision cameras for continual surveillance.
  • Audible warnings to prevent an attempted intrusion from taking place.
  • Timed alarm activations for instant protection out of hours.
  • Mobile CCTV patrols, with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras for comprehensive coverage.

Our CCTV security teams can provide rapid-response installations, wireless CCTV with tamper-proof casings, and retail security CCTV temporarily during higher-risk activities or permanent facilities for long-term protection.

CCTV Monitoring
For those looking for an end-to-end CCTV service, we provide a professional CCTV monitoring service – one of only a small number in the UK that is fully accredited to NSI Gold, Cat ll standard.

We will monitor your retail unit from our ultra-secure monitoring station, 24/7. Using the latest in monitoring technology, our teams are well versed in analysing live threats to your property and ensuring the correct action is taken in the event of a breach.

This service gives a new layer of security and is recommended for any CCTV or verified video alarm system installation.

Access Control Systems for Live Retail Sites
Retail managers responsible for valuable goods, such as electronics, have a greater need to eliminate the risk of unauthorised intruders.

Access control systems are ideal for storage areas, stock management facilities, or areas of a site requiring restricted access that are only accessible to authorised staff members.

These systems are tailored to every site, with a range of solutions:

Keypad entry systems with electrical verifications.
Access tokens or passes allowing only workforce members to enter secure areas.
Role-based entry permissions defining which staff have entry approval.
Clearway also provides access control alarm monitoring, ensuring that any attempts to bypass your systems are instantly notified and security teams deployed.


Why choose Clearway?

Clearway supports clients with a range of property security services across the UK, delivering bespoke and comprehensive vacant shop and property security services to provide the highest levels of surveillance, safeguarding and protection against a broad range of threats.

With decades of retail security experience, our staff are fully trained and accredited, whether you require technological surveillance solutions, enhanced safety during higher-risk activities, or permanent protection against unlawful behaviour.

We continually work with a number of authorities such as the Metropolitan Police, local councils, and leading retailers such as Toys R Us and Homebase.

View our case studies for more information about the solutions we have provided.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. We are committed to outstanding professionalism and hold comprehensive liability insurance. Additional cover is also available should you have a specific site policy requirement.

Clearway’s video verified alarm system is fully self-contained and works independently of mains power. All devices are battery operated and do not require main electricity to power them.

Clearway’s video verified alarm system is fully self-contained and communicates via the mobile phone network and therefore down not require a fixed internet connection within the property.

Clearway operates throughout the UK with depots across England and in Scotland.

Clearway installs a vast array of CCTV solutions, from temporary CCTV towers to permanent fixed CCTV and advanced facial recognition or body temperature scanning equipment.

Each system can be monitored in real-time through a mobile app, with a secure 4G dual-monitoring solution to ensure continual access. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is also on-hand to provide instant responses to any alarm or surveillance activations.

Our trained security personnel operate 24-hours a day, nationwide. If you are concerned about risks to your retail site and require physical guarding or patrols, we can often put a team in place within one day.

Many retail properties are vacant between tenants or owners. Given their location on larger plots of land, it is common for retail sites to be targeted by illegal occupants, causing severe problems for businesses that need to get their operations up and running.

Clearway offers professional eviction services, with trespasser and traveller eviction teams with years of knowledge in providing fast, effective, and peaceful evictions.

Each site is different, and the best CCTV surveillance or retail security guarding will depend on the layout, volume, and blind spots in your car parking facilities.

In many cases, inView CCTV towers are the most effective deterrent and provide 24/7 security supervision, monitored through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Our Operations team is available from 8:30am – 6pm, five days a week and we provide an out-of-hours emergency call service. Once you have registered your interest, a regional manager will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange an on-site visit (if possible), in order to establish the right solution for you.

Clearway is one of the few companies in the UK to own and operate its own NSi Gold, Cat ll, Alarm Receiving Centre, based in a nuclear bunker in the Midlands, to provide around-the-clock security for your premises.

Intruder alarm activations and CCTV footage will all be monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre, and decisions made on the appropriate action required in accordance with a customer’s predefined escalation policy. Normally this will include a mobile security response, with possible Police attendance if the situation requires it.

Retail security considers every aspect of risk exposure – including the potential for criminals to attempt to gain access after hours, often using ram-raiding to target high-value retail items.

Clearway retail security offers a broad range of solutions to defend against such attacks and ensure your retail site is never seen as an easy target.

That includes concrete perimeter blocks to prevent illegal vehicular access, CCTV monitoring, commercial-grade alarm sensors and manned guarding.

Clearway supplies a range of concrete barrier blocks to be used for a variety of situations. Once you have expressed an interest in renting our concrete barrier blocks we will have an initial discussion or site the survey to establish your needs and discuss the best solution accordingly.

Clearway concrete barriers include precast temporary, Jersey, interlocking blocks, and barriers with Heras fencing. Our experienced surveyor is able to preempt any potential risk and problems on the site and suggest an appropriate solution.

Clearway delivers concrete blocks nationwide, either directly or through our network partners, anywhere on the UK mainland. We are based in Kent, in the south east, primarily providing delivery and installation across the south of the UK. Where practical, we will work with trusted partners who comply with our standards and code of practice, delivering and installing concrete blocks across mainland UK.

Our sub-contractors are frequently audited by us, ensuring that each installation is completed to a high standard. As part of our quality control process, we photograph every installation and removal to ensure that we have delivered as per the specification and contractual agreement.

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